Am having FUN at Kay El!

Sorry for not updating blog after like quite long? Boohoo!
I know, You know that I'm at Kay El (spelling according to Quachee :p) now!
So, am taking a blast on my break! :p
I am very happy and really having great fun time with them all here!
We met up since the 1st night I arrived here.
As soon as I landed at airport, boyfie fetched me and headed to KTZ at SS2 for yumcha session with this awesome peeps of mine!
 Yours Truly.
 The next day we all meet up for #DeepaCaroMagic at Tao Restaurant.
*LOL* It was previously known as #DeepaCaroPanda but too bad that Panda Foong last minute informed us that he has a paid trip to Bangkok to attend Enrique Iglesias concert! 

No one know how happy I am to meet Merryn and Ethan! <3
Last but not least, am having my sweet time with dear boyfie at here! Smiley

Wokie this is just a short update from me!
Later going to attend my twitter's friend's wedding and going for sunset with boyfie and going to Sky Bar with the awesome peeps later at night!
Tomorrow going to be my last day at here, and going to have brekkie with them but this time Witch & Saucer be there too!
Am very happy can have great time at here and of course sad that I'm going back Sabah soon as I know am just going to miss them so badly especially boyfie! Smiley



  1. Ask your boyfie to migrate to Sabah with you la. :P

    You know, my 1st group pic not complete, don't have your bestie in there. XD

  2. @Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tanuiseh! FC worr! later put ur pic thr k.

    thnx for d gift n really fun hang out with u n d gang! n very happy u join us for every meet up! maybe except for today. :D

  3. So glad to hear ur having a wonderful time, enjoy ur stay but so fast going back home yeah?

  4. Enjoy ur makan2 and party on sweetie! :)

  5. nice. Witch and Saucer back from China already kah. Kirim salam to everybody, have fun!

  6. i'm glad you had a great time with ur bf and friends! enjoy the rest of ur fun days in Kay El ;)

  7. awww... u gonna cry buckets at the airport Carol! :D it was NICE meeting u too :) very da hapi!

  8. wow, so nice huh?? looks like one shot you've been to all the nice hangout places in KL!!

  9. and see, you are welcomed by so many people, you really are the VVIP huh?? haha~~ :)

  10. enjoy yourself in KL to the max especially with your dearest boyfie~~ :)

  11. Hi Caroline!

    It has been a long time since visiting here.

    Glad to see you're still very much enjoying yourself as usual. Looking as good as ever based on the pics!

    Keeping livin' it up my friend!

  12. You really had a good time there..haha..have a safe trip!

  13. Hola my friend. It looks like you are having a great time. I am glad to hear that also you get to spend time with BF. You look very beautiful in those pics.

  14. @BillHola! great time indeed! thankie thankie!

  15. Aiyoh u at tao, so near my place :( wish we knew you were in KL, mybe next round of your visit! :)

  16. @Big Boys Oven ooh haha! didnt know leh. :D there will be next visit soon. :)

    Tao was okie! i love their scallops! :D

  17. Oh, it surely look like hell lot of fun in Kay EL eh?!

  18. Oh no!! I missed all the fun!!! Nooooo!!!!

  19. Kay El? I hate it when QC spell it like that! KL better not Kay El! WTF! : D

  20. So u coming to KL again in Dec? Good! Then we can meet up : D

  21. oops i also visit merryn blog and saw your pictures there too
    it seems you really had fun

    nice dress by the way and lovely boots lol

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