Chillin' Out at Rootz Bar @ Lot 10 Rooftop

So, after the dinner at USJ Murni, Eric and I headed to Adrian's house to fetch him out.
We called him and he told us he's not home yet so Eric said we just wait for him.
The time we arrived there, Eric parked the car at the opposite house of Adrian's house.
( I recognize his house based on the picture in one of his blog posts! lol )
The house is dark and I don't know anything about the history of the house.

I actually asked Eric to just park there since there is no car at there and it's just opposite to Adrian's house.
Eric then told me he actually don't feel good if parking at there as Adrian told him before about the incident.
The blurry me still asked why? and Eric said it's haunted.
And, Eric actually parked his car in front of Adrian's house.
Then I just remembered Adrian told us about the incident at his house when we having lunch at Tao!
You may want to read this if you want to know what he told us that time!

You know my mind started to think of the blog posts and what he told us during lunch time.
Just when my mind wandering around, and there's this white cat jump from the gate!
GOSH! Its scared me!! Freak me out!
Parking the car at there really gives me goosebumps and that Adrian took so long!! *grrr*
Eric then end up parked the car near the guard house, but you know when all those cars entering, the lights too bright!
Then, we just go around the housing area till Adrian called us that he is home! *finally*

So, we back to Adrian's house and waited quite long for this magician to finished make-up. *LOL*
Luckily Eric didn't tell me the history of the haunted house on that night!
But believe me, not only me but Eric too felt not good to stopped by there.
Oh! Adrian too! Especially after he experienced it before!

We fetched Adrian and headed to Grey's house to fetch him!
So all of us going to meet Quachee, Kelvin and Erika at there.
The time we arrived there only we realized we're going to Rootz Bar!!!
Eric and I were just wearing plain t-shirt!  *LOL*

Quachee teased us for being late, oh well, Malaysian Time. :p
I'm loving the place and just perfect place to chill. :)

Strawberry Margarita ordered by Quachee for everyone of us!

Too bad its starts to drizzling and we have to go inside.
I love the ambiance!

Jack aka Quachee's friend and Adrian

Quachee and Erika

Quachee blushed! Wonder if it is because of the margarita or the sexy pretty lady next to him? 
*ehem ehem*

Kelvin and Caroline

Kelvin blushed too!! He drank?
It cannot be! He attended party most of the time!
Maybe because of me sitting next to him? *mwahahaha!!!*

Eric and Grey

Oh this two dudes didn't blushed, still steady and maintain their macho-ness!

Caroline and Grey

Caroline and Eric

We had a great time there while eating nuts, enjoy the drink, and chit-chatting. 
The margarita taste sooo sweet and I don't bother to have another of it. :p

Everyone had 2 glasses while Quachee had 4-5 glasses! 
Our teacher Ms Erika still not finished up her ONLY ONE glass!
She enjoyed every sip of it! 

The group picture of us at Rootz!

Another group picture of us before left the Rootz.

Ohmy, I am totally had major headache when get into the car and fallen asleep while we fetching Grey and Adrian back home.
The next morning, I had hang over and we are going to attend my friend's wedding!

Oh, just last night dear Eric told me about the history of the house, that's totally freaked me out!
I bet you guys wouldn't want to know it too!

It's Thursday and Happy 4thmonthsary to dear Eric!
Love you always!Smiley


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  1. eh.. chip pulaks!!!!!!!! CHOP!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Girl.. dun u know that talking bout haunted house can actually HAUNT your blog??!! U beware now.. dun blog at nite.... !!!


  4. @Merrynhahahaha!! yea right~ u're FC1 wil put Ethan's pic later k. ;)

  5. hmph...drink more than me summore... >=(

  6. eh...if grey blushed next to me then i reallly have to be careful dee lo...hahahaha

  7. neva mention the big toilet ah? can golek golek on the floor...LMAO hahaha

  8. Happy 4thmonthsary u always too!! huggss

  9. OK confirm. Never stop by Adrian's house!!! Or go anywhere near it!

  10. Huh? Adrian also told you all ghost stories at Tao? I missed it! Damn!! Adrian , u owe me a ghost story!

  11. Hahaha!! Adrian need to put on make up ah? So long u both waited for him? LOL!!

  12. QuaChee has no right teasing you for being late. He was so late during Witch's birthday at Chili's. Like half an hour late!! We all waited and waited for him!! Haha

  13. Eric told you the history of which house? Adrian's room is haunted according to Adrian, and then the house in front of his house also haunted. I am not going anyuwhere near there! Haha

    Eh maybe next time you bring your younger brother to talk to "them"? LOL!

