I am not sure about you guys, but I myself love seeing how and what people pack in their bags and backpacks! I actually filmed a video of What's In My Bag video on my Youtube channel a year ago, perhaps I should film the updated one soon!

I got this Targus Seoul Backpack on my birthday this year and it's actually just the night before my birthday trip the next morning - I thought it's just perfect! 

I just got back from my birthday trip with my dearest BFFs - Noel and Gar Yee - and got to know about the NEW Digi Postpaid Plan! Sounds super amazing!

We all know how Digi constantly coming out with an amazing plan every few month and THIS is by far the most amazing one - Digi Postpaid (RM110/month)! I'm not sure about you, but here're some of my experiences that made me desperate for unlimited internet data quota for my mobile phone!

So... the Worthy Book (Ladies Edition) arrived my doorstep the other day, I didn't have time to actually flip them through and I was so glad that I finally have time to check out what I can get from this book. I mean, don't we all just love discounts?!

Just so you know that Worthy Book is a voucher booklet for freebies, discounts and deals at some of Malaysia's most popular spots! With a total of 150 vouchers featuring popular shopping, beauty and fashion brands in Malaysia, it's a definite steal for you! Not to mention, it covers over 50 shopping malls in Malaysia which also means you are able to redeem it regardless you're at which states!

Instead of booking ourselves with morning island hopping tour, we opted for the afternoon session that comes together with the sunset cruise. We woke up at 8am, took breakfast and get ready for the tour. Just an hour before the tour van come to pick us up, we quickly drop by the tourist information to book for our airport transfer for the next day.

We woke up quite early the next morning as we have to grab breakfast before go for our tour.

Amber Chiffon Halter Swimsuit - short jeans pants - Havaianas slipper

This was a very impromptu trip to Krabi.

We've talked about going for a relaxing beach holiday, just the two of us girls, yet didn't really plan it after our trip to Seoul together. After a random Korean food and dessert night out, we were talking about our work stuff and it was our first time to book everything just out of the blue too!

It's probably the time for my friends and I to add a little fun into our annual Langkawi trip. 
It's NOT just about the alcohol guys! :p
(I mean, no joke, they literally stock up as much alcohol beverages in hotel and enjoyed it every single day without fail!)

once in a while,
in the middle of an ordinary life,
love gives us a fairytale.

The first glance of the Kenzo x H&M collection was nothing but terrifying to me! The first question I had on my mind was "who would actually wear those out on normal days?!" Well, that until I personally had a feast in my eyes looking through the entire collection by myself during the media preview session. 

Last week, I was invited to join the members of the media for a wonderful wine pairing dinner sesh with Jacob's Creek which was held at Eight Gourmets Gala in Sunway. It was also the launch of its latest groundbreaking innovation - The Double Barrel.

Let's be real here, I am not a wine expert.
However, attending wine pairing sessions for the past few years and still learning how to distinguish the specialties for each wine that I've had, I learn how to appreciate wines.

Life has been pretty hectic lately for me and I'm glad that I'm only a few days away from my island holiday! I don't have any planned itinerary in mind for this trip but one thing for sure, we'll be getting plenty of vitamin sea! All we want from this super impromptu trip is just a getaway from busy working schedule and enjoy ourselves with the sun, sand, and sea!

Though we are less than a week from our trip and it didn't stop us from last minute shopping with PinkNProper to get our beach-ready swimwear and floaties! Whether you are looking for the basic or fancy swimwear, PinkNProper has it all and I am already fell in love with some of the pieces from their new swimwear collection! 

Langkawi is a place that my friends and I would go every year, for the beach and mainly alcohol for fellow #AlcoholicsUnited members (yes, we have such group). Plus, the flight ticket to Langkawi is cheap too! My last year trip to Langkawi with bunch of them was really fun, I bet you still can find our silly posts on Instagram/Facebook with the hashtag #beachbeerbabesdudes that was created by the president of #AlcoholicsUnited - Anna! :p

If you haven't read my haul with Kiehl's online, you should read it now to find out all the surprising perks of online shopping with Kiehl's! I got super excited and immediately try out the products from the night itself. I must say that I am super happy with my haul and I shall share with you guys my favorite skincare products from Kiehl's!

