DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800 – Hotter and Smarter

Oh yes! It's finally out!
The one I've been waiting for so long after the iPhone 4.

It's the Blackberry Torch 9800 !!
You know, I know, and everyone know it is HOTTER and SMARTER!!

The new operating system - Blackberry 6 OS - just making BB Torch Hotter and Smarter!
Let me brief what you can do with this!
Why it is HOTTER ?

All this while Blackberry never come out as a slider phone with physical QWERTY keyboard and fully touch screen features!
We do need keypad to ease us type the messages especially for the long one.
Sometime it can be a hassle when we have to click click click to go for the application that we wanted to open but with this touch screen feature, you can easily just touch it with your finger!
Awesome, right? HOT!!

Lots of my guys friends telling me BB is only for ladies and they much prefer to iPhone compare to BB.
But it surprised me when some of them actually started fell in love with this BB Torch !
Dudes with BB Torch are HOT!! Actually, ANYONE with a BB Torch is HOT!!

You can see all your social and RSS feeds in one place. Type an update once and send it to one, all or select networks! HOT!!

- The HOT new operating system in BB Torch 9800, why? Coz all the pages will load fast and tabbed browsing for you to open multiple web pages without closing current web page. 

- It comes at only RM1499 when you sign up for DiGi Smart Plan compare to the original RM2299! Now that's a HOT deal that would fire up your senses. Now that's a HOT deal that everyone can handle!

Why it is SMARTER?

Yes I know you guys were all wondering how smart it can be compare to iPhone 4?
Oh please! You just got to see, hold it, and try it!

The universal search enable you to search everything on your BB Torch at once! Another amazing thing is you can search it even reach out to the web too! Not just SMART but it sounds cool too!

- For BB user, you guys surely enjoy using the BBM (Blackberry Messenger)with other BB friend user right?
A unique SMART feature that only BB possessed!

No, of course it's not just like that!
There's more and more features and applications inside it.
You just have to venture it and am sure you just going to fell in love with it!

So what's a SMARTphone like the BlackBerry Torch 9800 can do without a SMART plan specifically for it? And worry about expensive plan to fire up the hotness within your BB Torch?

DiGi now offers not only the HOTTEST deals around but the most affordable SMART plans for all the SMART consumers out there. Some might be asking "Why so SMART le? Sure so Smart meh? Got so SMART or not?" Here's the answers.

SURF SMART with only RM68 a month, you can get the Internet Unlimited Plan! You can tweet all you want and surf all you want without limitations! SMART!

CALL SMART by only paying for what you use. Worry that you will too hooked on the Internet and won't make much call? With this plan, you just need to pay for what you use. SMART!

So you call a lot and surf the internet a lot as well? Don't worry, this plan has the SAVE SMART feature that gives you discounts depending on your usage. The more you use, the more you save!

Worry about your Twitter and Facebook while being overseas? Worry about the overpriced roaming charges? With ROAM SMART, just by paying RM36 a day and you can get unlimited data roaming in 6 different countries.

The DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800 is absolutely the Hottest and Smartest in town! The Hot People uses the BB Torch and Smart People subscribe to the most affordable plan in town which is the DiGi Smart Plan!

Let sing together with me now!!

You... change your plan
Like a girl... changes clothes
Yeah you... always think
There's no PLAN... that is SMART
But now ... the SMART Plan
Gives me the ... SMARTEST deal
I should know ... that DiGi's good for me!

'Cause it's HOT and it's SMART
You can Facebook and go
You Tweet when you're out
With the new BB Torch
BBM when it's right
It's DiGi Smart Plan
It brings, you the plan
And the, new BB Torch

(You) You know that is the SMARTEST, DEAL
(You) The cheapest BB Torch is in town
It's HOT and it's SMART
A yes then you know
You're in for the deal
The BEST in your life!

Oh! My babe Sheena has got this new baby for herself on the 11th November!!

Before having the DiGi BlackBerry Torch Smart plan

After having the DiGi BlackBerry Torch Smart plan

"Hot babe with a Hot Smartphone and using the smartest plan in town - DiGi Smart Plan"

After all these comparison, I think the DiGi Blackberry Torch 9800 is definitely SMARTER!


  1. the RM36 roaming plan is not exactly the smartest thing, though it is cheap, but I travelled overseas and my bill shoot up to RM600+ in a week , BB torch is definately nicer than the other BBs but having to use BB Storm previously, I think I still miss the only-clickable screen phone as one of its features, rather than the touch function. Other than that, I was a digi suscriber with no plans at RM58 last time, and I still maintain it but people now have to pay RM68 for the same thing. All and all, it's still good though.

  2. Alamak, this time I'm no.2 pulak! T_________T"

  3. good luck wifey!! hope you win!! XD hugsss love u

  4. Funny... what make your guy friends think that BB is only for ladies? I thought ladies prefer something simple, like iPhone.

  5. LOL. This is very interesting post Caroline! Haha. I love it so much. It's funny and you have your character in it! haha

  6. BTW, I have tried Torch 9800. It's quite cool. But I still love my iPhone ;)

  7. Good luck! hahaha becoming smarter yah

  8. waaaaah! caroline! very nicely said! i want to get an iphone4 and now, you made me think twice! i love the new bb, both touchphone and with keypad! woooot! so hot indeed!

  9. i dunno if i can afford it, though, hahaha.

  10. The Torch is really a nice phone! If I don't have the iphone, I would seriously consider this also.. are you going to get one? ;)

  11. i thought that model is u...kekeke

    no ler...dylan din follow me to germany...

    wei, nice kl trip pics...no time to comment....just tengok the pics...

  12. ahh..u r in the contest too..me going to try my luck also..kekeke

  13. @ElaineCharmaine err okie. yea still expensive but i guess dats d cheapest we can get? whoa so nice urs stil rm58. :)

  14. @Eric Lee thnx hubby. u too okie? hugs! love u too. :D

  15. @khengsiongcz of the keypads n it looks? not techy enuff to them? :)

  16. @bluecrystaldude hehe thanks Haaziq! :D i noe its coooool!! dats y i want it so much!! T.T

  17. @_el@i_ mwahaha! iphone 4 is cool! n diz one can beat dat oso ma! :p

    how i wish i can get it for my upcoming bday. :(

  18. @iamthewitch hehe yea hor. got iphone dy consider very good dy! :D wanted to have it! :)

  19. @vialentino hahaha! no la. she's my coursemate last time. :D owhh no wonder.

    hehe no need comment oso can la, we got chat oso. haha

  20. @taufulou haha! yup. haha lucks for us lor! :D

  21. So this the one u want and mentioned on TF dat day is it? It looks so sleek, wah so nice!

  22. Now u are using iphone is it? Wah oKB!!! :D:D

  23. @Mariucahaha! yup! no la not using iPhone! haha no OKB! :P

  24. This is a really nice phone, perhaps one of the nicest from BB! Haha... your friend look so pretty le.

  25. @Jasmine hehe yup nicest from BB! ;) mwahaha she is pretty n hot! :p