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I don't have any problem with my eyes, I don't wear spectacles or lens. Though recently I was attracted by those cute and colorful lenses! Worst case, I actually getting envy with peoples who wear lenses. I have few friends who actually doing some online blogshop on facebook and some even have their own website. Too bad, I didn't get it from them. I was approached by a sweet girl, Stella who actually having some sort of online blogshop and selling lenses too at Vim Lens Shop. 
To be frank, am quite impressed with those young girls who actually started own online business, selling clothes, lens, bags, shoes, etc. At least, there's side income for them especially for those who still studying. Back to Stella, she was so kind for giving me a try on the lens. I always refused to go for all this stuff as I don't have any problem with my eyes. I also scared that if it going to hurt my eyes. But hey, I just can't stop myself from looking at those girls with the barbie's eyes after put on the lenses! So, yeaa I just give it a try.

My Lens
It comes with the lens case too! ;)
What gives me confidence in trying out the lens? Stella. She's not that type that asking you to buy and that's it. She's different. She also given me some useful advice on using contact lenses and how to keep it hygiene and so on. I am really glad that she always there to chat with me when am with lots question marks regarding lenses in my head. 
My eye after wear the lens.
As a beginner, I tried with the Fynale series which is recommended by Stella and I chose grey color. I dare not go for other color lens as I afraid if that's not suit me. I was pretty excited and it's only took 2 days to reach me. I was happily unwrapped it and just can't wait to try it. Though I did not put it on right away, I only tried it the next day. 

Closer look
What next to surprised me was I put it on quite easily. I can see the different of my eyes after put it on and yea quite love it and started to regret why I did not take other color instead of grey. It was my first time to wear it and my eyes quite comfortable with the lens on. It doesn't hurt at all. 
Yours truly
If you wondered, the lens from Vim Lens Shop are all originally made from Korea. The disposable time for the lens is 1 year but it is advisable to just use it for 3-6 months period for hygiene purpose, Stella told me. Vim Lens Shop selling few different types series of lenses ranging from Fynale, Beuberry, Geo and True Color Lens, Geo Dreamy, etc. 
Fynale- Hello Kitty
Fynale - J14
Super Celeb Series
The prices for the lenses selling in Vim Lens Shop are reasonable and you will be entitled FREE Postage if you buy 4 items and above. Other than that, there will be some sort of promotion on pre-order contact lens. You need not worry how long you going get it as it is not going to take long. All your purchases will be sent by the secure courier service such as PosLaju or Skynet. Make your order did I mentioned that you will be given free contact lens case when you buy the lenses from Fynale series? Smiley


Do head over to Vim Lens Shop for all sort types of cosmetic color lens! I just got myself another pair of lens from Vim Lens Shop and this time is Blue Color! Couldn't wait to try it on! Crossing my finger hopefully I will not look funny with it. Smiley

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