The 42nd Edition HORNBILL.

Lunch time.

I am reading the latest Hornbill, school magazine of my secondary school.
I guess for who studying in Sabah, knows that SMK Lok Yuk is well known and being one of the top schools in Sabah.
People! Do you know how much I miss my school life?!
I guess everyone did. 

Well I can tell you guys that this 42nd edition Hornbill is much nicer look and design than the previous years. I love it in white and soft colors. J
It is designed by my sister's batch of students and of course with the assistant of teachers.

- The Editors -

Let me show how it is look like, and sorry if the quality of the images low as I snap it using my phone and its only 5 mega pixels okay? 

- Front cover -
It looks so simple yet well designed.

- Side cover -

- Back cover -
Its name, Hornbill.

The Principal.
Mr Ng Soi Nguwng. 
I still remember last time whenever he gives speech on the stage or there’s new rule been set, my friends will tease me, saying that: Why your father set so many rules one oh? This cannot, that cannot, then how la?
                Hello? Having same surname doesn’t mean I am related with him, kay?

His signature.

- The staffs -
They are working in the office and not teaching. 

Landscape that can be found in SMK Lok Yuk

I used to be in this organization for being a prefect and head of committee. :)

Some of the events:

- Sports Day -

- Edible Architecture Competition 2009 -

- Runway Project -
Guess who is the winner?

Three clubs that I've joined.

- Bessima Dargham -
She can speak few languages and dialects.
Same class with my brother since Form 2.

- Some of the PMR high scorers -

Below are some of the arts done by the students:

I love these!
Love to write Chinese calligraphy.
 In school last time, I can score marks in this section in exam!

Some of it won award in Korea.

Okay, got to do my work. 
Will stop at here. 



Here for you:


  1. hehe.. for a second I really thought ur principal was also ur father..

    NEway, either the photos didn't show or meB I just culdn't wait till it appeared.. hahahaha... u know y...

  2. @EricJ 1st of all, congrats! ;) 2nd,so mean. not related at all! haha

  3. Those were happy days haha. So you're good at art eh? tQ

  4. Wow... your school had lots of activities I'm sure u guys enjoyed the moment together with your fellow friends...

  5. @Bananaz lol not really into art, but if chinese caligraphy? totally loving it. Now,i even helped my lil bro in doin his homework, i mean only for chinese caligraphy section. ;p n dad actually scolded me for helping cz he scored 0 when come to exam for that particular section. ;p

  6. @Frenda yes aunt! A LOT! i dint managed to mention all at here. lol. but yes am totally enjoyed all the moments with them.