Am in the mood for kpop now!
I used to stick to the television and watched my favorite Music Bank for every Monday and Friday till I started to work.
Unlike my sister, she always has the time for it!

I only get to watch it if I arrived home early as in before 6pm.
Tell you the "horrible" thing about my sister is she will scream! scream! and scream! when her favorites singers or groups performing on the stage!
Gosh! We as the family slowly get used to it and brother sometime will just tease her a word or two.
She even can tears off when they start singing sad love song. 

Another thing is, my lil sis Haylie starts learning from this sis Flo!
When Flo starts screaming, she also wanna "fight" with her.
Can you just imagine how's "HAPPENING" the house can be?!
Dear Eric too speechless when he heard their "terror" noise when he talking on the phone with me! (poor him. LOL!)

Anyway, just wanted to share a song from BEAST!
Loving most of their songs!
Enjoy it peeps!

Beautiful my girl
My beautiful my girl and I
So beautiful my girl ...

November almost gone and let's welcome this beautiful December!

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I guess you guys have heard about this site from Witch already!
This Girly Secret site has just been launched recently!
After found that site and look at what they are offering now, I went WOW!!Smiley
There are so many sexy and very seductive lingeries in store!

There's one of them caught my eyes that time!Smiley


Price : RM 104  RM 52 NOW!
You save : RM52 + Free delivery

After I contacted with the owner of the blog shop, I just know that the stocks is limited!
Big relieved after she told me the one I want is still available!
Unlike other blog shop, you need not to sign up as member and order process is really hassle free!
After confirmed my order and made payment, I just get excited waiting for my order!

I can tell you I received the parcel within 2 days only.
I opened it and tried it.Smiley

# 1

# 2

The small bow behind it! *cute*

# 3

# 4

# 5

Whoops! Sorry if it didn't appear sexy to you!
Just that I have to be careful in posting out my pictures as my parents and colleagues is reading my blog.
It also appeared to be kinda blurr, blame my sister! Smiley

What I wanted to say here is..
I am satisfied with this nightwear and love the soft linen!
Comfy sleep is guaranteed!Smiley
And guess what?! I've spotted another sexy lingerie at there!!
I guess it's their new stock, so so going to grab it!! Smiley

Girls and Ladies out there, what are you waiting for?
Why don't grab your favorite lingerie from Girly Secret while they are on CRAZY OPENING PROMOTION now??Smiley
Place your orders and get your sexy lingeries and prepare to make your men go wild! Smiley


Embedded Thoughts

It's Friday!
I had a great day so far instead of because it's been raining since evening here.
I know, You know that tonight midnight is the last day submission for the Contest #3 in Panda Foong's blog.
Hopefully I can finish it by midnight *finger crossed*

You know, I studied Tourism Management before this and I only can study about most of the attractions in the world by just looking at them through pictures.
I always dream that someday hopefully I can travel around the world and visit all of the attractions one by one.
Guilin is one of them!

# 01 
I never been to China, wishing that I can visit there soon.
If I happened to visit there soon, let me thanks this Panda for blogged about his travel experience at there!

Various foods that can be found in Guilin.
We know that there's so many different dishes offered in different places, same goes to Guilin.
I'm not kinda person that can simply eat but I would love to try those foods such as

yam in bamboo
  Dong po pork ( pork meat and yam cooked in the bamboo

Horse Meat Rice Noodles

I've eaten ostrich meat before but not horse meat, so why not give it a try since it is one of their famous dish?

Guilin Gao ( herbal jelly )

I would love to try their watery herbal jelly! Something pure from them.

Actually there's lots more other significant dishes in Guilin and it's impossible for me to list it down one by one right?
Wait until I visited there and tell you guys. *mwahaha*


Various places to visit at Guilin.

Why would Foong spent 10 days at there if there's nothing worth to visit right?
So am I.

I wish that when I have the chance to visit Guilin, these places really must be in my travel itinerary!

elephant trunk hill 1.2

Elephant Trunk Hill

I was attracted mainly by the legend of this hill.
I would love to see it closely by my own eyes.
- Legend says that an elephant which belonged to the Emperor of Heaven came down to earth to help the people in their work. This angered the Emperor of Heaven, who stabbed the elephant as it was drinking at the river's edge and turned it to stone. 

I'm not going to miss out this two rivers four lakes night cruise for sure!
There's so many different bridges with it's unique structures to look for.
And of course the night view!

Daxu Ancient Town

I would like to visit this ancient town just like those we can see from the television.

Longji Rice Terraces

I myself enjoy and love sightseeing person, seeing all those scenery pictures at Foong's post just making me feel like wanted to visit this place ASAP! 

