Wonderful? Shucks?

Wondering what's with the post title?
It is something to do with my two besties -Annie & Vic.

Annie now at hometown and Vic going back hometown as well.
Vic is now finally finished with her study and just have to wait for the result. *yay*
Both Annie and I know you can do it! *hugs*

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Let's back to the topic...
( only part of our conversations )

A: Girl, you really don't want date anyone anymore after J ah?
V: Yea lor! Why stay single for so long?!
C: =.= Why suddenly talk about that pula?
A: Yea la, if last time see you happy happy ma, after that not that happy already. OK la, maybe there is some in between, but those were just silly one buzzing you only, don't even need to bother or count it. 
C: Err.. Am I not happy right now? =.= 
V: Haizzz.. Carol! You know what we mean! Almost one year already worr.
A: Yea almost one year already! Don't you think it's enough and time for you to open your heart for other?
C: Err.. I didn't close my heart also what. LOL! Lets talk about Vic, she also single what! heee. . :P
A: Vic? That one nothing to talk about. Well, we know her very well... XD
V: Nothing special to talk about ok? Me used to single already, unlike this little girl! urgh!
A: We all know her in love is only 3-minutes heat one. So, tak hairan if broke up even after few hours. Macam tak biasa!  LOL!
C: HAHAHAHAHA!! Ooooh okie. Got it!
V: No! Guys only want sex and its full of lust!
A: If you're making love with someone you love, then it is wonderful and therefore its not lust!
C: =.= stop arguing la.. (speechless)
A: Vic ba! Don't try to corrupt Carol's mind eh! Later she single more longer!
V: Ok ok! It's only applied on me.
C: LOL! Girls, love is still neutral to me. hahaha! XD am okie la. No one want me, wait till got people want me then I tell you girls kay?? *LOL*
A: hahahahaha!! Vic's reaction so big!
C: heeeee.. :3 change topic la wei.. You both will be the first two person to know when am with someone kay? XD Topic closed. So, not missing hubby already ah you?? :P

Time flies really fast aye?
Didn't realized it.
Anyway, having someone with you is great but you know it's not as easy as you thought. :)

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Love my bestie for their care. <3
Nothing wrong to be in singlehood what! XD
Am not desperate in getting a boyfie and ended up broke up again though.


  1. Single one year already complain?
    I single for more than 10 years already. XD

    Single life has it's pros and cons and so do having a dating life. :P

  2. @Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan LOL! dunno them. wei i never complaint bout it also wat. hahaha!

  3. hehe being single means u have more freedom!! ;)

  4. :D u r single meh? so many other piggies in the mud.. u dunno which to choose only!

  5. @Merryn Haiya... got so many piggies, but none want me oso cannot choose one la! XD

  6. Your Mr Right will surface when the time is right. ;)

  7. omg....so many things i can argue over here....but i shall refrain myself from offending anyone here...XD

  8. Still young...have fun. No need to get hooked to one - all the restrictions, no freedom to enjoy... Ample time for all that boring stuff when you've settled down and got married...

  9. interesting topic...use to be a consultant in relationship last time...

    anyway, take ur time to hunt or to be hunted and slowly settle down...enjoy ur singlehood first.

  10. @vialentino hahaha!! seriously? LOL! well i didnt bother bout that la. got then got lor, no then no lor. :)

  11. hehe, now i know what girls talk are like..

  12. anyway, you are still young mah.. still got lots of youth to wait~~ haha!! :D

  13. but well, can't be so desperate for love.. it has to be your destiny, when it comes it will come.. :)

  14. LOL @ guys only wan sex ha ha.. eh not all guys like dat.. I hope u and ur friends will find ut true love soon..hang in there ladies! :)

  15. Yeah, just relax... no need worry yet.

  16. I agree with you Caroline, there's no rush to be tied down. Singlehood is not to be frown upon but to be rejoiced. ^^

    Only when you're ready and you've found your other half and both of you are committed into the relationship, then you get hitched and begin another beautiful phase in your life with your partner. ;)

    Till then, just enjoy the moment and have fun, darling! No worries. :D

  17. Yay! to singlehood....oppps, I am married, ha ha ha!

  18. I totally agree that you need to take your time and enjoy life. When the time is right you will find that special someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Dont rush because if you do then it will not last long and you will be hungering for something else or someone else. Not all men just want sex. It is just part of what makes life pleasant. Take care sweet lady.

  19. A lot of guys also will only make love to the ones they love. Dunno why girls tend to think we can fu*k with anyone lol~

  20. actually hor...now i believe when 3 girls mixed together....the topic will be very geng and habis ler...many garam and sugar added into the topic...hehehe

  21. @[SK]
    ahahaha!!! SK! this is only part of it! :P no worry cz am not rushing in this. =D

  22. @Mariuca thnx yea! haha! dnt worry am still ok wit that statement. XD

  23. @Erika Toh thnx darling! dnt worry as i said, am no rush n worry on this. :D u too k? *hugs*

  24. @Kelvin HAHAHAHA!! dont la marah k?? hehehe.. dats jz one of my bestie's opinion ma. :D

  25. @vialentino mwahahaha!! but horr, from wat i noe, guys or mens talk more kao kao one d story, not only garam n gula added, other spices oso included!! LOL