Today, is the second day of Hari Raya, also the 54th anniversary for our country, Malaysia, but how can I forget about our buddy's 30th birthday? No, of course not. It was already a one year plus since I know him and yes things are doing great. Well, Quachee invited both Eric and I for his pre-birthday dinner celebration at Plan B Restaurant at Bangsar on the last Saturday night. If you are wondering why he celebrated it earlier? It's because he has already had some plan to enjoy his birthday on the actual date which is today.
Quachee and Mother
The pre-birthday dinner only attended by some good friends of him that some we never met before except for Erika and Foong. But hey, it's not hard to hanging out with them as everyone were so friendly! Shall we look into the foods we had on that night? ( Hopefully I can remember all the name for the foods! )
As I mentioned in my previous post, I will share photos taken on the Nasi Lemak 2.0 Gala Premiere night. I really had an enjoyable night with other bloggers and the stars. Both Eric and I were thankful to Henry for the passes given to both us. Well now, let the pictures do the talking, shall we?
Huge Screen
The stage
Am not a fan of Namewee, but Eric is. Believe me or not, I actually get to know about Namewee from Eric. Eric was very excited about the movie Nasi Lemak 2.0 which is directed by Namewee himself. Frankly, I don't have any idea with this movie about until I watched it. Eric and I attended the Nasi Lemak 2.0 Gala Premiere on the Sunday night at Laundry, e@curve.
I don't have any problem with my eyes, I don't wear spectacles or lens. Though recently I was attracted by those cute and colorful lenses! Worst case, I actually getting envy with peoples who wear lenses. I have few friends who actually doing some online blogshop on facebook and some even have their own website. Too bad, I didn't get it from them. I was approached by a sweet girl, Stella who actually having some sort of online blogshop and selling lenses too at Vim Lens Shop. 
To be frank, am quite impressed with those young girls who actually started own online business, selling clothes, lens, bags, shoes, etc. At least, there's side income for them especially for those who still studying. Back to Stella, she was so kind for giving me a try on the lens. I always refused to go for all this stuff as I don't have any problem with my eyes. I also scared that if it going to hurt my eyes. But hey, I just can't stop myself from looking at those girls with the barbie's eyes after put on the lenses! So, yeaa I just give it a try.

There's always good and bad times in our life. Doesn't matter what are they, it always give us lessons and that's how we learn to grow up. To me, I love to keep the good sweet memories. Bad memories, learn from it and throw the others far far away. After all, they been there, in my life.

I left and there's some times I started to reminisce the memories and the short yet long journey with them...It had been a precious bittersweet memories I would say. We used to happy together, facing problem together and happy hour together too. It was fun! 
with Ira and Pooi Pooi
Christy and Eric
Let's CONGRATS to Mei Yee and Lionel for their new home! 
Me and Mei Yee
All of us starting our friendship through twitter and blogosphere, and they are among the friend that am keeping for life. Eric and I were invited to go over their new home for the house warming on the Saturday and we decided to get the Mille Crepe Cake from Humble Beginnings as the gift. ( guess that's what we'd been waiting for! )

Starting a new day with brand new stuff is something what am waiting for. It is unexpected and I always wishing for good stuffs! I will never know what in front of me but I guess nothing wrong to give it a try. Am not trying to prove anything to anyone but just like what they said, there's always better option. Am going for a change and hopefully no more such nightmares.

I would love to thanks to people who always come to talk and or willing to listen to my "rants" and or "craps", you guys are the best! ( you know who you are ). And of course the one who actually really understand is always the caring boyfie of mine, Eric.

Boyfie and I

Cute and Lovable Meeples Staffs! 
After my first visit to Meeples and blogged about it, no doubt that I definitely will go back for sure. Am in love with the boardgames! I just never thought of Meeples would give us FREE Membership after I blogged about my very first visit to there. That's mean we will only be charged RM 3.50 per hour. 

Happy girl
This time we invited Kian Fai and Adrian to tag along with us. The more the merrier of course! We started with the Mr Jack, we found it was fun and quite challenging, and I was very happy that finally I won the game! We proceed with another game while waiting for Kian Fai and Adrian to come. 

I believe everyone of you have many different kind of ways to release tensions and no one can deny that aromatherapy is being one of them. It is one of the excellent ways for relaxation and stress relief. Other than that, it also helped in relief minor discomfort mood enhancement, balance and well being. Another plus point for aromatherapy is it also boosting the immune, respiratory and circulatory system. How is it help? There are particular oil used and have an affinity with certain systems of the body helping to alleviate respiratory, digestive, circulatory or hormonal problems. The treatment session is normally one and half hours which is equal to 90mins.

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care
I NEVER go for massage as am a very ticklish person! Do not be surprised with my reaction when you happened to tickle me next time. Alright, having a chance to go for this pampering massage session was really highly appreciated. Why? I was in a rather tense mood and getting exhausted for helping out during the MATTA Fair and I hardly imagine there's no chillax weekend for me so this massage session really a bonus for me!


Since I moved to KL, I hardly had any seafood for I thought it's hard to get fresh seafood at here. Well, am wronged. Eric and family quite picky in foods, don't get me wrong as what I'm trying to say here is they know where's the good food at! So, if you were to try to recommend some nice foods to them, do make sure it is really good. If they said not bad, means it is good and if they say so-so only, not sure they're going back there or not then. Talking about seafood, they don't mind to go further for some good and fresh seafood!
Cape 9 Seafood
We gotta passed by a small village and yea the road at there quite bumpy yet it worth it go through all the way to there. I was quite surprised with the riverside view when we arrived there. Am wondering if anyone of you been to here before.

Am feeling good today and here would like to thank you for all the people who actually supported my blog all this while and left wonderful comments in my blog posts. I've been busy for the past few weeks and recently losing my blogging mojo till this week getting it back! Put down and leave something that I could not hold any longer give me a huge relieved instead of regret.

Anyone can tell me where to get BIGGER SIZE of this plushie??? I mean exactly the same one.

Eric always busy during the weekdays and yea the only time that can talk to each other face to face were during night time before bedtime. Most of the time, after he took his shower, he will just go bed and snoring away to the wonderland I guess. Therefore, weekends are always the days where we spend our precious times together doesn't matter hanging out with the family members or friends. If there is no event, Eric always plan something for both of us. Smiley
Meeples - European Boardgame Cafe
Dear Eric brought me to this so called European Boardgame Cafe, Meeples for our Sunday night date. Sounds kinda weird to you all?? It kinda special to me though as I have never had any date like this before! *LOL* The moment we reached there, am pretty amazed with the place as there's so many varieties types of boardgames there. I do not even know how to play 98% of 'em! 
Have you ever think of when you will die or how you will die?? I am not sure about you but when I am alone, I tend to think some "nonsense" things like this. I have few friend that having the same "symptom" like me. It's not funny, but it kind of scary and freaked me out when till the point I tend to think tooooo much. And I believe you won't want to know how far I can think of. The best way, never let me alone, when you see me alone, come and talk to me kay! Smiley

I found this new song If I Die Young from The Band Perry is really nice to listen and it comes with a meaningful lyric too. Happy Monday loves! Hope you enjoy listen to this song.

Sorry for lacking updates lately, some part caused by I'm losing my blogging mojo and some part caused by my hectic life. Anyway anyway, just let me share my experience for having lunch date with the band called Prince Of Pop. I was pretty excited to meet them as they are all from the land below the the wind, Sabah. 

Prince Of Pop
Tuesday and having itchy and sore throat. Hopefully, the day going to be a good one.
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