Examination Hall

This is one of the places that am dying to go for!
Why? It's simply because I really wanted to try how's the feeling sitting and writing at there!
Weirdo me?

306 stone steps to reach to the top of the peak?!
I was like err okie, i don't think I would go for this one until I saw the next picture!
I love the view so this one definitely will be inside my list!


Yulong River Rafting Adventure

I've never go for any rafting before, even though there white water rafting at Sabah here, but hey the rafting at here toooo adventure to me!
The calm river and I bet I can enjoy sightseeing more! 

Impression of Liu Sinjie

Is this applicable all the time or not?
I just hope I have the chance to watch this amazing live performance!

Xing Ping

I loves this kind of place, so green so close to the nature.
I think this really a great gateway from my stressful daily life!

Alright, I guess my post is getting long and longer so I better just stop it here.
Seen all the pictures before? I took all from Foong's blog! :D
Thanks for allowing me using those pictures!
Guilin is definitely a great place to visit with so many interesting places to visit, from city centres to the natures.
I love Chinese cuisines very much and that's also one of the reason why I would like to visit Guilin.
I believe I can try the traditional and authentic one at there!

Oh! Am done!Smiley
Couldn't believe it as I kept on felling asleep few times while doing this post! Smiley
Big thanks to Foong and Eric for tweeting and talking with me!


Foong Pc

Reana Claire

What I would say about this?
Nothing much.

My boss bought two tables tickets and actually asked us, the employees to fill up the seats for another table.
Most of us don't feel like going it since we don't even know people at there and some were just being lazy to attend such function.

The ticket for the night
RM 100 per pax
 As you can see there is stated our respective Chief Minister of Sabah, YAB Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman was the VVIP for this fundraising dinner.

We arrived there and saw many people attending it and too many unfamiliar faces.
There are 100 tables if I not mistaken.
Seriously, its too packed! I don't even want to move myself after got my seat.

Ms Chang & Lucas ( Boss's son )

Our table just next to our boss's.
This baby Lucas being so hyperactive for that night, running everywhere till late night. *lol*

The ladies.

Here come Sylvester the dude. 
Poor him have to sit same table with Boss.

This event was supposedly started at 6.30pm but it is only officially started at 7.45pm.
We're all starving and they actually served us this one.

This is definitely not my fav!
Taste toooooo sweet!

After the arrival of the Chief Minister and Minister of Tourism, Datuk Masidi only they started to serve us the first dish.
Can you just imagine it's like 2 hours later? Smiley

Fish Maw & Fish Lip Soup

Err... taste quite bland to me.
( Oops, not only me but most of my colleagues said so too! )

Imagine we'd waited for another hour for the next dish? Smiley
It's totally shucks I can say.
Sylvester even asked me if want to just go out and eat steak? 

Steamed ( Twin ) Coral Trout with Nyonya Sauce

This one quite spicy!
It is just the same like the one I had during INTI Tourism Pageant dinner the other day.

Again, waited for another 45 minutes for the third dish...Smiley

Deep Fried Flower Crabs with Nestum

I didn't expect for this one actually as I prefer they serve us prawn instead!
Very difficult to eat this one and not a meaty crabs!
But, we're all just too starving already and no choice.

Waited for 45 minutes again...Smiley

Stir Fried Ostrich Meat with Black Pepper

When I saw this on the menu, I've already knew that this will be quite similar to the one I had during INTI Tourism Pageant dinner too!
The difference is no mini bun for this time!

Another one hour for next dish...Smiley

Yam Ring with Cashew Nuts and Chicken Cube

Oh well, this is nice!Smiley
My colleague even said that this is the only chicken meat for the night!

Waited for 45 minutes...Smiley

Steamed Rice in Lotus Leaf

We actually preferred to be served with fried rice, well you know we're all starving!
We opened it and this is what we get..

Taste just like the Chinese Sticky Rice ( Nuo Mi Fan ).
The mushrooms inside it made it taste nicer!

We knew we have to wait for another hour like that for the dessert, we busy chit chatting and trying to make us not bored with the event. ( Although we're really bored!! )

Alex and son

We tried to play with him but he just look at us yet not even want to come to us.
Stephanie tried to take him from his daddy and he start cry!Smiley

We looked at the time, it's already 11.30pm!Smiley
The Chief Minister and Minister of Tourism left quite early too.
We just couldn't wait and moved our ass and left the place.
We just don't want to waste time to wait just for the dessert - Chilled Almond Bean Curd with Longan.

Needless to say, most of us still feeling hungry.
Oh! Did I mentioned that my table is "special" as there are 11 people!
Ms Chang actually doubted that the foods won't be really nice even though the ticket price quite expensive.
Well, after all it's for the fundraising for the school and glad to know that they actually collected more than 200k for this.