Wondering who are they??
Okie peeps, that's Sukma and Salmiah!

How we know each other??
We know each other through phone calls.
Both them from other companies and the company they working for is the clients of my company. :)
We've known each other for quite long, I mean as in months.

One afternoon, Sukma called me and asking me to come out for a drink.
Of course am quite surprised with that!
Salmiah came to my office before and yea she met me before.
I didn't know that Sukma and Salmiah is best friend!
They are both from different companies, so why would I expect that?

Sukma asked me to join them and Salmiah fetched me up after work.
So, we then headed to KFC and *gosh*, we had a long chit chat!!
Never expect can talked till quite long and really had a great time with them! :D

Now, how I wish they are my colleagues. :/

For those who's been following my blog since long time ago, sure you guys know that they're certain colleagues kept on giving me problems!
I've been trying to ignore them all this while and yea they just won't stop it.
I just know that they start spreading stupid rumors and funny thing is they didn't know that they are just humiliating themselves for doing so?
Everyone is talking about them. :S 

I wanted to confront that girl and really want to know what her problems with me, but again I know she will just asking for apology and will not telling me anything, 
This is shucks ok?

So, I prefer not to give a damn on it. It's not like I can zip off your mouth.
I pissed off but yea I know much more people loving me as I am so LOVABLE!!
[ Alright, just joking! I am not. That only applicable to my dearest hubby! XD  ] 

Okie! Happy weekend to all of you! :D


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It has been quite a long time I didn't hang out with some friends huh?
Hehe. Nahh am just being way too busy in life instead of enjoying it I guess. :S

Alright let me intro two of my friends, they were both new friends of mine. :))
So, this will be the second hang-out with Abby and first one with Kevin. :P

After first hang-out with Abby, we then added each other on facebook, I guess all of you did.
To be honest, we didn't even talked to each other on the first met, guess it due to clubbing which what I'm not really into it. 
Talking with her on facebook and getting to know, and she ask for movie out!
So, planned the time and date.
Yeah, and Kevin coming along with us. 

We then decided to go for Suria Sabah shopping mall for the 3D movie.
The time we arrived there was still very early and so we go for dinner first!

We standing in the middle of the mall and choosing what to eat and at final decision - Shabu Shabu! XD


That's three of us! :D

We chosen the set for three person!
Three choices of soups!
Picnikcollage-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Looks fresh! :P

Imma start cooking. mwahahaha!! 

Heeee.. so in the mood of cam-whoring? 


Oops! That's what we do while eating.
I mean after eat maybe? XD
Kevin is very fun guy I can say.
He pose accordingly as what Abby asked him to!
Cute aye?
Well am having fun with them!

DSC00550-2.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
Those moments was so happy. :))
Peace anyone? :P

Tummy full already, so its time to pay the bill!
The big brother Kevin paid for it. :D

After filled our hungry tum-tums, there's actually still have another 40minutes before our movie started.
Sooooo, we walked around and I spotted this place!!!
Heee.. :D

I wanna play with the little submarine! :P
Abby and Kevin looking at me and I guess you guys know how was they react?
Anyway, Kevin was being so nice and get some tokens for me to play!
I get inside and PLAY!
It's FUN you know with the music played.
Guess some of you watched this video in my facebook's profile.

Err.. I'm just enjoying myself to kill the whale that keep attacking my submarine!
And I WON okay! :P

After that we go for "shooting" game, gosh I was shocked by the sound effect actually!
Both Abby and Kevin laughing so hard when they saw me shoot only the leg part of the armies!
I don't kill people okay? It's scary!! 
DSC00564-2.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
So, Abby going to shoot Kevin!

So, no more Kevin.
I "killed" Abby.


I felt guilty and I've decided to kill myself too.

Nah... kidding peeps! :P

Time for movie!
We get popcorns and drinks for ourselves before enter the cinema hall. :)

Heeeee... :))
Still have time for cam-whoring! XD
We looked cool with the 3D glass right? *LOL*


After the movie, we actually went to meet some other friends and hang out at Upperstar till quite late.
That's the time I enjoyed my Chocolate Smoothieeeeeeeeeeee.
(Love it.)

Thanks for the fun, Abby!
Thanks for the treats, Kevin!
Thanks for the company! =D


elai’s haven

8826_1219125750643_1003879649_705729_2787120_n.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Many people saw this picture and thought that this is my daughter.
How do you think? *lol*
She is my little sister Haylie! :)

Today she is officially 1 year old!
I am so happy with it!

DSC00593.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Happy Birthday to sis Haylie! <3

Poor lil Haylie still having flu and feverish.
Anyway, I've made special order Marble Cheesecake for her.
[ Not from any cake house but homemade one! :p ]

The moment I arrived home just now, I take her and yea celebrate it with her first! :p
While others busy with preparation. 

