MM : Dream High (OST Dream High)

I have a dream, you have a dream too, everyone has it too...Free Smiley
I guess it just about what we going to do to achieve and make our dreams turn reality.

I received a good news and it's just about my dream.
I was very happy, excited and looking forward to it.
Later that, I realized I have to put aside some others in order to chase my dream and it gives me some mixed feelings till I actually reached certain point whether to let it go.
While some experienced and professional people told me that it's hard to get that and I shouldn't let go any opportunities that comes to me, I knew.

At some point when I feel like giving up, I always remind myself that's my dream, and it gives me strength to go on.
And now, am looking forward for the changes in the future, it just gonna be tough but I know I just need to face and learn how to handle it.
Just like this latest Korean drama series - Dream High.
It's indeed one of the most inspiring dramas and also one of the top drama series of the year 2011!

I dream high
I Dream High, i dream, when its hard i close my eyes
While i imagine that moment i get up

I shake at the end of fear
Afraid of falling like a baby bird who cant fly up
Can I do it, will my dream come true
one by one my walking goes when i get afraid
I Dream High
I Dream High, I dream, when im tired i close my eyes
I keep imagining that dream while i get up
I can fly high
I can fly high, i belive that i can go up in that sky
Open my wings, fly freely up more then anyone

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