A Lil Gathering For House Warming

Let's CONGRATS to Mei Yee and Lionel for their new home! 
Me and Mei Yee
All of us starting our friendship through twitter and blogosphere, and they are among the friend that am keeping for life. Eric and I were invited to go over their new home for the house warming on the Saturday and we decided to get the Mille Crepe Cake from Humble Beginnings as the gift. ( guess that's what we'd been waiting for! )

Pasta from Mei Yee! That's what we been requesting all this while and finally dream come true for the night. Do you know that Mei Yee can cook good pasta? Well well, we get to try her home cooked pastas and Adrian bought a huge pack of Hokkien Mee while Kian Fai brought some cupcakes for us to share with! 

Tuna Mayonnaise Sandwiches prepared by Mei Yee
Delicious Pasta by Mei yee
Spicy one! 
Fried Beehoon & Noodle
Hokkien Mee
Happily stuffed our tummy!
Obviously, I didn't take any spicy pasta and Hokkien Mee. You may said Hokkien Mee is very nice yet it is a no-no to me. There's also satays and nasi lemak for everyone. I was keeping my tum-tum for the Crepe Cake!! Finally!
Delicious Mille Crepe Cake
Everyone's favorite for the night and can hear very good compliment from everyone. Well, I have to say that this is seriously the most delicious crepe cake I ever had. I have tried both Food Foundry and Nadeje and I was thought the Food Foundry one was the best one but Humble Beginnings proved me wrong! Am definitely gonna get some other flavors from Humble Beginnings!

Cute Oreo Cupcakes
Chocolate brownies from Mei Yee's colleague
We also drank some wines to celebrate! It was really a nice catching up session with everyone especially Grey!! We missed you! Not to forget the always busy Panda and Quachee! And I definitely looking forward for our Mooncake gathering.  

Wine to celebrate
Me and Grey
Kian Fai sitting on Adrian?
Funny pose from us?
Group picture to complete the night
Thank you so much for having us that night, darling! <3