Fundraising Dinner for SJK (C) Pai Wen at Ocean Seafood Restaurant

What I would say about this?
Nothing much.

My boss bought two tables tickets and actually asked us, the employees to fill up the seats for another table.
Most of us don't feel like going it since we don't even know people at there and some were just being lazy to attend such function.

The ticket for the night
RM 100 per pax
 As you can see there is stated our respective Chief Minister of Sabah, YAB Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman was the VVIP for this fundraising dinner.

We arrived there and saw many people attending it and too many unfamiliar faces.
There are 100 tables if I not mistaken.
Seriously, its too packed! I don't even want to move myself after got my seat.

Ms Chang & Lucas ( Boss's son )

Our table just next to our boss's.
This baby Lucas being so hyperactive for that night, running everywhere till late night. *lol*

The ladies.

Here come Sylvester the dude. 
Poor him have to sit same table with Boss.

This event was supposedly started at 6.30pm but it is only officially started at 7.45pm.
We're all starving and they actually served us this one.

This is definitely not my fav!
Taste toooooo sweet!

After the arrival of the Chief Minister and Minister of Tourism, Datuk Masidi only they started to serve us the first dish.
Can you just imagine it's like 2 hours later? Smiley

Fish Maw & Fish Lip Soup

Err... taste quite bland to me.
( Oops, not only me but most of my colleagues said so too! )

Imagine we'd waited for another hour for the next dish? Smiley
It's totally shucks I can say.
Sylvester even asked me if want to just go out and eat steak? 

Steamed ( Twin ) Coral Trout with Nyonya Sauce

This one quite spicy!
It is just the same like the one I had during INTI Tourism Pageant dinner the other day.

Again, waited for another 45 minutes for the third dish...Smiley

Deep Fried Flower Crabs with Nestum

I didn't expect for this one actually as I prefer they serve us prawn instead!
Very difficult to eat this one and not a meaty crabs!
But, we're all just too starving already and no choice.

Waited for 45 minutes again...Smiley

Stir Fried Ostrich Meat with Black Pepper

When I saw this on the menu, I've already knew that this will be quite similar to the one I had during INTI Tourism Pageant dinner too!
The difference is no mini bun for this time!

Another one hour for next dish...Smiley

Yam Ring with Cashew Nuts and Chicken Cube

Oh well, this is nice!Smiley
My colleague even said that this is the only chicken meat for the night!

Waited for 45 minutes...Smiley

Steamed Rice in Lotus Leaf

We actually preferred to be served with fried rice, well you know we're all starving!
We opened it and this is what we get..

Taste just like the Chinese Sticky Rice ( Nuo Mi Fan ).
The mushrooms inside it made it taste nicer!

We knew we have to wait for another hour like that for the dessert, we busy chit chatting and trying to make us not bored with the event. ( Although we're really bored!! )

Alex and son

We tried to play with him but he just look at us yet not even want to come to us.
Stephanie tried to take him from his daddy and he start cry!Smiley

We looked at the time, it's already 11.30pm!Smiley
The Chief Minister and Minister of Tourism left quite early too.
We just couldn't wait and moved our ass and left the place.
We just don't want to waste time to wait just for the dessert - Chilled Almond Bean Curd with Longan.

Needless to say, most of us still feeling hungry.
Oh! Did I mentioned that my table is "special" as there are 11 people!
Ms Chang actually doubted that the foods won't be really nice even though the ticket price quite expensive.
Well, after all it's for the fundraising for the school and glad to know that they actually collected more than 200k for this. 



  1. alah...witch so fast one..ish!! >=(

  2. My god! Each dish also need to wait 1 hour? What kind of dinner is this? More like supper!

  3. Somemore the ostrich meat so BLACK one! Geli lah!!

  4. eh...forgot ask if that stupid Chief Minister recognize u?

  5. RM100 for this is definitely not worth it.. but I guess your boss is doing charity lor.. So that's fine I suppose..

  6. @Eric Lee ahahaha! late few minutes!! cannot blame ppl! :p

  7. so technically the whole night? only 2 types of food nice? probably that's the reason why they have you all wait so lonmg...because hunger is the best spices of all...

  8. @iamthewitch yeaaa. we all oso sien dy when inside there, our table quite behind somemore. grrr.

    the ostrich meat for that day quite salty!! :/

    yeaa lucky is for charity n not for our annual dinner, if not, sure pissed off kao kao. :/

  9. but the dessert sound nice though..LOL

  10. @Eric Lee lol! not the chief minister la! the minister of Tourism la! :D

    Err yea. i guessed so. :s hungry to the max la wei!! >:(

    dessert just so so only ler. too common dy la dat one.

  11. omg u guys had to wait 1 hr for each dish to come out!?? crazy la! :D

  12. yeah the ticket is quite exp huh..but since it's for charity, nvm la kan? :)

  13. @Monica totally crazy! i really never been such event or dinner before! @.@ guess that will be my 1st n final one! LOL!

    yeaa lucky also this one is for charity and not me d one pay for the ticket. :p

  14. wah how come the service so bad? too many people?

  15. @LadyJava lots people but lots waiters n waitresses too. i guess they have to follow the timing that set by the head. :/

  16. gosh... these type of functions are like that one.. long wait .. food not good.. :)

  17. When are u gonna have smileys here? :)

  18. Is that a matching clutch bag I see? Wah so nice ur outfit plus matching bag! :D

  19. I am getting used to ur short hair edi, boyfie how? :)

  20. The crab looks yummy and I too love yam basket/ring! :D:D

  21. Witch's photo is very pretty :)

    The bad
    All those minister alwasy coming late for any event. I am not sure why they have to do that every time they attend a function.

    The good
    At least this politician come and attend. I have attended two gov function this year in Kuching. The banner said the CM will come and all you see is teh ghost of them :)

    the foods dont look good, I only love the first one that you hate :D


  22. @Mariuca me? i'm loving whatever hair she sport.. =P

  23. @reanaclaire yea expected. but i just never expect it can be this worst! :S

  24. @Mariuca Halo!! :D

    no smiley but angry one only. too mad dy ma. lol!!

    hehe actually not same color lar dat one, quite similar color only. :)

    that one me love!! hahha

  25. @Netster haha! she is pretty indeed! ;)

    lol i dnt even bother their presence actually! all i want is just eat n leave. :p

  26. ooooo.. fish lip! muaks muaks muaks... poor fishes.. they are left with no lips to pucker up!!! :(

  27. @Merryn LOL!! Like dat oso can! haha dnt worry i dnt eat any parts on fish head! :p

  28. errr, this kind of dinner.. don't expect too much lah.. the standard will drop a lot because they have to cook 1000 people food..

  29. aiyah, as expected lah, sure will delay for hours one.. typical chinese culture huh?? haha.. :D

  30. wow, have to wait 45 minutes at least for every dish?? that's very frustrating, really won't have mood to eat already lor..

  31. errr, but then the time you finish the rice is only 11:30pm?? hmmm, then cannot be.. if you say every dish gotta wait at least 45min, it should be 1:30am already right?? LOL :D

  32. Woo, Lucas is so cute! can cubit or not?

  33. i wonder how those foods tastes lol

  34. whats up carol i miss visiting your blog

  35. @[SK] true! lol i got no mood to count it back when writing it. hahaha i only know we all kept on complaining starving! hahaha

  36. @poorprince only some foods nice. :( auww so sweet of u! :D