It's Time To Fall In Love Again

i miss the old days

None of my friends really know what kind of music I always listen to, some actually quite shock when they actually see my playlist, just because they think I'm always a Kpop fanatic kind of girl. I gotta admit that as much as I love my Kpop songs, I do enjoy listening to all sort of songs, especially if there's something that somehow relate to me in a few different ways - be it the lyric or how it remind me of someone.

Back in high school time, I listened to Chinese songs (mandopop and cantopop) the most. That probably because I'm in a Chinese school. I still remember how the entire girls in my class gone crazy over Jay Chou, Lee Hom, David Tao, Guang Liang, Twins, Jolin Tsai including our queen of love song none other than Fish Leong!

It feels so different when I got to know about Fish Leong will be holding her concert this coming 27th August, trust me, it's not only about the music but also relive all the good times back in the high school time. It reminds me of how much I enjoy my high school time and friends back then, were so different than now.

I still remember how much I obsessed with this song - 分手快樂 - and my friends and I would sing it together too! Some other amazing songs that I really love are - 勇氣 (Courage), 可惜不是你 (Sadly, it's not you), 親親 (Kisses), 小手拉大手 (Small Hands Hold Big Hands), 情歌 (Love Song) - and a few other more.

Knowing one of the highlights of this show -  “The World Desired Best to Travel” performance, which will transport the audience to the depths of the ocean. With a magical 3D effect will illuminate her dancers, decked out in sea creature costumes. I just can't wait for the concert!

To show her appreciation to her fans, Fish Leong will transport them to the City of Love: Paris. Through an exquisite backdrop, featuring a European-style house and the Eiffel Tower, the scenery will bring the theme of the evening together.

Fish Leong Tu T’appelles L’amour 2016 World Tour” has performed for more than 60 shows, and this year 27 August it will be coming to Penang SPICE Arena! 

Fish Leong Tu T’appelles L’amour 2016 World Tour - Malaysia
Date : 27 August 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Penang SPICE Arena
Ticket Pricing : RM598*, RM498*, RM398*, RM298*, RM198* (*fee is not included RM4 processing fee)
For more information, please visit or dial their hotline +603 92228811.

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