Futsal + Tanjung Aru Beach

Peeps... still remember my previous post saying that i don't feel like blog about my so-called fun Sunday?
Yea i gotta re-post it as few of my cuzzie-relatives who actually reading my blog but do not have facebook's accounts asking me to post all the pictures at here. :S

Okay, since its over and as a human beings, i forgive and maybe try to forget it. 
(I can forgive, really, just that its hard for me to forget about it. )
Not going to blog much about it.

That particular Sunday was actually the futsal friendly match between our company - Borneo Regal S/B VS Axtrada (M) S/B - the neighbor's company.

To be frank, am totally was not in the mood at all to attend the match yet my colleagues kept on calling and texting me to come and watch it.
I asked my sister for company and lucky she agreed because if she's not, i wont go.
I was thought that match gonna be a boring match since its only 5 on 5, i brought my lil lovely netbook with me and of course my DiGi broadband just to make sure i can online at there. LOL.

The time we reached the City Futsal Centre, its already half match finished.
Guess what? Not i want to be proud of myself, but the time when i reached there, they all was extra happy and come n greet me. Well u know how's the feeling being so-called well known by peoples?
The players from Axtrada too greeted me and even asking me if im gonna play?
Lol. No way.
And the result at that time was 5:7. 

Never thought that the games was getting heat and i just couldn't believe myself for getting excited with it and even screamed (u know like those big fans of the game)
The end of the result was 10:10.

It won't be a draw game if Azam and Sylvester didn't made any ON-GOAL for our company.

(So, he's being one of the ON-GOAL star on that day)

Below are random pictures that we took on that day:

Jessica & Dona.

Myself with Dona.

Myself with Jessica.

After the game over, guys brought us gather at the cafeteria at the futsal center and treat us for drinks.
We chit-chat altogether with those Axtrada's staffs.
That was fun actually to have gathering that way. :)
They are all looked so damn exhausted. 



Kamir & Jessica.

Kamir with myself.
After the so-called "yum cha" sessions, we decided to go 1Borneo for lunch and also for movies.
Met ex-schoolmate, Jin Yin, at the cinema. :)
Nice that our tummy full, Not Nice that we couldn't watch any movie due to wrong timing.
So, sis suggest we go to Tg Aru beach. All of us agree. :)

Jessica with myself.
On the way to the beach. 

Jessica with myself.
captured by Dona since he previous picture that we took look not nice in a way of positioning. 

Jessica with myself. 
Dont complain as there will be more later.

We reached and bought some tit-bits and of course the sweet corn and fruits!
We went to the beach side and sitting while chit-chatting.
We laughed together a lot that day and had few stupid funny moments. 

Almost sunset time...

Sis Florance.

Sis Flo with myself.

Dona with myself.

Sis Flo & Dona.

Sis Flo, myself & Dona.

Jessica & I.

Trying to enjoy the moments.

without saying 1-2-3, snap! 

Love this shot!

I just feel like am look like a man at here. euww..

It would be nicer if the sunset i the middle right?
Sad that the other side got people playing beach ball games.

Empty one. LOL.

One of my favorite shot of all! 

with my sister. 

Sweetest shot of both us

Dona just love cam-whoring. 
so am i, don't u? 

Don't worry, we're not trying to show our sandy leg, just trying to make fun. ;p

She look like she need toilet badly.

Yea she look nice at here!

Heart this picture so much.

Last shot of the day.

Although we didn't play in the game, that also was a tiring day for us. 
Only if they didn't do it, don't u think its gonna be one of the sweetest memories for each of us?

am trying to forget about it.

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