Breakfast with Love at Papparich, Kota Damansara

I was at KL on the Sunday for my important appointment and some of you knew it already.
Anyway, am not going to talk about it for certain reasons.
Dear Eric and I had our breakfast at Papparich at Kota Damansara.

Energy Detox Tea with Honey @ RM 5.90

I always prefer to have tea with lemon/lime sliced for my first drink in the morning and that's why I ordered this for myself. How about you?

Hot Chocolate @ RM 5.80

It's kinda surprised me when Eric ordered hot chocolate instead of coffee!
Or perhaps he know I don't drink coffee and would love to share this with me too?

Toasted Bread with Butter and Kaya @ RM 3.80

Thick toasted bread! I guess everyone can't resist this too!
It just goes well with any hot drinks. Eric enjoy eating it of course!

Wholemeal Steamed Bread with Margerine and Kaya

It served warmly! Am just so loving it!

Am a bread person so always love to have brekkie like this!
Sweet Corn Siew Mai @ RM 4.80

I'm not sure but it tasted not quite nice to my liking.
I just ate 2 of it and let Eric to finished it up.

Eric and Caroline

We just had some simple brekkie to start the Sunday morning.
I always love to have my meal with Eric.
The foods all gonna taste better when you're with your loved ones!