Just want to share with you guys this one!
See how cute is Tessa saying herself as Cinderella! 
Am not looking good at here and that time having sore-throat. urgh~ 

Very very very sorry because I didn't rotate the video. :<
[p/s: Click me! for the post of that night.]

It’s all started this afternoon…
Our boss went to airport and left us in the office.
(Yes I am telling you all that my boss gonna outstation and only will be back this Sunday! Weeee!!!)

We all were having discussion in doing the name cards for each of us, so we start writing down our name.
Since four of us are Chinese, so they suggested just use Chinese name.

But… here’s an issue comes up, supposed to say a bloody joke.
Okay, Ms Chang’s à LK Chang (Chang Lee Kien)
Then mine à ML Ng (Ng May Ling)

What’s on your mind?

One of the guy laughed out loud when he saw this. We all start questioning him what’s wrong with it.

He says: “ML = Make Love! “

Yes, his words can makes all people in the office laughing like hell.
Good, it’s my name again.
I am wondering how he can be such yellow minded person?!

I am just wondering how come my name, no matter in which terms, people just can make fun of it.

In primary school, teachers and friends used to call me as 吴美玲 or MayLing.
 Those naughty playful boys in the class created such a “nice” nickname for me – Caroline = Carrot-line.
How nice of them huh?
Well actually not only that, there’s a lot more they can think of just by the single word of Caroline.

I also realized people having difficulty in spelling and pronounce my name CORRECTLY.

Sometimes I can just laughed when receive fax from customer which addressed to me, and they spelled my name wrongly. Peeps, there’s a big different between “Caroline” and “Corolla” okay?

So, I guess that’s the reason I prefer people just call me Carol or Kathleen or May.

There’s once customer called me as “Harold”, I am speechless. That’s a big different darling.

I would like to share with you how many coincidences happened on my name in my past relationships with my former boyfriends.
He told me that his former girlfriend named Merlyn and therefore they given her Chinese name as “Mei Ling” ß My name MayLing!
He told me that he’s having a god-sister named Carolß My name Caroline!
He told me his former girlfriend named Caroline too.  ß My name Caroline!

[P/s: I don’t feel like mentioning which they are at here. They are all now are my past tense only.]
Those are actually bothered me a lot in the past. 

Wokay, I don't feel like talking about it anymore.
It's just gonna ruined my happy mood. 

Geez... I played with my phone's stylus.

Seems like it's kind hard compare to below one: 

See... I still can write in Chinese character aye! :P

LOL! My colleagues said my handwriting looks like kiddo's , is it?

Just for Ethan arrrr... :p



Just for you:
I continue my blog reading sessions and currently at uncle Tekkaus's blog.
Last post before i start to write this one - Buffe Lunch at Seoul Garden - and guess what?
I am leaving my comment and i saw this one which makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD nonstop!

"Tell you an embarrassing thing first time I went there. I thought that jug of soup is our drink and I poured it out on to my empty glass, then only realised it's the soup for the steamboat! Haha!! How I know they place soup inside a jug like that? More like for pouring into a glass for drinking! LOL!" - foongpc

I realized everyone is questioning why the heck on earth I'm calling Tekkaus as "UNCLE TEKKAUS"?!
I don't mind to keep answering all the questions from blogger friends but just now one of my cousins who read my blog and called me and ask :"May, since when we got uncle named Tekkaus? Your mother side or father side de leh???
I LOLed.

Wokie dokie...
Let me explain all of this kay?
I’m not sure should say I know Tekkaus through reading Foongpc’s blog or through the Jomshout site. Lol.

I am NOT related with him at all.
Okay, cousins, u guys got it? J
And, it’s not because he’s an old man, he’s 25-years old and I’m going to be 21st this year, not much different. Haha.

 I called Tekkaus as Uncle Tekkaus in Jomshout and he say me lil girl.
So, I think he don’t mind I’m calling him this way right?
(Or actually you mind about it? If yea, I’m going to stop calling you that way. J)

His blog is so freaking darn funny yet full with useful information and logical fact.
That’s why his blog being one of the blog that I always keeping track with.
It’s quite “neutral” to read his posts about his lovely wifey, his family, his opinions and other useful facts. So, it’s kind of “balancing” meal for readers to digest. XD
[Warning: Do not read his blog continuously in a day, as it’s totally hard to digest!]

