3 Things You Need To Know About Japanese Manicure

I've been obsessed with Japanese manicure lately. 
This is especially after I had such pleasant experience with Yu Academie Salon and receiving so many sweet compliment from others about my previous gel manicure. I actually went back Yu Academie Salon to get my nail done prior to Mei Sze's wedding. I called them to make my appointment a week before and girls, it's really better for you to book an appointment in order to avoid disappointment when you trying your luck with walk-in appointment. 

Instead of telling you boring things about my session, I shall let you know the basic three things you need to know about Japanese manicure, or particularly from what I know you can expect from Yu Academie Salon.



Japanese gel manicure uses calgel and gel pods. It lasts longer (up to 3-4 weeks!) without chipping, peeling or any other signs of wear we're accustomed to 48 hours into our regular manicure. Best part about this, the application is thin and it doesn't damage the natural nail like acrylics.


Trend & Style

As we all know that Japanese style is often labeled as "kawaii" aka cute. In general, Japanese nail trend boast more eye-catching colours and more flourishes compare to the western style. Whether pastel or vivid, the colours are coordinated and a noteworthy accessory to a fashion ensemble. Not to mention that the nail art and embellishments such as pearl gems or rhinestones, are also much more prominent too.

Keeping with my favourite white-ish theme and also to match with my outfit for the wedding, Yuki-san came out with this set of nail art design. I love it so much and can't stop adoring my own nails since then! It has white, pastel, sparkly and rhinestones on it too!



Japanese always known for their manners and top-notch services too. As mentioned in my previous post, you would be served with the choice of your tea upon arrival. They also have a basket for you to place your bag just so you can sit comfortably whilst enjoying your manicure service. They are very particular in nail art perfection too, Yuki-san spent quite some time to readjust the gemstone placement, even just a tiny bit, she just want it to be perfect. It is one of the reasons why I admire her so much! They are passionate in doing what they are doing.

Also, if there's anything wrong with your nail after your session, you can always ring them back and get them to fix it for you.

Thank you Yuki-san for such wonderful service again!

Visit Yu Académie et Salon at The Verve Shop (Level 6), they are in the same lot as Aki Hair Studio. Cal+60162053149 to make an appointment!
Instagram: @yuacademiesalon | Website: www.ameblo.jp/aki-studiokl

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