Birthday Special!

It's 20th March 2010!!!

Birthday Girl 


Happy Birthday Sweet 21st Birthday, honey!
Have a blessed and nice one yea!
Got your golden key already??
Hehe.. =D

She is my ex-classmates during primary school and we're quite close to each other and I still remember our seats just an empty gap whereby we can talk to each other easily. ;p
We've been in the same class since in Primary 2 right? 

What can i say about her?
She's just being soooo kind to others and yea she smiles n laughed a lot! 
I wonder if you still remember that we all keep saying about you and Kang Faydi together?? ;p
Its fun to see when both you blushed! hahaha! (omg i can't stop LOL)

Still remember all the nickname we got by those naughty boys in our class??
Alana = > Banana
Bryan => Bold Lion
Caroline => Carrot-line
Goh Dai Shan => Gold Duck San
Mitchelle => Mitoyo Bear
Ling Sun Zen => Tong Sam Zhong
Well I know there's a lot more! and sorry if i spelled wrongly. Couldn't remember all. Haha!

I am totally missing
---> The time we go canteen in the early morning for brekkie!
---> The time we go buy lunch together when we got extra classes and when we play at the "pondok" there!
---> The time we spent crazy moments in class together with others!
---> The time we play and fight and be good again!
---> The time we training in karate lessons (You also got learn karate right in primary school??)
---> The time we comfort each other when we're down!

There lots more sweet memories during our primary school time, and I am really missing all those moments.
I am so glad that we do have re-union! xoxo




  1. Happy BD to your friend. good. :D Where's the BD cake?

  2. @Tekkaus lol unc is the 1st commenter again! if u reach 10 times i give u pressie ah.. ;p dnt hv cake owh.. she's so far at australia. :(

  3. Happy birthday to Alana! Wah, I want a pressie for achieving 1st commenter for 2 times :->

  4. @Irenelim hehe twice ord ah?? i'll check 1st ah. ;p 10th times will get pressie! =D

  5. Happy birthday, Bana.. err I mean Alana. ^:^ I love those nicknames. Carrot-line LOL!

  6. @Jimi yea right Jimi. Thnx for leaving comments but how could u LOL after my nickname?!

  7. happy birthday to her!
    and what you've wrote makes me miss class life too =)

  8. @kenwooi thnx on behalf of her. :) we always miss whats has been past tense to us. :)

  9. Wow...reach 10 times got pressie? :p

  10. hahaha woa.. thank you to everyone whose kindly wished me happy birthday.. and sorry for the late-ass reply =P..
    yea.. those were the days! i missed it so much.. it's one of the best day of my life!!!! yea.. fifi...LOL!! THAT'S FUNNY.. I cant believe you still remember!! haha.. Epic!!

    anyways.. thanks caroline for the lovely blog and birthday wishes.. we will surely have another reunion in the near future=] till then.. i need to get back to my studies! much love.. xoxo

  11. YAY! Alana is in the house! hehe.. u're most welcome my dear fren. <3 haha how could i forget all those moments?! lol yea looking forward for it. lucks in study! =D