"Small In Size...Bigger in Flavor" @ Nando's Chickenland !

Well that was my very first time to dine at Nando's !
Eric brought me lunch with his friends at Nando's after I've done everything.

I've always wanted to try this after read some fellow blogger friends blogged about it.
But Eric told me it is spicy and I definitely won't eat it.
Just when I thought I will never have the chance to try this, Witch told me that there's also Lemon and Herbs chicken!
I was very happy and keep telling Eric about it!Free Smiley

Caryn, Caroline and Huimin

It was my first time meeting them, and was very glad to meet two lovely ones!Free Smiley
It doesn't take long for us to warmed up and get to talk with each other.
After flipped through the menu, so yeah just realized it is actually something similar as Kenny Roger's.
We actually go for the Chicken Meal.

Caryn's 1/4 Chicken with Rice @ RM 12.90

Can you see the tag - Gets You In The Mood ?
She settled with the HOT!

Huimin's 1/4 Chicken with Rice.

She's not as adventurous as Caryn so settled herself with the Mild one.

As for me, I definitely won't go for any Mild, Hot or Extra Hot!
I had the 1/4 Chicken + 2 sidelines (Potato Salad & Chips) @ RM 15.25

Eric also had 1/4 Chicken + 2 Sidelines (Grilled Vegetables & Chips)
Needless to say that he had the Extra Hot one!
Too adventurous huh?

For drinks, we had the bottomless of Iced Lemon Tea!

Caryn, Eric and Huimin

Guess Eric was bullied by three of us till he get speechless most of the time!
It's fun you know!Free Smiley

Eric and Caroline

Frankly, I didn't really found anything special at Nando's.Smiley
I had quite unpleasant experience at there, and the serving portion for the chicken is quite small while the chips and potato salads quite lots.
The chicken even tasted just so-so to me, or maybe because I didn't go for hot one?
Somehow the way they present the foods kinda messy to me too, or maybe they're rushing at that time?
They even served wrongly for twice!Free Smiley
Anyway, I still enjoyed the lunch though and they also told me that other branches actually quite well compare to this one at Subang Parade.