Desserts at Tian Pin Ge Ge (甜品哥哥) @ SS2

Oh well, this will be the last post for my KL trip before Chinese New Year this year.
Outdated post, but well you know that's part of blogging what! Smiley

It was the last night before my flight on the next morning.
Well, we had our pre-valentine's day dinner at Sakae Sushi at Sunway Pyramid.
Kian Fai texted me while we're having our dinner, saying that just call him up for supper later on.
How sweet he can be? Smiley
Oh well, we then canceled our movie plan and headed to SS2 for supper.
We then made a call to Kelvin to join us since he stays very near there.

Since I've visited KTZ with my darlings during my previous trip, Eric then suggest us to try this Tian Pin Ge Ge dessert house.

Eric and I Smiley
Kian Fai and Kelvin

Mwahaha!! Got this *happily smiling* shot of Kian Fai!

We ordered and chit-chatting, I don't even remember what we talked about that night!
Anyway, lets take a look at our yummy desserts for the night.

I ordered Mango Pudding and it comes with creamer too.
Looking at the portion of the pudding and generous amount of fresh mango on my plate!

Eric ordered this Sago with Mango for himself. He knew how much I love mango and he is always being sweet to order something that I love so that can share it with me too. *Auuww*

Kelvin settled himself with this Bird Eggs Stewed White Fungus. Oh well, it taste just as good as how it looked!

Kian Fai ordered this Fresh Milk Stewed Hasma. It somehow looked very tempting to me!
Enjoying desserts time.

Thanks Kian Fai and Kelvin for joining the supper, and hope to see you guys again soon.
Pictures to end the supper session.

Kian Fai, Eric and Kelvin

Kian Fai, Caroline and Kelvin

Oh! I realized all the posts for my KL Trip are all full with foods!
I bet you guys realized it too!
Well, who don't love foods? 
Plus, I'm way too skinny to diet!