I've been hearing tons of great reviews and other bloggers sharing how amazing is the NEW Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water around the beauty community. Being someone with sensitive and acne-prone skin, I feel kinda skeptical towards all-in-1 cleanser without rinsing. With that being said, I couldn't say no when Hermo actually approached me to offer me a bottle of this product to try it out myself. 

I love Kiehls, I love doing online shopping too.
Now with the new Kiehl's newly launched online shopping site, you can have the best of both worlds!
You must be wondering why would I do online shopping when I actually can drop by any of Kiehl's outlet to get my skin consultation and try out the samples in the actual store? The answer is simple - it's fast and convenient. The advantage that I got for myself is I fully understand my skin and what are the type of products that suitable for my skin. Lastly, I've been super busy with work lately and didn't even have the time to leave my home.

It's always fun trying out something new especially for your hair, be it colour, straightening or perming. However, all these also means chemicals and heat in touch directly with your hair, which leads to dry, frizzy and damaged hair. My friends always know how often my hair colour changes month after month, I love it and they love it too, and heck I often got compliments from strangers too! Each time they see me, there's always that ONE concern from them about my hair - your hair must be super damaged by now! To their surprise, my hair actually still in such healthy state that lead to another question from them - how do you even take care of your hair?!

It's time for party of the year and it's none other than the H-Artistry!
Just like every past years, Nicole and I always excited for the H-Artistry, especially the finale for its amazing line-up of international music superstars and artists! I guess this year we're in for a much greater treats as we'll be seeing our favorite Kpop idol, Hyuna performing live on stage!

Being a blogger and an online influencer myself, I always excited to see something new in the industry, be it a new app or platform that can connect people at anytime, anywhere they are. While other still having the fun trying out the Instagram Stories, I got to know about this new online social entertainment platform called HiBaby.TV was just recently launched in Malaysia!

Lately, life has been pretty hectic for me. 
I've been having unnecessary stress and the worst part is, it's actually not coming from myself, but from others. I am easily affected by people around me, especially if they are my friends. When I'm stress, I tend to skip main meals and just go for fast food and I thought junk food were perfect for snacking time! It only hits me when I start falling sick and facing my low blood pressure issue just a week ago. When it come to blood pressure, whether it's high or low, both aren't good for us.

I am turning 27 this coming December 2016. 

People often say age is just a number - which is true. It doesn't matter how great are you in doing your makeup to make yourself look younger. At the end of the day, your skin condition somehow shows your real age. This is especially for those who are having dry skin, without proper hydration and anti-aging properties, lines and wrinkles appear quicker than to those who are having oily skin. Same to the oily skin, without proper care on oil balance and blemishes, it causes scarring, bumpy skin texture and skin loses its radiance; when your skin look dull, your skin tends to age quicker too.

Hey everybody!

A special Be My Reason Shower Run is being organised by Shokubutsu to continue raising awareness on breast self-check during shower.

The Be My Reason Shower Run is set to be a one-of- a-kind run in Malaysia where participants are encouraged to run together with a partner who symbolises their reason for committing to breast self-check during shower.

I don't consider myself a morning person. Other than catching morning flights, I will only wake up as early as 5am for a good cause and that's what I did last Sunday. It's for the 15th Nestlé Omega Plus® Walk-A-Mile (WAM) event, in collaboration with Yayasan Jantung Malaysia (YJM), to save lives during World Health Month. Just so you know that WAM is the longest-running event for heart health advocacy in Malaysia.
love is in the air

High school is often about one self exploring more about own self and others, such as self-potential, making more decision, and even experimenting with something we called love. Apart of growing your own potential in both academic and curriculum, one self too, getting to know opposite gender and familiarising them-self with how human is capable to love other and willing to do for someone you love. And when relationship didn't work out, the broken hearted ones often console themselves with the help of bestie and a number of relatable love songs.

ANTE is always known for its awesomely delicious pork steak and please do yourself a favor by ordering their Tasting Platter, you can enjoy it whilst waiting for your chargrilled pork steak to be served. When Anna told us about the new high tea menu in ANTE, we just had to give it a try, I mean, come on, we all love desserts and teas! Plus, we actually needed a venue to celebrate a surprise advanced birthday celebration for our beloved nanny Daphne too! Or even better reason to dine there, Pokemon. Believe me or not, there's plenty of pokemons with three Poke-stops in ANTE!

