We LOVE Meeples!

Cute and Lovable Meeples Staffs! 
After my first visit to Meeples and blogged about it, no doubt that I definitely will go back for sure. Am in love with the boardgames! I just never thought of Meeples would give us FREE Membership after I blogged about my very first visit to there. That's mean we will only be charged RM 3.50 per hour. 

Happy girl
This time we invited Kian Fai and Adrian to tag along with us. The more the merrier of course! We started with the Mr Jack, we found it was fun and quite challenging, and I was very happy that finally I won the game! We proceed with another game while waiting for Kian Fai and Adrian to come. 

Game 1
Game 1*
Love bird! <3
Am totally forgot the name of this game but this definitely one of my favorites too! With just assorted colorful cubes and cards, it is a complete interesting game to play. I was losing the game and there Kian Fai came and what I did was, lets start a new one! ( left Eric speechless with my kiasu attitude! ) 

Colorful Chicky
Game 2
Game 2*
The next game was the Chicken Cha Cha Cha. My-oh-my! Those chickens were so cute and I feel like grab it home! It is kinda memory game and the three of us getting panic and panic when any of us took away our chicky's tail! Ohyes, one chicky have to grab all others chicky's tails in order to win the game. I won the game!
Game 3
Am trying to put it on top. 
Eric got an easy task huh?
Kian Fai made it?
Easy task for Adrian!
I love playing this Panic Tower lots. You just need to move the blocks to on top of the color showed on the card you get. It seems like a very simply yet everyone of us getting nervous playing this game. Why? Let's watch these short video clips during the game. Can you guess who lose the game?

Kian Fai's moment

Eric's moment

The next game followed by a game card. What I love about boardgames are, our brains need to work. Why? Some games need us to plan a stratedy in order to beat our opponent while this game card need us to be good in Math! As long as the total amount is 5, ring the bell and you get all! It seems like the magician played better than us in this!

Game 4
Game that came next was the Chateau Roquefort! We are the mice and mice need to hunt for all four types of cheese in order to win. Am not sure is it because am lucky or the guys just too busy planning their strategy to not letting me win the game, in the end, am the winner! 

Caroline and Adrian
Our mice!
Game 5
Last but not least, we were introduced with this game called Cloud 9. It is more like trusting your friend or not. I was trying my best to trust all the guys but it end up I left behind. Just when I thought I shouldn't trust anyone of them, I start to lose again. Should I trust or not? In the end, the guys won it. It was pretty fun I thought, the guys love the game much too.

Game 6
Adrian, Kian Fai and Eric
Needless to say that we had a great fun time playing those boardgames, if it is not because the next day was Monday, I bet we would continue playing. Thanks to my favorite Meeples staffs, they were just being kind and friendly enough to us and taught us how to play each boardgames.

Richard, who always SMILE! I like!
Edward, who always KIND! I like!
Games for the night
The HAPPY us!
Besides the FREE memberships, we were given 5 vouchers worth RM 10 each. Each vouchers entitled for FREE 2 GAME HOURS! And here, I would like to give a treat to my reader. Yes, you can come and play with me for 2 hours without paying anything as am giving out 1 voucher. It's easy, you just need to leave as many comments as you can. Person who comment the most is the winner. Contest end on Sunday ( 21/08/11 ) at 2359.