One of those days...

... when am with them.

Started working in the company was great...
I still remember the first colleague that close to me was Jessica.

Before I am officially leave this company, I just wanted to enjoy my working life as I can.
Most of you surely know already the reason am leaving. :)
It is for something good!

I remembered there's one of those days when I was craving for laksa and colleagues brought me over there.
It is weird actually as it has been ages long since my last time eat laksa as I rarely eat spicy food.
So, gotta thanks to Ms Chang for bringing me to eat one of the best Kuching Laksa and made me fall in love with it.

DSC00449.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

- Jessica -

DSC00447.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

- Olivia -
I hope I can attend her wedding next year!
Her boyfie and herself been treating me so nice and just like a big bro n sis to me. :3

DSC00451.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Do you believe both them were on diet and going to share that one bowl of Laksa? :P

DSC00452.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Haha! Our Kuching Laksa. 

DSC00456.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Indeed, it is yummy.

DSC00461.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

The best colleague ever.
Working together with Ms Chang is fun actually.
When both us was stressed due to our account job, she will suggest "great" lunch for both of us! xD

DSC00462.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

With Jessica.
She ever did something hurt me, yet I know nobody is perfect in this world.
Forgive and forget? Or maybe because I myself forgive people very easily?

[ P/S: I prefer study pressure more compare to work pressure. :) ]


  1. Well... I dont like pressure.. I prefer Pleasure more... LMAO :P

  2. good to further your studies, and then come back with more knowledge..

  3. study pressure?? oh, does studying have any pressure at all compared to working life?? haha :D

  4. so now really enjoying your remaining days in the company before leaving la?? relax only right?? :p

  5. i guess sure you will miss your colleagues when you left the company.. it's very common, and especially those close ones, sure you'll still be keeping in touch..

  6. dun ike spicy food? miss out a lot of good food lo...XD

  7. @Merryn cheh everyone prefer pleasure one la! wat la u!

  8. @[SK]
    yea its gud to continue study! hehehe! yea surely will miss them. :( eh study oso got pressure one lor, meeting assignment dateline leh? exam ler? =(

  9. @Eric Lee CHEH! nemind la! its not like all gud food is spicy wat! hmph u pig ma, everything oso can de lor. mwahahaha

  10. it is really great to have people you can really call friends. I admire you for forgiving people easily. Enjoy your weekend caroline ;)

  11. ohhh... talking about laksa... i miss the laksa back in kk, singapore and my friend's place in kl... still looking for a good place for laksa ard my place now! have a good sunday ya! :)

    The CleverMunkey

  12. Wah! KK has Kuching laksa kah. Looks nice! You going to study? Where? In KK...or elsewhere? Keep in touch!

  13. I prefer working. I hate to study. Feel like sleeping every time I study! LOL!!

  14. I agree with Merryn, I prefer pleasure more than pressure. Hahahaha!!

  15. ceh...just because u dun eat spicy food and i eat then doesn't mean i what also can...XD and u dun eat malay food...tsk tsk tsk...another great loss...XD

  16. OMG...your laksa is a killer lar... Eh, your blog can become a food blog like KY Speaks lor... XP

  17. @_el@i_ yes elai. I just cudnt take it if put grudge as its hurts ownself too. :)

  18. @HenRy LeE ® oooh singapore one damn nice right! T.T nemind slowly find the best one! hehe same to u yea! =D

  19. @foongpc me easy feeling sleepy if at work! sobs. T.T

  20. @suituapui here a lot Sarawak Laksa! but me dont really like laksa till i found this one! heee. :3 yup KL thr. hehe sure will keep in touch with u! u so cute worr!

  21. @Erika Toh ahhh mine not qualified yet, witch's one very qualified. haha! :D

  22. @Eric Lee cheh so wat la! hmph! i still cn et some of them oso wat! :P