When you're working from home and staying so far away from your family, we tend to skip their breakfast and just settle with two meals - brunch and dinner - where you can easily have it outside. As for me, since ever I got my own place, I start watching Youtube videos on how to make simple breakfast at home. And, that's how I learn how to cook at home too!

It was my 5th visit to Bangkok.

I did plan to visit Chocolate Ville last year, but it wasn't open at that time and I certainly learned my lesson to do research on its opening time before my next visit. It's not located in the city itself, but it wasn't really that far from the city either. There's no way for you to reach there via BTS Skytrain or MRT subway. However, you can simply get a cab or uber for approximately 30-minutes journey to Chocolate Ville. We (5 pax) took Uber and it's only cost us RM8/pax for a round trip.

I've been obsessed with Japanese manicure lately. 
This is especially after I had such pleasant experience with Yu Academie Salon and receiving so many sweet compliment from others about my previous gel manicure. I actually went back Yu Academie Salon to get my nail done prior to Mei Sze's wedding. I called them to make my appointment a week before and girls, it's really better for you to book an appointment in order to avoid disappointment when you trying your luck with walk-in appointment. 

i miss the old days

None of my friends really know what kind of music I always listen to, some actually quite shock when they actually see my playlist, just because they think I'm always a Kpop fanatic kind of girl. I gotta admit that as much as I love my Kpop songs, I do enjoy listening to all sort of songs, especially if there's something that somehow relate to me in a few different ways - be it the lyric or how it remind me of someone.

Back in high school time, I listened to Chinese songs (mandopop and cantopop) the most. That probably because I'm in a Chinese school. I still remember how the entire girls in my class gone crazy over Jay Chou, Lee Hom, David Tao, Guang Liang, Twins, Jolin Tsai including our queen of love song none other than Fish Leong!

I used to packed - 3 different type of foundations and BB creams, 5 different shade of lipsticks, 3 different type of concealers, 3 different eyeshadow palettes, 3 different type of mascaras - with me when I travel. You must be thinking if I'm crazy or what, I know and it's okay. After been travelling quite a lot for the past years, I've improved my packing skills and always try my best to pack only the essentials and this applies to both my outfits and travel makeup bag. 

For both my Bangkok and Seoul trip, I packed only these products in my travel makeup bag with me.

:: HAND & BODY :: 

Though, I don't consider myself a beginner "beginner" when it comes to beauty topics (skincare and makeup), but I don't stop myself from stopping learning more about beauty. Over the years, trend changes, makeup artist, and beauty gurus around the world discovers more useful beauty tips and beauty hacks, it's always great to update yourself on these trends and techniques.

I always fancy Thai food.

It was just a few days before my trip to Bangkok, two days to be exact, I’ve joined Illy and the rest to enjoy a feast of wonderful Thai food at the newly opened Mr Tuk Tuk. That simply means you can now choose to go Sunway Pyramid shopping mall or Setia City mall where the first brand of Mr Tuk Tuk to get your Thai street food craving fixed.

Cameron Highlands is considered as one of the oldest tourist spots in Malaysia. For decades, this hill station at the northwestern tip of Pahang is dedicated for retreat. It has a great verdant scene from the extensive tea plantation also abundantly fruit and vegetable garden.

So, it's clear that people certainly come to Cameron Highlands to seek a great retreat. And if you are wondering the best place to immerse yourself in it, why don't you try to see the Top 3 luxury Cameron Highlands Hotels?

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon and we decided to just chill by the pool and enjoy the chilled, bubbly Chandon Brut that I've received a few week ago. There's no way I can finish the entire bottle on my own and these lovely best friends of mine, Noel and Nicole just happened to visit me - a bubbly afternoon it is!

White has been my favorite color since forever.
There's no reason for me to love the color of white and there's no reason for you not to love the color of white too.

It was my first time trying out Kelantanese cuisines. I didn't know what to expect and I actually thought it probably quite similar to some other Malay dishes out there. Well, it's not, really.

It almost impossible for me to enjoy a pampering session with my current extremely-busy-with-work kind of schedule. When it come to my working-from-home life, it always about managing my own time and getting my job done on time. Thankfully, I managed to clear out a good half day session and visit Mayfair Bodyline at Pavilion to enjoy my long needed pampering session. The best part - I actually get to enjoy a personalised customised treatments that suitable for me!

