The Boardgame Date @ Meeples, SS15 Subang Jaya

Eric always busy during the weekdays and yea the only time that can talk to each other face to face were during night time before bedtime. Most of the time, after he took his shower, he will just go bed and snoring away to the wonderland I guess. Therefore, weekends are always the days where we spend our precious times together doesn't matter hanging out with the family members or friends. If there is no event, Eric always plan something for both of us. Smiley
Meeples - European Boardgame Cafe
Dear Eric brought me to this so called European Boardgame Cafe, Meeples for our Sunday night date. Sounds kinda weird to you all?? It kinda special to me though as I have never had any date like this before! *LOL* The moment we reached there, am pretty amazed with the place as there's so many varieties types of boardgames there. I do not even know how to play 98% of 'em! 
Staff teaching us how to play Tiki Topple
Arrangement of Tiki Topple
We do not know what to play and so kind of the staff for introducing us some of those boardgames. We started with the Tiki Topple game. Did I mentioned that Eric warned me do not "kiasu" and if lose then lose. ( See! He thought I can't beat him!Smiley) Anyway, for this game, I decided not to continue as Eric chased my points and I scared I lose to him. ( kay, I am that kiasu!! Smiley).

Tiki Topple

Ready for the game
Thought myself can win this
The second boardgame that we played was the Blokus Duo. It is designed for two players game which is perfectly suitable for us. I found this one more interesting compare to the previous one! Is it because I am winning the game? Nope. We always tied at the end and guess that bored Eric off after few rounds of this. 

Blokus Duo
Starting to block!
Who's the winner?? 
We then continued with the third boardgame called Mr Jack! I would this one was our favorite game for the night. It is quite challenging and need a lil bit of brainstorming which at some point that get us nervous! Alright, maybe it's only me as I took the character of the bad guy named Mr Jack while Eric as the Inspector. At some point I need to be questioned and had to honest to him while he had to accused the correct character in order to win the game. I thought I could confused him with so many character yet I lose the game. Boohoo! It was pretty much fun and we do not mind go for second round.

Mr Jack
The street with few different characters to confused the Inspector!
Inspector won this. 
Mr Jack get caught.
The last game that we played on that night was the Mini Quoridor. Both us doesn't really like to play this for the rules seems so unclear and as if there's no way to win it fairly. So yea, after the second rounds of this one, it's really a no-no for us. 

Mini Quoridor
War Zone?
Customers were charged RM 5 per hour, it was pretty good price I guess at least you're not charged per game. Did I mentioned that customers can order some drinks and snacks while playing the boardgames in the cafe? Yes you can of course! If you're a big fan of boardgames, why not pay a visit and don't say I never warn you, this place usually full house so perhaps you can book in advance especially during the weekends! It is certainly a great place for you to hang out with friends while playing the boardgames at here! 
Four types of Boardgames

Address :
64-1, Jalan SS15/4D,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.