His blog is actually contains lots great tips for those who just started to blog and who actually want to earn extra income through blogging.
I bet you guys will not want to miss it, right?

Like some other bloggers, he blogged about places that he went before and foods that he tried before. This is somehow showing some options of places to go or food that worth to try for those who does not really know about some of the places or never try those particular dishes.
[Warning: Please make sure your tummy is full before you start reading post about food, or else do not blame others for your croaking tummy while reading it.:p]

You always can learn moral lesson by reading his blog. I swear I did not bluff.
One of the posts that I like the most is à Your Words Reflect Your Future

I am quite impressed by how he’s really become a man for his wifey by giving a hand in doing house chores and prepare dinner all those things. I just love to read post about he wrote about how they spent their times together and enjoy their holidays.
Ohyea! All this while, I only read he typed on Jomshout about his wife but never see her, and brilliant me found out this Now Im Officially Married in his blog. So sweet aye! Wohoo!

You are surely can be an up-to-date person by reading his blog.
Hot issue or trending topics up on his blog all the time!
No lies, all truth!

His topic is enough to makes you feel want to read through the whole post!
Just like this one à Unexpected Second Break Up
What do you expect me to guess about it just right after I read the post about his marriage?! LOL.
After I read it, I was like WTH and at the same time PHEW~~

You can get to know him well, especially about his crazy interest and character!
Read this and look at how he posed à  DiGi Says I Am A Famous Hotpants Ninja!

Last but not least, his blog is totally WORTH-TO-READ!

[P/S: Do not misunderstand me for blog about this post and do not treat this as an obsession just like foongpc did okay? Well guess you know about THIS.]


My Photo

Seems like am showing my dissatisfaction huh?
Well, I've spent some times to read blogs just now. 
Guess what? These TWO posts is really reminds me about how my lecturers and most of my friends thought that I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COOK.

The two blog post are -  suituapui's and uncle Tekkaus's. 

Just so you guys know that I am graduated in Diploma in Tourism Management.
 So, for being in the hospitality line, FOODS is always with us! Yea right, nice to see, nice to eat.

I remembered the most how they rated my cooking skills just by how I look and act?!
It’s happened on my final semester whereby we’re having Tourism Marketing subject and I still remember that one of my course-mate Jannyfer is going to get married and we starts being busybody about how’s her wedding arrangement, her future in-laws, her future husband and her COOKING SKILLS. See… we are supposed to just talk about her, but when come to the last topic, I’ve been “wanted” and become the victim of the topic.

The lecturer start asking how we rate ourselves in cooking skills, and we go one by one, it’s started smoothly and till my turn and I said I would rate myself B+
Here it is, everyone start looking and laughing at me, I was like “What’s wrong?! I can cook as well kay!” Then they said C+ would be suited me more. I am getting so frustrated. Even my bestie was at there and she stand at their side owh. She knew that I can actually cook, I cooked dinner for both them when I stayed overnight at their place aye! Hmph!

The fact is I CAN cook, just that I LESS cook okay?
Although I start learns to cook when I’m 18-years old but it’s not too late right?
I do admit that since I start study, I am very very seldom cooking. :P
Seldom cooking doesn’t mean didn’t cook at all, right?
I ever prepared three complete meals when I stayed over at my classmate’s place for study purpose.
 I helped my mom prepare lunch when she’s sick and dad out working.
I cooked with my little aunt Frenda too when i stayed with her.
I even cooked for my last last time former boyfriend when he’s at my house.
I can cook, it just that I need to polish up my cooking skills.
Don’t just think I only know how to cook Maggie mee and fried egg kay!

Everyone won’t want to believe that I am 19 years old that time, they always says me 9-years old kid. 
That’s the reason I am so glad that I am 20-years old last year 1st December!
 They can’t say anything because the number is 20. Heee. :P
I know it’s weird for a person keep wanting their age getting older, but seriously I am desperately want to reach 21!

Another thing bothering me is people thought I always showing my blurr aka confuse face expression when they talk about something. 
Of course I am going to give you blurr look when you talk about something I do not know. Hmph!
I know sometimes you guys just purposely twisting up some topics and make me get confused and when I get blurr and trying to think about it, you guys laughing there!
It’s not fun at all kay!
I am not those little kids for you guys to play around.
One last thing, I don’t like being labeled as innocent.