A lot of people been telling me that I have such gorgeous big eyes. The truth is, I don't have that big eyes. The fact that I have hooded eyelid - it's simply annoying. I can't really rock that eyeliner on fleek on my almond shape eyes due to my hooded eyelid. And that simply explains why I am never an eyeliner girl. I am always known as the mascara kinda girl instead.

For hooded eyelid girls out there, you would know the struggle of drawing eyeliner further out just so it didn't look weird on your hooded eyelid.

Not gonna deny the fact that having my hair bleached and coloured for almost every month causes damages to my hair. It's true that the ultrasonic treatment by Number76 is the main treatment that keeping my hair stay healthy and silky smooth. However, it's really important to have a proper hair care product at home too! That's how you can maintain healthy looking hair as well as keeping your hair colour last longer too!

Working from home also means spending almost every day at home. My circle of friends would know how much I enjoy staying at the comfort of home and experiment with some cooking and baking at home, making little treats for myself whilst busy with my work. One of the treats I made for myself and my friends would be the ever so simple-to-make Zespri Sungold Kiwifruit and Longan popsicle! It's yummy and totally perfect for the hot sunny day in Malaysia!

First of all, let's together wish Hermo - Happy 4th Anniversary!

This is random and honestly, I'm not sure which title to use for this post - whether to use "get unready with me" or "my night skincare routine". Anyway, let's just settle for one and get into the whole thing, shall we? ;)

I've recently half-moved (I haven't fully moved to this place yet!) to a new place and this place has an Olympic-size swimming pool - something I really, really love about this new place. And one of my best friends, Nicole is in love with this huge and spacious pool too! Trust me, we spent most of the time at the pool whenever she comes over to my place. 

The month of May started with a fun pool party with Urbanscape x Pink N' Proper hotel takeover at KL Journal Hotel and ended with a crazy and stressful workload. Oh well. 

If you're looking for a place with good food and boozes to chill with friends on a Friday night, why not bring them to Huckleberry After Dark?

Huckleberry After Dark, starts 5.30pm onwards and immerse yourself into a different vibes from acoutics to RnB and Hip Hop songs whilst enjoying all sorts of LA Street Food kinda foods. It's all about the good company, good food and great boozes!

When you're having a bad skin day, the last thing that you wanna apply on your face is makeup. The fear of the makeup going to clog your pores and concealer that going to make your existing acne worse - it's like a nightmare!

Trust me, I was really tempted to do a reschedule with Young Blood Cosmetics due to having bad skin day on that particular week. However, I was kinda convinced by what both Shana and Shivani told me before about how amazing the product and not only it won't clog your skin, but also giving you a full coverage! Now, it does sound like a dream that every girl could ask for!

I've been wanting to get these since forever!
When my colleague, Locus called me few days ago and showing me photos of the Disney Tsum Tsum Collection by Grace Gift, all I did was screaming "I WANT!"
He basically called me to ask if I want to get them and which pair I want. And, he bought it within the next minute! In case you're wondering, all my colleagues knew how much I LOVE Minnie Mouse and they have been spoiling me with tons of Minnie Mouse stuff for the past years.

I stumbled upon Spa Ceylon when I was in Bangkok last year. I was actually searching for a good aromatherapy essential oil for me to use at home (by adding few drops of essential oil mix with water in your humidifier) and it's really hard to find a good one here in Malaysia. I didn't know that Spa Ceylon is finally set up their stores in Malaysia until I received an email from them and it got me super excited!

"I'm a big believer that if you focus on a good skin care, you really won't need a lot of makeup." - Demi Moore

As much as I appreciate the privacy I have by staying alone, I do love how my girlfriends would come by from time to time whether to just chill with me or simply because they miss me! :p One of my besties, Nicole came to my place the other day and I thought we could have fun mask time together with the new mask sheets from Berrisom Korea

Planning and throwing a perfect birthday surprise aren't easy especially when it involves a huge number of pax. Now before I start telling you about the birthday surprise planning and so on, let me briefly introduce fellow sweeties aka #AjlaaGeGirls. Some of us may have met each other at the events while the rest were all properly introduced during our staycation at Ajlaa Village back then. I may seem the odd one here, but the girls are all very kind and sweet to me, it's like a sisterhood for us. We talked, we joked, we laughed, doing silly things with each other whilst we are together, that pretty much explain our bonding session.