  14. so fast blog about it liao while I've yet to reach Tao. xP

    Hehe...I'm craving for more strawberry margaritas. Next time, I wanna drink more than a glass. Muawhahah....

    Love the way you wrote about our chilling session at Rootz. It was fantastic~ :D

  15. Wow, strawberry magarita! I want it too

  16. Lot 10 rooftop? My hotel near there...but I did not bother to go around much. Old man...lazy! LOL!!!

  17. wah.. another awesome night in KL Caroline.. glad you enjoyed yourself sweetie!!

  18. @Eric Lee OMG! I bursted out reading ur comments! hahaha!!

    yea love the toilet! lol!

    hugs hubby! :D

  19. @foongpc HAHAH! me too! dat will be my 1st n last one! :p

    aiyo, go claim it from him!! :p

    hahah! got sooo late?! Malaysian time ma he said! history n incident happened before at the house lor. :D

    u siao!! not going to do so!

  20. @ErikaToh hahaha! consider late dy lor. almost 2 weeks past dy ma!

    i love dat strawberry margarita! :D sweet! :3

    glad u love it. :)

  21. @LadyJava thnx dearie! :D Yea had great time! hehe

  22. ooohhh... a haunted house. just reading it gave me goosebumps. hehehe.

  23. Hi Caroline! It's raining here, how abt there?

  24. Looks like boyfie really planned so many outings for u during ur short stay here yeah?

  25. I see Erika in the pics too, hey Erika! :)

  26. It's funny how you say "Oh well, Malaysian Time" when you're late because we also say "Filipino Time" when people are not punctual over here.. :P LOL

  27. I have never had a strawberry margarita, it looks yum, I have only tried the blue margarita, and I have never seen one in red.. Me likes.. :)

  28. Perasan! I blushing because Erika Toh sitting next to me. ^.^

    LOL. No la, kidding. I get red very fast.

  29. I turn red when I drink too much too! :D LOL

  30. Happy 4th monthsary to you both! :)

    I want to know the scary story! I am a sucker for scary stories! I just love the adrenaline rush! Tell me! Tell me!! :D

  31. oooh, of course don't want to park in front of a haunted house!! @_@

  32. but that house is just opposite Adrian's house?? wow, then he is seeing the haunted house every day lor?? OMG!!

  33. how come all order the same drink?? should order different drinks mah, then can try more variety..

  34. Lot 10 Roof Top is a nice place to hang out.. hehe, you hung over because of that 2 glasses of margarita?? smart Erika just drank slowly, haha~~

  35. never been there... looks like fun.. never drank margarita before too.. hahaha...

  36. @Gee of hahaha yeaaa! but if u at there, u will feel it for real!

  37. @Mariuca haha raining too last nite! :D

    hehe diz one not planned one, last minute plan one! mwhahahaha

  38. @Ane hahaha! is it?? guess thats wat ppl gonna say! lol!

    ooh i never tried blue one yet! hehe

  39. @Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan oops! forgot erika just next to u! n i noe la me not sexy dat time! hahaha!

  40. @Ane i think i wont turn red ! :p

    thnx Ane! ;) haha will tell u on twitter then!

  41. @[SK] yea! scary!! i think he is immune to dat dy! LOL!!

    err i think the drinks is per jug. hehe we late u see.

    haha! yea i love the place! ;) *doink* me not a drinker ma. :/

  42. @reanaclaire time to visit there! nice! :) n must try it! sweet!!

  43. Wow sounds like fun and two margaritas yum yum.

  44. OMG what haunted story?? Eeeyerr I don't think I wanna know. But I do want to know where Adrian stays! So that I can remind myself not to go near there! LOL!

    Wah the strawberry margharita looks nice! Don't tell me you get hangover just by drinking a glass?? :P

  45. Sit with pretty gurl....blushed....he he he!
    Or...the strawberry margarita effect! LOL

  46. This my first visit here, and I really like your writings
    Greetings and thank you

  47. @Bill hahaha! yupez Bill! next time we can go for dat too! :D

  48. @iamthewitch hahaha! aiya cannot reveal where he is staying at here, ask him!! or ask eric! mwahaha! :D

    hahaha not a glass but two! :p

  49. @Petehahaha! dats d only 2 possibilities! :p

  50. @unique heya! thnx for dropping by. thnx for d nice compliment too. :)