MM : What Is Right by Big Bang

Am tired!
Rushed with everything and get one hour delayed flight yesterday drove me insane!
Anyway, am so glad meeting new peeps and of course achieved what I've wanted.

Standing : Jayren, Adrian and Kian Fai
Sitting : Eric, Caroline, Foong, Quachee and Kelvin

I had supper with some friends on the night I arrived there, there's few new faces and nice meeting all of you.
Thanks Jayren for the picture!
That's the only peeps left after Henry and Carmen left. 
Snoopy not in the picture as she's the one who snapped this. 

After yesterday, I always think about what is right and wrong?
I wish I can get the exact answer or any guidance, yet no.Smiley
Today supposed to be my happy day yet am not sure what's wrong.
Don't worry, am just fine and need sometime to console myself.
It's time for Music Monday, lets listen to the latest song What Is Right by Big Bang.

What is Right? What is Wrong?

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Kian Fai & Snoopy