Just for you:
Haha! The random shot of the day!

So now you all can see why I’ve been keep complaining for eating too much yet only weight gained but not physically gained?

This is the result of cam-whores after work with my colleague while waiting for our driver.
We were waiting at the parking area. I just realized the background is *urgh~*.

Okay, doesn’t matter about it.

I’m heading to Colossus Café and Bar for the Earth Hour celebration. *YAY*
I am having sore-throat yet I am still feeling excited for the celebration!

Guess what? 
The moment I reached there, I was greeted by the kids!
 Can you imagine how happy I am that time? 
They are all Mdm Susie’s kids. They call my name and come to me and gave me *huggies*. 
See how close I am with those kids? :P

By the time I reached there, Ms Susie was having discussion with her business partner, and I know him too! =) So, we chit-chat for a while and her business partner left as he got another appointment.
I continue chit-chat with Mdm Susie and her kids keep come to me and asked me play with them, especially Tessa, the youngest one.
 So, since it’s still early that time, I play with the kids and let Mdm Susie settled up some undone task. 
Yes, we played a lot!

The chef just started preparing the stuffs. 

Okay I am loving this shot, but its blurred. :(

Sweet Tessa and I. 

Am with lovely Elsa.

Heee... Having so much fun aye!

Tessa and Elsa.
My bag looks like a dress on Tessa. haha!

Elsa looks almost equal height with me!

Oh yes, I am the first one who get the certificate for joining the Earth Hour celebration! Therefore, I decided to choose the first ticket for the lucky draw!

The certificate

My ticket

Hey only for me kay! : p

Tadaa! XD

Myself with Mdm Susie

I met up with my ex-course-mates at there too!
Abigail Tay and Rosina Chai
Meeting up with them after quite long time was great! =D

Abbey, me and Sheena
We're holding our certificates! 
[ Look at us, am the shortest one. :( ]

Myself with Abbey 

Love this shot too!!!

This is mine!
Can you imagine I go for second round? 
It's like only three of us go for second round on that night. :P

The chef gave me special big prawn!

*Chicken wings*

Abbey's favorite!

Sheena's favorite!

My favorite!
If you thought am going to eat it just plain like this, you're wrong. LOL
Spread with sour cream and put the bacon on the top! Yums!

Alright I didn’t really do much photo taking, meeting lotsa friends and yes I am glad to see one of my ex-schoolmates at there. Haha!
Overall, I enjoyed my Earth Hour moments at there with all of them!
I wished I can stay longer and spend more times with them, but I left after accompany Mdm Susie eat dinner. I didn’t wait till the lucky draw. The lucky draw only starts at 10.30pm. 

That’s how I celebrated my Earth Hour night. =)

 [ P/S: I am supposed to post up this blog post last night but I fell asleep while doing it. Lol.  Its delayed again as I went to church in this morning. My sore-throat is getting worse. :S ]




I used to say this :

Not for today!


Scroll down.

Yes I am still complaining for my boring day at office.

I know I should feel more happy right? 
But for those who knows me well, I am not the type of person like to just sitting down without doing anything productive and beneficial thing. 
Maybe for a day it’s okay, but if continuously like this, I can go mad for sure.
 Ms Chang, the accountant was absent again today and I just couldn’t imagine how my day going to be when I reached office in the morning. 
I am going to have miserable day on next week for sure.
 Everything will be in a rush that time as I am supposed to start balancing all the cash account and credit account. Yet the only task I can do today is only updating the payments from customers, which is like only 5 – 10 minutes depends on how many payments that have been made. 
 Am totally free from work after that! I can really get tense when boss keep urge for those accounts ledgers status. That’s how Ms Chang feels too.

Well, am glad that am not the only one who feeling bored in the office.  Lol.
 Since 8.30am, I keep on eating and eating only. May ask my colleagues what I got in my drawers. Haha.
 I even share with them. My colleagues keep saying me for keep on eating only.
 Do not blame me for this, am just too bored and I need some exercise, eating is considered as one of the exercise too kay. ;p
OKAY! Its 9am and I couldn’t stand with the boredom-ness already. So, guess what I do?
I sit down and start figuring what productive things that I can do instead of just waiting for customers’ phone calls or walk-in customers?
Yes! I know what! Read blogs! I used to read my friend’s blog when I am bored in the college last time while waiting for class to start. I finished read their blog till I just need to wait and read their new updates. J

I’ve chosen three blogs for me to read, they are Tekkaus's, Foongpc’s and Merryn’s blog.

