The REAL MAN of my life.

If we were ask who we love more? Dad or Mom?
When we can't choose to say both, I believe most of us gonna say Mom, right?
Of course there are people will prefer dad too, but just a few numbers of it. =)

For those who just know me quite a while, perhaps you guys didn't know that I started blogged since the year of  2008. Yes I have a blog before I created this one. =) Yet it is in private mode now.
Its just that there are lots memories to keep inside it.
Why I mention about my previous blog in this post?
Its because inside that blog, there is actually one post which I've been complaint about my parents especially my dad. When I think back, how immature I am that time? how ungrateful child I've been?


My dad has been REAL strict towards us and especially towards girls.
I'm the second child in the family and being elder sister of my siblings. My dad has been EXTRA strict on my sis Flo and I. Want to know the reason why?
Well I guess all of you know the way last time's people think, especially Chinese, my dad is so conservative and prefer to be traditional Chinese people. Still don't get what I'm trying to say here?
Traditional Chinese people prefer to have SON compare to have DAUGHTER in the family.
So, got it?
That's why he has been favorite all the guys than girls in the family.
Its getting tough when all the guys in the family are so clever in study compare to my sister and I.
We, as the daughters in the family gotta struggle hard just to get some care and love from my parents especially our DAD. Pity huh?
Whatever we do are all WRONG in his eyes - How high score we get in exams just NOT ENOUGH to reach his expectation on us - How well we did in each competitions just NOT QUALIFY ENOUGH to get at least a compliment from him.
We've been cried a lot since school life started. Guess am the one who cried more as am just not tough enough compare to my younger sister. Most of the time, she's the one who protected me from getting bully by the brothers. She's more brave than me in showing protest to my dad whereby most of the time I prefer to just follow accordingly to what my dad asked me to.
We've been so jealous of other siblings especially our brothers which was born as a boy in this world.
There's no doubt that my parents still will give punishment to our brothers for their wrongs, but most of the time, when its come to problems between sons and daughters, guys always get prioritized.
Its just totally unfair for us.

Whenever I try to show my protest and trying to defend myself from get blame for something I never done, I just couldn't help myself and my tears just falls so fast! I hate it that way and its like showing my biggest weakness of all. I've tried to discuss with mom and had heart-to-heart conversations and she always telling us that its because we are girls and thats why my dad trying to protect us more. PROTECT? I just didn't feel any way how he trying to show it rather than just keep punish us and scold us for anything he wants to.

As time goes by, I myself too learn to accept whatever it is, and found myself getting mature.
When I flashed back all my past times, I just realized that when I am sick, my dad is concern so much about how I felt and my condition is; when I am down, dad talked to me, comfort me and giving me some useful advise; when I stayed up till very late for study, dad woke up and cook some food for me to eat and keep awake each single hour just to check if I finished my revision and went to bed; when i woke up late, he prepared breakfast then wake me up; when I'm alone, he try to figure some activities just to lessen my boredom and making me use up my free time; when I crying,he did felt hurt deep inside his bottom heart; and NOW when I attained achievement, he's happy for me!

I just realized he is actually care of all of us, for his EXTRA strictness, I just trying to look it another side in a way he is trying to show his EXTRA love and how much he wants to protect us as his daughters.
He is willing to put aside everything when my mom fall sick and take care of her for the entire day.
He never let mom to just do house-chores all alone by herself, but he too give a hand.
Weekends, it is supposed to be his rest days after yet he always be the one woke up early as usual just to prepare everything for us. I myself loving weekends as dad gonna be chef during weekend!
Dad love to cook very much and yea he is pro in preparing Chinese dishes which I love the most.
Some dishes that I prefer him to prepare it compare to mom - Bak Kut Teh, Chicken Rice, Steamed fish, Herbs soup, Chicken Curry (he just know what suited me well as I don't eat spicy dish), Yong Tofu, and lots more to be mentioned. ;p

I stopped showing my protest since I started my work, guess working helps us in the process of being mature.
So, people out there, if you feels that your parents has been controlling your life strictly, please do change your perception towards them and change the way you thinking, it has a huge meaning behind their act.
Give them some times, maybe they just do not know whats the proper way to show their love.
No parents in this world doesn't love their kids.
Thats the reason no matter what going to happen next, I will always prioritized my family

He is not a perfect person, well no one is perfect in this world right?
I don't need him to be perfect as he is already being the REAL MAN in my life.
I love him as how much I love my mom.
Without them, I don't think I can be who I am now.
They are the major reason for all my achievements now.

Trust me, Dad's love also can be as greater as Mom's love.





  1. Yea you are right.. no one is perfect in this world.. And no parents didn't loves their children...

  2. @Frenda thnx for agreeing with me my dear aunt. :) Thats ur cousin my dad and i can say the way our dad think is almost d same except dat my dad prefer guys more than girls. XD

  3. my dad is a really strict guy, but deep down we know he loves all of us =)

  4. bout dad,i dont know how to thank him for all that he did in my life since i was born,n i noe all the struggles my mum n him faced the moment i exist from their so touch dat they are strong n stand still with their love until today!guess wat? when u found someone care like your dad...u might found the other part of your soul...its just what i thought..

  5. @kenwooi yea am totally agree with u. :) n for my case i think its d worst for having dad who prefer guys than girls. anyway, there's always reason behind all of it. :)

  6. @Annie y. yes darling. my gudness, am tears when see ur words, just so u know i was crying when im blog-ing bout this just now.

  7. Wow! This is such a touching post! I'm sure your dad would be very happy if he reads this!

    I'm closer to my mom compared to my dad and I think most people are too. But we all know our dads care for us too - it's just that they don't show their feelings as much as moms.

  8. haiizzz.. crying for that touching stry won't make me got the title 'heart stone'... well... not only you guys got a lovely dad... my dad is coming 76... and still working... just for my sake... and i still be one of the unfaithfull daugther that let them down.. my debt for them is higher then mountains... i think i won't be able to return all of the care and love they given to me... just for sure... i want to graduate fast and make them proud.. well... hope it will end soon... :(

  9. @foongpc hehe this post up when i spent my day with my dad. ;) well me too, closer with mum. Most of the dadS showing their love in different way. ;)

  10. @victoria hey darling dnt think dat way ba. got me and annie worr.. last semester dy, do the best and show them that u can do it! all of us as children wont be able to pay for what all that they've done for us. Its too much. :)

  11. Very touching post, like I have said, your dad is really cute ~~

  12. Agree. Every parents love their children and they will do everything they can for them. :D

  13. @Tekkaus yea n soon u oso de lorr.. hehe can bcum daddy liao. ;p

  14. Sorry not I'm bananaz not Chinese educated but using this pinyin is easier to express better.[jiājiā yǒu běn nán niàn de jīng]~ every family would have their own set of problems. Glad you are feeling his love now. All moms & dads would love their own children very much though some more, some less just like our fingers you do not have them at equal length? Some dad do not speak or show much of his love for his children but deep down in his heart they are like pearls. tQ

  15. @Bananaz hehe dnt worry i can understand it. :) yea am agree with ur statemennt. lol