EAT ALL YOU CAN for RM 20 ONLY @ Yun Man Steamboat Chinese Dish

My close colleagues celebrated a mini farewell for me last Friday.
Initially, we're all wanted to go for buffet at one of the hotels in town, knowing that some of them are not a big eater like me, we then opted for other place which is worth for everything.
We stumbled upon this steamboat restaurant and it's only RM 20 per person for this steamboat buffet.
It is indeed one of the cheapest one in town!Smiley

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We arrived there around 6.30pm and it was not full with the crowds yet.
However, I was surprised when the place full by 7pm!
So, if you don't wish to stand and wait for empty table, better come early!
The moment we arrived there, we could see the LONG table FULL with foods!Smiley

Unlike typical steamboat restaurant, Yun Man offers fried stuffs too!
Can you see the fried spring rolls, yong taufu, sausages, fried rice, fried chicken, etc.

Steamed chicken, roasted pork, and hey! There're vegetarian section too!

For the raw section, we could see various meats, fish fillets, fishcakes, etc.
There's various range of seafoods too!

More on raw foods..

I love their dumplings! Actually there's quite few types of dumplings there, be it raw or fried.

More on fried section..
Just so you know, their dishes will keep on coming until it's almost 9pm.

Vegetables section with various types on vegetables, tomato and tauhu too.

The fried fish which served later on..

Sweet and sour crab!
Damn! This is one of the best dish ever!

Just to show some of the dish we had on that night.



Egg rolls, fishcakes, fish balls..

Vegetarians, though I dislike this!
I don't like to eat mock seafoods!

Fresh vegetable to go with dishes!

We opted for two soup bases - Tom Yam soup and Herbal soup.
I have to give up on the Tom Yam as it is damn spicy!
Though I have to say it is yum too! Especially the prawns cooked with it.
 It just that I can't handle the high level of spiciness.

The flavorful herbal soup makes this taste wonder!

Simple salad yet tasted so great! Butter prawn also one of the dish I had with several servings!

Huge chunks of fresh fruits

The Mango mixed fruits pudding!
We had this a lot on that night and I bet you can't resist it too!Smiley

King's ice cream
I was sooo happy to see my favorite peppermint ice cream!Smiley
You can get as many scoops you want and there's FIVE flavors to choose from.
You wouldn't want to know how many scoops I had on that night.

Yours truly
I had a great dinner with them, and I couldn't help but kept eating and enjoy the delicious foods.
We chit chatted a lot and reminiscing some moments and was glad to be with them all this while.

Stephanie, who is a mommy to me in the office, teared on the day I tendered my resignation letter, would be someone very hard to leave.Smiley

Ms Chang, who has been guiding me a lot especially in accounts and for the food hunting journey with her is priceless! For stuffing us with lotsa good foods, it's comparable.Smiley

Olivia, a sister-like to me in the office, her patience dealing with some fellas is something that I admired.Free Smiley

Kenny, who's going to be Olivia's husband within a month plus, someone who is naughty and teasing other is his love! SmileyAhhh... okay, he is a helpful one of course!

Ladies in da house!

Although this Yun Man Steamboat Buffet Restaurant is nothing luxury with it's open air place, people never stopped coming for its delicious foods!
You better be early or no table and gotta wait for at least an hour to get table!
I think there's approximately 50 tables at there.
And... It's only RM 20 NETT per adult and RM 10 for kids!
Waitresses all were very friendly and helpful too!
Free Smiley

P/S : It's a Non-Halal and it mentioned that they will charge you for RM 5 per 100g.

Lot 1, Ground Floor,
Taman Dixon, Off Jalan Lintas,
88300 Kota Kinabalu,