DSC00596.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Her cake with 1 candle on it. ^^

She still do not know how to blow candle so I'm the one who blow it. *mwahaha*
Time to cut the cake.
She wanted to cut it by herself, but of course we all know it's going to turn "disaster" if let her do it her own. XD

DSC00601.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

She is mad as other people cut it on behalf of her. *LOL*

DSC00603.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Glad that she loves the cake. 
*nyum nyum*

DSC00595.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Dear sister Haylie, 

We love you so much.
Happy birthday to you and yea there will be a belated birthday party for you soon.
As long as you recover soon. <3

Sis Haylie love to dance and whenever she heard the song "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga is play, she will start shaking her lil butt and dancing around there. Cute aye? :)
She now know how to say "Momma" and "Ddy"
She can walk and trying to run.
She know how to pose when saw the cam. XD

[ P/S: Anyone on facebook? May add her at Haylie Ng May Ying. :) ]
Okay I know I'm kinda late about this event!
As I only know about it last month! Oops.
It's not that I'm not aware of this event but am just been too busy. *lol*

But I do know the last year's winner !!

Stella Matilda from Sabah!

So, now it is near to final round of Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010.

As you can see through the logo above, it's for BORNEO which is meant for Sabahans and Sarawakians.
Why on earth am blog about this event?
Okie, no it's not me who the one participating in it. haha!

Top 10 finalist.

The main point here is my junior coursemate, Chloe Lee Mei Tchuin!

She's one of the participants and in final round as well! :D

A lil info about her. *wink wink*

** NO. 6 **
 Piano Player & Singer
 I am always cheerful, positive and are open for constructive ideas to improve myself.
 Age : 22 years
 Height : 168 cm
 Vital stats : 36-29-37

Hot chicks in Sabah! XD

She said:

Remember to sms vote for me using Tune Talk by typing MSB06 and send to 13105! Thanks lots! xoxo!

Wondering how to vote?
Check it out at HERE

Further info about this pageant at HERE!

[ P/S: Watcha waiting for? Quick! Vote for her!!! =D
I know you guys been thinking what kind of company I've been working for all this while.
Too many weirdo things? *lol*

There's one of those days and one of the client brought a plastic of stink beans, or it is well known as "Petai" in malay. :)
Ms Chang was so happy and yea since none of us in the office eat it, she took it ALL.
The boss not around and we're all quiet free that time, Ms Chang then start peeling it.

DSC00505.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

The stink beans.

DSC00513.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Ms Chang peeling and took out the beans. :)

DSC00507.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

I didn't take it but just making fun with it. :P

DSC00509.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

With Ella.

DSC00508.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

With Olivia.
I've learnt how to peel it and kinda fun actually. XD
After we saw Ms Chang eat it raw, and she told us that it is yummy.
Olivia and I give it a try, and hell no! Just a small bite is enough to make me vomit!
Goodness!! The smell!!! :S
Olivia seem okay with it but she can't even swallow it. LOL!
Jessica tried and she quickly drink water.
Ms Chang still continue eating that time.  @.@

DSC00506.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
It looked fresh actually.
I think if eat it with sambal belacan, maybe I still can take it.
Raw?  Can't take it at all!

Guess what?
After few minutes, the whole office smell stink!
Oh gawd! I rather they don't even speak a word!
We sprayed the whole office and afraid of boss coming back that time.


I did this when Jessica come and talk to me.
The smells only gone after 30minutes. :S
I don't think I will eat it when am outside. HAHA!!
Wondering what's with the post title?
It is something to do with my two besties -Annie & Vic.

Annie now at hometown and Vic going back hometown as well.
Vic is now finally finished with her study and just have to wait for the result. *yay*
Both Annie and I know you can do it! *hugs*

4595_1157831698330_1003879649_48571.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Let's back to the topic...
( only part of our conversations )

A: Girl, you really don't want date anyone anymore after J ah?
V: Yea lor! Why stay single for so long?!
C: =.= Why suddenly talk about that pula?
A: Yea la, if last time see you happy happy ma, after that not that happy already. OK la, maybe there is some in between, but those were just silly one buzzing you only, don't even need to bother or count it. 
C: Err.. Am I not happy right now? =.= 
V: Haizzz.. Carol! You know what we mean! Almost one year already worr.
A: Yea almost one year already! Don't you think it's enough and time for you to open your heart for other?
C: Err.. I didn't close my heart also what. LOL! Lets talk about Vic, she also single what! heee. . :P
A: Vic? That one nothing to talk about. Well, we know her very well... XD
V: Nothing special to talk about ok? Me used to single already, unlike this little girl! urgh!
A: We all know her in love is only 3-minutes heat one. So, tak hairan if broke up even after few hours. Macam tak biasa!  LOL!
C: HAHAHAHAHA!! Ooooh okie. Got it!
V: No! Guys only want sex and its full of lust!
A: If you're making love with someone you love, then it is wonderful and therefore its not lust!
C: =.= stop arguing la.. (speechless)
A: Vic ba! Don't try to corrupt Carol's mind eh! Later she single more longer!
V: Ok ok! It's only applied on me.
C: LOL! Girls, love is still neutral to me. hahaha! XD am okie la. No one want me, wait till got people want me then I tell you girls kay?? *LOL*
A: hahahahaha!! Vic's reaction so big!
C: heeeee.. :3 change topic la wei.. You both will be the first two person to know when am with someone kay? XD Topic closed. So, not missing hubby already ah you?? :P

