Justin Bieber is coming real soon!
And the movie premiere screening is on this Saturday ( 02 April ), I just don't wish to miss this!
I love some of his songs! 
And for this movie, I just wanted to be one of the first peoples to watch it.

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I was a bit grumpy this morning!
Don't ask me why.

There's lots thing on my mind, I feel like there's many things undone yet little time left only.
When I thought "Oh! I still have the times" then only realized "Ohno! Not much time left!!"
Just to calm myself down and trying to relax a bit before start to do some important things, I did some quizzes at Blogthings!

Are You Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter?

You Are Twitter

You are energetic to the point of being hyperactive. You are the ultimate multitasker.
~ Yes I do! Tell you am really a multitasker everyday!Smiley

You don't have much of an attention span for anything. You like things short and sweet.
~ I don't like read or type long things when am in busy mode! So, tweeting is the best!Free Smiley

Photo Credit : HERE
My close colleagues celebrated a mini farewell for me last Friday.
Initially, we're all wanted to go for buffet at one of the hotels in town, knowing that some of them are not a big eater like me, we then opted for other place which is worth for everything.
We stumbled upon this steamboat restaurant and it's only RM 20 per person for this steamboat buffet.
It is indeed one of the cheapest one in town!Smiley

Photo credit : HERE

We arrived there around 6.30pm and it was not full with the crowds yet.
However, I was surprised when the place full by 7pm!
So, if you don't wish to stand and wait for empty table, better come early!
The moment we arrived there, we could see the LONG table FULL with foods!Smiley
I was emo last night.Sad smiley face
Thinking of something nonsense and even bring it to my dream!
I don't even dare to think if it's going to come true.
What a silly girl of me!

Talking about love, yes I just can't get enough of it!Free Smiley
I want my man to love me as much or more than I love him to get me feel secure enough.
No, am okay with Eric though.Smiley

What's everyone doing on this Sunday?
Oh well, am taking my time to rest myself for I only have this only day to rest after 6 busy working days.
At this time, it's raining here, so I thought of this going to be a perfect time to piggy myself.
I was tagged and since I have nothing to do now, why not do this simple one?
Thanks Erika for tagging me in the post.

1) Do you think you're hot?

I wish I can think myself hot, but for a skinny girl like me? Hell no!
I would love being thin but not skinny.
I can eat a lot, as in really a lot! 
Don't believe? Let's go for buffet!
Lately, am not in the mood of doing anything, yes ANYTHING.
Even how hard I've tried not to count the days left at here, it's hard when other people actually been reminding you about it.Smiley
Oh, by the way I try not to neglect my blog tho.
I know there's nothing to shout about the Pizza Hut.
Since ever I had sucky lunch at Pizza Hut previously, I never wanted to visit that particular branch anymore.
However, it was an exception last Tuesday after my colleagues persuaded me with the hope that there is improvement done.
So, there we go Pizza Hut at Likas again.

We got the menu and ordered Sensasi Delight Personal Set for each of us.
Well, I guess that's the most affordable way where you can choose your own pizza, pasta or rice which comes with 1 glass of drink, 1 soup-of-the-day and 4 pcs of bread sticks.
Never Say Never!
Belieber? Good news here peeps! 
Justin Bieber will be in KL in April!
Especially to Bieber fans out there, here's the chance for you to win tickets for movie and concert!Free Smiley
And the concert and movie premiere are brought to you by TuneTalk.

Not a blogger? No worries! As this is OPEN TO EVERYONE!
Let me tell you how EASY to get both tickets for movie and concert here:

After my first visit to Cawan Cafe, I always wanted to back there to try other foods served in the menu.
Knowing that I'll be leaving the company this end of month, dear colleagues let me suggest wherever I wanted to go and they shall grant my wish!Smiley
This time Olivia joined us and hah! can see how they love the spicy foods.

Olivia ordered Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken @ MYR 8.80.
It looked like typical nasi lemak and added with curry chicken, yet I can tell you it tasted somehow special!
I know Olivia is not someone can eat spicy food, and she told us the curry chicken is not that spicy and lil sweetness from the sambal made her enjoyed the food!
Not to mention the crispy fried anchovies and pandan smell steamed rice made it tasted more wonderful!Smiley
but.. I was craving for Japanese quite badly and the nearest we can get - Sushi King!
Yes, you know why, it's only 1 hour lunch time.
We quickly get a parking and actually we took quite long to get parking especially it falls on the weekend.

