How "Boredom" turned to "Excitement"!


I used to say this :

Not for today!


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Yes I am still complaining for my boring day at office.

I know I should feel more happy right? 
But for those who knows me well, I am not the type of person like to just sitting down without doing anything productive and beneficial thing. 
Maybe for a day it’s okay, but if continuously like this, I can go mad for sure.
 Ms Chang, the accountant was absent again today and I just couldn’t imagine how my day going to be when I reached office in the morning. 
I am going to have miserable day on next week for sure.
 Everything will be in a rush that time as I am supposed to start balancing all the cash account and credit account. Yet the only task I can do today is only updating the payments from customers, which is like only 5 – 10 minutes depends on how many payments that have been made. 
 Am totally free from work after that! I can really get tense when boss keep urge for those accounts ledgers status. That’s how Ms Chang feels too.

Well, am glad that am not the only one who feeling bored in the office.  Lol.
 Since 8.30am, I keep on eating and eating only. May ask my colleagues what I got in my drawers. Haha.
 I even share with them. My colleagues keep saying me for keep on eating only.
 Do not blame me for this, am just too bored and I need some exercise, eating is considered as one of the exercise too kay. ;p
OKAY! Its 9am and I couldn’t stand with the boredom-ness already. So, guess what I do?
I sit down and start figuring what productive things that I can do instead of just waiting for customers’ phone calls or walk-in customers?
Yes! I know what! Read blogs! I used to read my friend’s blog when I am bored in the college last time while waiting for class to start. I finished read their blog till I just need to wait and read their new updates. J

I’ve chosen three blogs for me to read, they are Tekkaus's, Foongpc’s and Merryn’s blog.

The situations is like this – I read Foongpc’s blog and get so hungry when looking all those foods, so I switched to Tekkaus’s blog and laughed so hard with his interesting funny yet logical post then finally switched to Merryn’s blog which making me feel normal again.
 LOL! That’s how their blog affected me!
 Their blog is just too interesting and I can guarantee you will not get bored and it’s full with useful information and great tips!

 Please don’t be surprised if I know almost everything about you within a day. Lol!
Trust me, I read almost half of their blog posts already. Once I finished read their blog, I will choose another three blogs to read through for sure. J

See how brilliant I am? I didn’t waste my times at all. ;p

Oh… there’s one of the worker accidentally cut his hand while on work.
 His hand bleeding and it’s real serious. His bloods falling everywhere on the floor and it come out just like water. 
The first aid box is with me, and he come into the office with his smile on faces, we thought just a small cut and when he show his hand to me, I almost get faint and I can even smell his blood.
 Oh-mi-god! That’s enough to make me start feeling dizzy and just feeling not well. 
The other colleagues start scolding him and ask another worker to bring him go clinic. 
They are like concern about my condition more than his condition. Luckily just for a while. People, please don’t ever try to show me blood anymore, I really can get faint. I still remember the accident that happened in my primary school’s gate. 

Okay, I have to say my boss is a real mean person of all, he saw all the bloods everywhere on the floor and ask us “he is still alive, right?” We all in the office like “WTF?!” how could he said that kind of words to his employee with his evil smiles some more! Well, I know he’s trying to joke but I just don’t think it’s an appropriate word to say that time.

Ohyea, I chatted with SK, one of the blogger as well. He added me in Facebook and actually he got it from uncle Tekkaus’s blog comment sections. He added me in msn too. I felt kind of honored when he told me that he never reveal his msn to other n bloggers. ;p His blog is great and full with useful information too! Kindly Click here for his blog.
Oh! he said do not call Tekkaus as Unc Tekkaus because he will sad. I replied: Unc Tekkaus will not sad as he is calling me lil girl. Haha!

Another blogger added me in facebook, James Neill Wong, he visited n dropped comment on my blog post. J
I love to read the post he wrote about Kota Kinabalu.
 I am not sure how he gets my blog but glad to know him. J
Click me! – His blog.

If u ask me how my day today, I will rate 8 out 10 as I did enjoyed reading blogs and learn about something new, I gets to know new people and make new friends too. J

So, tomorrow I am going to meet Mdm Susie and few of other course-mates.
 Hopefully I can enjoy myself with the foods of course!
BBQ Buffet dinner and well it means I can eat ALL I can! Each diner will receive Earth Hour Certificate as well. There will be acoustic performances too! Nice, isn’t it?

Okie, that’s all about my day.
My day is kind of boring and I hope you guys will have a nice day tomorrow.

Cheers everyone!


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  1. Aiyah, why you didn't switch to my blog and become shopaholic again? :)

  2. @Irenelim LOL! I did it yesterday! n i listed which i want. haha still choosing it. i think i will place my order next week. ;) wow u're d FC!

  3. After the dinner,i think you should not become bored already,your friend cheer you up.

  4. TGIF should be yippeeeee how come yo are bored? Cheer up..!!!Have a nice weekend. tQ

  5. @Bananaz thats y i said "i used to say that". haha. yesterday was real bored. luckily today not as boring as yesterday. haha

  6. Unc Tekkaus??? lol... dat fella is a young dude lah! though he does sound like an uncle at times.. hahahhahaha.. (finish! He'll 'slaughter' me like mad!)

    Caroline, thanx for reading my blog and promoting it too :D

    You read foong's blog.. go read his ghost entries... you'll NEVER sleep alone again! hahahahah..

  7. @Merryn haha i knew ah, but he oso call me lil girl, he let me call him as unc tekkaus oso, (right, unc?) hehe.. HAHA! I saw the title stg like ghhost stories, i skipped it!

  8. So me foong make you not normal lar. Haha :D

  9. @Tekkaus haha unc's n foong's one over-excitement dy! lol in a way urs make me LOLed so hard, n foong's make feeling hungry all the time. only Merryn's one bring me back to normal. :P

  10. Conclusion.. Merryn's is darn boring! lol.. :P

  11. @Merryn lol not at all! wat im trying to say is ur blog is more about family and u noe i feel warm and comfy to read about it! =D The feeling is just so natural compare to unc tekkaus's n foong's which are "extraordinary" and sometime kinda hard to "digest". ;p hahahahaha

  12. Can't wait to see your picks! :)