Time flies really fast aye?
Didn't realized it.
Anyway, having someone with you is great but you know it's not as easy as you thought. :)

16642_1248181397016_1003879649_7949.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Love my bestie for their care. <3
Nothing wrong to be in singlehood what! XD
Am not desperate in getting a boyfie and ended up broke up again though.
I overheard conversation between mom and the nanny few days ago.
It was quite shocking to me actually, its worse when the nanny start tearing. :(
She actually wanted to apply few days leaves starting this Monday. 

The reason?
Her son was working in Labuan.
Her son often go clubbing with colleagues or with some other friends at night at there.
Just so you know that, clubbing at there very cheap and great too!
The only night life you can find at there was pubs and clubs! No such thing as movie at cinema.

So, there's one night after clubbing on last few months, her son accidentally knocked someone and that person is died. The moment I heard it, its really terrified me! That's when the nanny start tearing. :(
Fortunately, his son did not just drive away, he went to police station and admitted his crime.
His boss willing to pay for the bail and then transfered him back to KK's branch at here.
The son didn't even tell his parents about the whole thing until last week.

He told them that he needed their help to attend the court.
He needed them to show their medical report so that the judges will only pass less sentence on him.
He wanted to appeal so that the court will not give him dead sentence as he have to take care of his parents.
Which parent in this world willing to see their child end up their life in prison?
None, right?
The nanny and husband going to help him no matter what.

To be frank, am not quite sure if this is going to work for them, as this is involved someone's life.
But, knowing that her son admitted his crime to the police on that night, am going to pray for their lucks too.
Crime is still a crime, just hope that he will not getting dead sentence.

[ P/S : Do always remember your loved ones in doing anything. :) ]
I had chat session with Merryn last night.
Chat... Chat... Chat...

She was AWOL for the previous few days and she did mention to me in twitter DM.
I haven't asked what happened and she didn't online already, I wanted to call her but afraid that she is really busy with something.
That is why am so happy to see she back! =D

I asked her what happened and she said that her mental meltdown.
I then asked how come and she answered me that she got too many bfs!
Here it goes...

I've told her that I don't have any bf.
She don't believe and said that "lelong" me sure very fast sold one!
So, I said if put cheap cheap sure very fast sold out one!

" I start with 1 cent. *lol* each time the hammer knocks.. increase 1 million, cheap ah? " - Merryn

( Oops.. cannot tell the rest of our conversations as kinda embarrassing! XD )

Chat... Chat... Chat...
Me TER-sleep!

Merryn and Foong continued in twitterville!
Please read it from the bottom to the top yeaa! :)

TWEET03-1.png picture by Kawaiirol


TWEET01-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

I woke up this morning and realized myself fell asleep while chatting and tweeting with them, read all what they tweeted about, I just don't know if I should laugh or mad! *LOL*

By the way, what's they've said there is so true!
I was chatting with my lappy in bed and that's why very easy fell asleep!
I guess foong experienced it few times already! LOL
Should I say this panda and submarine knows me well and I should be proud of it?!


- Foongc -

His panda's butt too itchy and keep cari gaduh with me!
He always tease me do not know how to cook!
I am being so nice to call him as PM(Prime Minister), but he changed it and called himself as PM=Panda Minister and called me as PM=Pengsan Minister! WTH?!
FYI, Pengsan=Faint.
He bid me for half cent only!
Anyone can bid higher than him so that he's not going to be my owner? LMAO!

- Merryn -

Merryn said she sayang Foong more than me!
See! That panda steal Merryn from me! XD
No one want me already. sobs!
If me only worth half cent, Ethan also can join and I rather he take me! :p

- Eric Lee -

This pig used to be the person who teased me a lot!
Correction: actually till now..
He said that he sayang me. XD
I don't believe and say he only bluff me one!
Then today he texted me telling me that "Sayang me is real one. Pearl also not that real. " LMAO!
Oh he forced to tweet that I don't sayang him but forgot to do it, so let me blog about it! : p
He forced me to say that I don't sayang him!

Alright, not going to tell more.
Conclusion is... I sayang all of them!
Foongpc is now my brother worr, he calling me as "jie jie"! : )
Merryn is so nice and can LOL with me always n comfort me when am sad, how can tak sayang her?!
Eric is so nice for giving me permission to cari gaduh with him and he so sayang me, of course have to sayang him lar! : )
Although I know both dudes same boat with Merryn, still sayang three of them! *hugs*

[ P/S : Foong, please don't think am obsessed with you just like here! : p You guys may click it and read how "evil" is this panda to me all this while! *LOL* ]