As soon as we arrived and took a seat, we start figure out what to eat for lunch.
We did not want too long so we actually go for the sushi train after ordered one bento set.
I have a dream, you have a dream too, everyone has it too...Free Smiley
I guess it just about what we going to do to achieve and make our dreams turn reality.

I received a good news and it's just about my dream.
I was very happy, excited and looking forward to it.
Later that, I realized I have to put aside some others in order to chase my dream and it gives me some mixed feelings till I actually reached certain point whether to let it go.
While some experienced and professional people told me that it's hard to get that and I shouldn't let go any opportunities that comes to me, I knew.

It's Friday and bet everyone in the weekend mood already.
Last Sunday, dear Eric brought me to this 100 Yen shop for he already promised to try this fluffy frozen snow ice!
He has been telling me how different and special it is compare to other shaved ice.

We went to the 100 Yen shop at Aman Suria outlet.
It is actually a mini shop selling Japanese household, merchandise, food and beverages!
After done with some snacks shopping, I got to choose which flavor I want!
Well that was my very first time to dine at Nando's !
Eric brought me lunch with his friends at Nando's after I've done everything.

I've always wanted to try this after read some fellow blogger friends blogged about it.
But Eric told me it is spicy and I definitely won't eat it.
Just when I thought I will never have the chance to try this, Witch told me that there's also Lemon and Herbs chicken!
I was very happy and keep telling Eric about it!Free Smiley
I was at KL on the Sunday for my important appointment and some of you knew it already.
Anyway, am not going to talk about it for certain reasons.
Dear Eric and I had our breakfast at Papparich at Kota Damansara.

Energy Detox Tea with Honey @ RM 5.90

I always prefer to have tea with lemon/lime sliced for my first drink in the morning and that's why I ordered this for myself. How about you?
Am tired!
Rushed with everything and get one hour delayed flight yesterday drove me insane!
Anyway, am so glad meeting new peeps and of course achieved what I've wanted.

Standing : Jayren, Adrian and Kian Fai
Sitting : Eric, Caroline, Foong, Quachee and Kelvin
Have you heard of "Twestival"?


Twestival also known as Twitter Festival. From the word "Twitter", obviously it uses social media platform to get connected with everyone! It started with a single tweet. However, special thing here is it is for good as it is related to charity! How about the word "Festival" ? Well, that's the day for the highlight event itself! 

TGIF peeps!
Oh yea! Am joining the Fluffy Friday again!
This time will be featuring Bobo the doggie.

She used to has a very fluffy fur but you know someone someone brought her to the vet and shaved it all!
So, you can only see her fluffy hair.
She's an adorable dog and actually very "good girl", if she wants to pee or poo, she will just bark and we just need to bring her to the toilet.
Well well, she don't just eat dog food plainly but must mixed it with milk!
See, it's just like how we human eat cereal with milk!
Since ever KK Taipan fully built at Inanam, most of the banks moved to there and can see many food outlets owner set up their subsidiary business at there too.
Colleagues and I always tend to hunt for something different for our lunch.
We always took turn to suggest foods, and most of the time they tend to ask me what I want to eat or is there any foods that I'm craving for?Smiley
If you ask me, I would want to try all those foods offered by new outlet.

Why this? My brother has been telling me about the foods at this Enjoy Jaya Cafe very nice.
I thought it just another Malay foods place for people.
Not until I saw what they're offering from the menu given.
You know what?
I hate you! You was once a lovely friend that I know but slowly you turned out such a #$%* to me. ( I know for some of them too. )
I even feel like puking for each time.

Oh well, this will be the last post for my KL trip before Chinese New Year this year.
Outdated post, but well you know that's part of blogging what! Smiley

It was the last night before my flight on the next morning.
Well, we had our pre-valentine's day dinner at Sakae Sushi at Sunway Pyramid.
Kian Fai texted me while we're having our dinner, saying that just call him up for supper later on.
How sweet he can be? Smiley
Oh well, we then canceled our movie plan and headed to SS2 for supper.
We then made a call to Kelvin to join us since he stays very near there.

Since I've visited KTZ with my darlings during my previous trip, Eric then suggest us to try this Tian Pin Ge Ge dessert house.

Eric and I Smiley
After done with our brunch, Eric and I headed to KL!
Shopping time of course!
We first went to Fahrenheit 88, I've never been to Uniqlo so well that's my first time there!
Anyway, we found nothing that suit us at there, or maybe just us.

Chinese New Year decoration at Fahrenheit 88