Cawan, Truly Malaysian Delight...

After my first visit to Cawan Cafe, I always wanted to back there to try other foods served in the menu.
Knowing that I'll be leaving the company this end of month, dear colleagues let me suggest wherever I wanted to go and they shall grant my wish!Smiley
This time Olivia joined us and hah! can see how they love the spicy foods.

Olivia ordered Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken @ MYR 8.80.
It looked like typical nasi lemak and added with curry chicken, yet I can tell you it tasted somehow special!
I know Olivia is not someone can eat spicy food, and she told us the curry chicken is not that spicy and lil sweetness from the sambal made her enjoyed the food!
Not to mention the crispy fried anchovies and pandan smell steamed rice made it tasted more wonderful!Smiley

Stephanie ordered Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang @ MYR 10.80.
It is something similar as Olivia's one with the difference of side dish.
One thing, they actually served on banana leaf which made it more fragrance!
She's been praising how delicious the rendang to us and her plate happened to be the cleanest among us!Smiley

Ms Chang had this Dry Chilli Chicken @ MYR 8.80
She's always love spicy foods and when her foods arrived, all of us were stunned looking at the full-with-chillis dish.
She knows what is best to eat, this one served with acar too.Smiley

For myself, I don't feel like eating any rice and settled myself with this Mee Siam with Chicken Rendang @ MYR 7.80.
The serving was huge! The rendang tasted soooo nice and not spicy which is just nice to my liking.
The mee siam tasted quite spicy though.

As for dessert, we ordered this ABC Ice Kacang @ MYR 7.50
One can't finish it and four of us shared this together!Smiley

Olivia & Stephanie

Caroline & Ms Chang

You know I will always miss them especially during my lunch time next time.Smiley
I enjoyed every lunch time with them and it has been great all this while.Smiley

Cawan Malaysian Delight
Lot 2, 3 & 4, Wisma WTT,
Jalan Bundusan, 88300 Penampang