Fluffy Friday : Fluffy Frozen Snow Ice at 100 Yen Shop

It's Friday and bet everyone in the weekend mood already.
Last Sunday, dear Eric brought me to this 100 Yen shop for he already promised to try this fluffy frozen snow ice!
He has been telling me how different and special it is compare to other shaved ice.

We went to the 100 Yen shop at Aman Suria outlet.
It is actually a mini shop selling Japanese household, merchandise, food and beverages!
After done with some snacks shopping, I got to choose which flavor I want!


The small counter decorated simple yet cute and welcoming!

We look at the menu and spotted my favorite mango flavor!

Look at the fluffy flavored shaved ice!
I was pretty amazed by its look you know, it just really different from other types of shaved ice!
Don't you think so?

And later on they pour the mango syrup and diced mangoes on top of it.
And it's done and ready to be eaten!

Oh boy! Look at that!
Can't wait to get into my mouth and I can tell you it melted instantly inside your mouth and it's very cooling!
It's really gives you the fluffiness of the snow ice! Smiley

We enjoyed it very much and I wish to have more but my boss said NO.
Oh well, I know I'll have more chance to eat this soon as there's a branch near at his place too!
I love it and you know it doesn't cost you much but only RM 4.90 for this healthy snow ice.
Happy Fluffy Friday peeps!

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