The month of May started with a fun pool party with Urbanscape x Pink N' Proper hotel takeover at KL Journal Hotel and ended with a crazy and stressful workload. Oh well. 

If you're looking for a place with good food and boozes to chill with friends on a Friday night, why not bring them to Huckleberry After Dark?

Huckleberry After Dark, starts 5.30pm onwards and immerse yourself into a different vibes from acoutics to RnB and Hip Hop songs whilst enjoying all sorts of LA Street Food kinda foods. It's all about the good company, good food and great boozes!

When you're having a bad skin day, the last thing that you wanna apply on your face is makeup. The fear of the makeup going to clog your pores and concealer that going to make your existing acne worse - it's like a nightmare!

Trust me, I was really tempted to do a reschedule with Young Blood Cosmetics due to having bad skin day on that particular week. However, I was kinda convinced by what both Shana and Shivani told me before about how amazing the product and not only it won't clog your skin, but also giving you a full coverage! Now, it does sound like a dream that every girl could ask for!

I've been wanting to get these since forever!
When my colleague, Locus called me few days ago and showing me photos of the Disney Tsum Tsum Collection by Grace Gift, all I did was screaming "I WANT!"
He basically called me to ask if I want to get them and which pair I want. And, he bought it within the next minute! In case you're wondering, all my colleagues knew how much I LOVE Minnie Mouse and they have been spoiling me with tons of Minnie Mouse stuff for the past years.

I stumbled upon Spa Ceylon when I was in Bangkok last year. I was actually searching for a good aromatherapy essential oil for me to use at home (by adding few drops of essential oil mix with water in your humidifier) and it's really hard to find a good one here in Malaysia. I didn't know that Spa Ceylon is finally set up their stores in Malaysia until I received an email from them and it got me super excited!

"I'm a big believer that if you focus on a good skin care, you really won't need a lot of makeup." - Demi Moore

As much as I appreciate the privacy I have by staying alone, I do love how my girlfriends would come by from time to time whether to just chill with me or simply because they miss me! :p One of my besties, Nicole came to my place the other day and I thought we could have fun mask time together with the new mask sheets from Berrisom Korea