The situations is like this – I read Foongpc’s blog and get so hungry when looking all those foods, so I switched to Tekkaus’s blog and laughed so hard with his interesting funny yet logical post then finally switched to Merryn’s blog which making me feel normal again.
 LOL! That’s how their blog affected me!
 Their blog is just too interesting and I can guarantee you will not get bored and it’s full with useful information and great tips!

 Please don’t be surprised if I know almost everything about you within a day. Lol!
Trust me, I read almost half of their blog posts already. Once I finished read their blog, I will choose another three blogs to read through for sure. J

See how brilliant I am? I didn’t waste my times at all. ;p

Oh… there’s one of the worker accidentally cut his hand while on work.
 His hand bleeding and it’s real serious. His bloods falling everywhere on the floor and it come out just like water. 
The first aid box is with me, and he come into the office with his smile on faces, we thought just a small cut and when he show his hand to me, I almost get faint and I can even smell his blood.
 Oh-mi-god! That’s enough to make me start feeling dizzy and just feeling not well. 
The other colleagues start scolding him and ask another worker to bring him go clinic. 
They are like concern about my condition more than his condition. Luckily just for a while. People, please don’t ever try to show me blood anymore, I really can get faint. I still remember the accident that happened in my primary school’s gate. 

Okay, I have to say my boss is a real mean person of all, he saw all the bloods everywhere on the floor and ask us “he is still alive, right?” We all in the office like “WTF?!” how could he said that kind of words to his employee with his evil smiles some more! Well, I know he’s trying to joke but I just don’t think it’s an appropriate word to say that time.

Ohyea, I chatted with SK, one of the blogger as well. He added me in Facebook and actually he got it from uncle Tekkaus’s blog comment sections. He added me in msn too. I felt kind of honored when he told me that he never reveal his msn to other n bloggers. ;p His blog is great and full with useful information too! Kindly Click here for his blog.
Oh! he said do not call Tekkaus as Unc Tekkaus because he will sad. I replied: Unc Tekkaus will not sad as he is calling me lil girl. Haha!

Another blogger added me in facebook, James Neill Wong, he visited n dropped comment on my blog post. J
I love to read the post he wrote about Kota Kinabalu.
 I am not sure how he gets my blog but glad to know him. J
Click me! – His blog.

If u ask me how my day today, I will rate 8 out 10 as I did enjoyed reading blogs and learn about something new, I gets to know new people and make new friends too. J

So, tomorrow I am going to meet Mdm Susie and few of other course-mates.
 Hopefully I can enjoy myself with the foods of course!
BBQ Buffet dinner and well it means I can eat ALL I can! Each diner will receive Earth Hour Certificate as well. There will be acoustic performances too! Nice, isn’t it?

Okie, that’s all about my day.
My day is kind of boring and I hope you guys will have a nice day tomorrow.

Cheers everyone!


Malaysia Online Boutique

Just For You:

Weeeee!! <333
Haha i am happy again!
After like two days being kinda emo, and finally am happy again.
Well i know who care anyway? 
I was supposed to blog last night, yes but there are few people was msn-ing and ym-ing and tweeting with me, which causing me no mood (in a good way) to continue blog. Lol. 
So, I am going to continue blog now. haha.
I was reading blogs and found out few interesting blogs! 
Getting to know with the bloggers are so much fun and yes happy as we're now friend as well in Facebook and Twitter. This is what networking done well!

Last night i enjoy webcam with them. 
One of my friendS was currently at China now for working purpose.
He showed me how dead boring is that place can be. Well poor him as he was placed to stay at suburban city. He starts complaining about almost all the websites blocked and thank god that yahoo messenger is available. If not he's gonna get totally boring for doing nothing at all.
So, he opened his webcam and shows me around.
He told me no other channel except local channel which is like dead boring.
Pity of him and just accompany him by chatting.

