Reminiscing The Memories

There's always good and bad times in our life. Doesn't matter what are they, it always give us lessons and that's how we learn to grow up. To me, I love to keep the good sweet memories. Bad memories, learn from it and throw the others far far away. After all, they been there, in my life.

I left and there's some times I started to reminisce the memories and the short yet long journey with them...It had been a precious bittersweet memories I would say. We used to happy together, facing problem together and happy hour together too. It was fun! 
with Ira and Pooi Pooi
Christy and Eric
Pooi Pooi, Me, Vence and Christy
Vence and I
Christy and I
Sweet one! <3
Used to be a trio
Yati and Nani
Birthday Girl in da house! 
A happy family
We went through things together and how can I just forget them? I missed them. Am looking forward meeting back few of them in the future too. It is really glad get to still keep in touch with them.