I haven't been penning down my thoughts here for the longest time. Not because I don't want to, but I guess the work stuff really taking up most of my free time. I promise I will be writing more now! :D

Let's back to the main topic for now.
Confession to make: The new journey didn't start off smoothly, there were hiccups and there's also a moment where I decided to just quit. You see, I am never a quitter and I don't give up on stuff easily. I don't see a point to continue working with people who don't seek improvement and grow themselves. Most importantly, I don't like to deal with dramas. Thankfully, there's one person who truly believes and appreciates my ability that I decided to give it a try and take it as a challenge for myself to grow to another phase of my career. For that, I thankful for her. (you know who you are).