Another one was one of the INTIan - Daniel Goh, just get to know him after he visited my blog.
Okay was tweeting with him and he tweeted about something like this.
Fascinating = Fast-CINA-ting.
Lol, there's a word "CINA" in the middle which is like sounds so weird for me.
CINA = Chinese.
And he is a blogger too. :) His blog is nice too!
Then we start msn and end up in skype, just due to his Mac and no webcam for msn. =.=
He makes me LOL a lot by showing his stupid dummy cute faces on the cam!
Lol. It’s fun and nice to talk to him.
All the topics last night are mostly craps!

Ohyea, I also did Facebook-ing with one of the blogger that I recently know.
I heart her blog and its one of the interesting blog that I’ve read.

(hope you don't mind yea. I purposely took the one with your blog link on it to show the copyrighted.)

She added me in Facebook which makes me feeling glad and yes I can see her little hero's cute pictures!
Ohmy, i am just a kid-lover, don't believe me? Ask my friends how I can be when saw a little cute baby or kid. ;p
Okay, Merryn said that her friends told her that I am pretty, and she does think so.
Somebody who would like to help me get them, because that’s SO FALSE!

See... all the new friends I have know are all amazing people!
So proud aye!

Okay enough about last night.
I woke up kinda late this morning, too much dreams in wonderland last night.
: p

So, it’s like everything is so rushed and I didn't have enough time for breakfast at home.
I had my breakfast in the office, and guess what?
I didn't realized I am wearing white color tops, using white color bag, white color shoe, and white color purse, until my colleague say " Carol, why are you so WHITE again? "
- Yesterday - 

- Today - 
I was like huh? And I look at myself, ohmygod! Yea am almost all white except my jeans.
[In case you guys question about why I am wearing kind of casual, the answer is because I am going to hang out with friends after work and lazy change cloth.]

This morning the pervert came into office and this is the very first time I saw him so serious with his job.
To be honest, I myself too couldn't believe that I can work with him so well. :)
This is too the first time I saw another strict side of him, he scolded my colleague which in-charge in Jotun paint.
As a result of my observation, I realized he is a perfectionist!
It is quite scary for me.
Whatever it is, am still happy! =D

My respective accountant absent today therefore I have less task to do. ;p
Yes and that’s causing me gotta have fun with all the dearest customers. Haha.
Well actually I enjoyed myself at office today with fewer tasks to do and not tension with accounts matter.
Seriously, I shouldn't pamper myself too much as I know that when it comes to end of month, I’ll be busy like hell and get very tense for the whole day and it’s for few days till I can balance up all the accounts and statements! Die!

This Saturday is the day!
Earth Hour, if you don't have any idea about this, you're such moron!
I am going to celebrate it with Madam Susie and some of my other last time course-mates at Colossus Cafe and Bar to celebrate the special event.
This big special event reminded me about my last year. :(
Though there's lots unhappy moments yet it’s the most significant and memorable one! It’s just unforgettable!
I blogged about it in my previous blog and that time I was in almost the end of my final semester in college and was having one of the subject - Event Management.

There are only 14 of us taking the subject and we decided to organize a Fund-Raising dinner in aid of WWF.

[Just showing 1% out of the pictures taken on that night]
The logo that designed by us.

Doesn't it look like foongpc? hehe kidding. :P

Simple yet meaningful

The ladies of the team!

Committee members with our respectively Dr. Alan, the academic dean and Mr. Sylvester, the Head of Program of SOHAT.
[SOHAT = School Of Hospitality And Tourism]

We went through lots of hard time in getting it done successfully. I don't think we’re going to forget about all those happiness, arguments, disagreements that happened on us.
Mich and I were chosen to be the presenter for the Earth Hour moments.
So, you guys know?
It’s very precious moments I can say and it was last minutes planned, yet both us, no i mean all of us stayed up till very very late just to get our script done. 
We managed to get few VIPs to attend the dinner function and we raised extra money from the guests on that night too. See people, how kind hearted are all of them? 
They already paid for the tickets which are like quite expensive as it is for the charity, and they are still feeling free to donate more on that night. 
There are lots of funs on that night, everybody gets exhausted yet it’s worth!
I am totally missing those particular moments with them.

Am totally looking forward for this Saturday!
Oh yea, and also looking forward for Bro Delvin graduation day which mean we're going back to Labuan!
Looking forward to move into new office too!
Another happening event - INTI Night! Gonna spend my night full blast with my two BFFs and of course with my former lecturers and of course my lovely juniors! 
Can’t wait to meet you guys!