Something "SWEET" for 'em!

I had chat session with Merryn last night.
Chat... Chat... Chat...

She was AWOL for the previous few days and she did mention to me in twitter DM.
I haven't asked what happened and she didn't online already, I wanted to call her but afraid that she is really busy with something.
That is why am so happy to see she back! =D

I asked her what happened and she said that her mental meltdown.
I then asked how come and she answered me that she got too many bfs!
Here it goes...

I've told her that I don't have any bf.
She don't believe and said that "lelong" me sure very fast sold one!
So, I said if put cheap cheap sure very fast sold out one!

" I start with 1 cent. *lol* each time the hammer knocks.. increase 1 million, cheap ah? " - Merryn

( Oops.. cannot tell the rest of our conversations as kinda embarrassing! XD )

Chat... Chat... Chat...
Me TER-sleep!

Merryn and Foong continued in twitterville!
Please read it from the bottom to the top yeaa! :)

TWEET03-1.png picture by Kawaiirol


TWEET01-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

I woke up this morning and realized myself fell asleep while chatting and tweeting with them, read all what they tweeted about, I just don't know if I should laugh or mad! *LOL*

By the way, what's they've said there is so true!
I was chatting with my lappy in bed and that's why very easy fell asleep!
I guess foong experienced it few times already! LOL
Should I say this panda and submarine knows me well and I should be proud of it?!


- Foongc -

His panda's butt too itchy and keep cari gaduh with me!
He always tease me do not know how to cook!
I am being so nice to call him as PM(Prime Minister), but he changed it and called himself as PM=Panda Minister and called me as PM=Pengsan Minister! WTH?!
FYI, Pengsan=Faint.
He bid me for half cent only!
Anyone can bid higher than him so that he's not going to be my owner? LMAO!

- Merryn -

Merryn said she sayang Foong more than me!
See! That panda steal Merryn from me! XD
No one want me already. sobs!
If me only worth half cent, Ethan also can join and I rather he take me! :p

- Eric Lee -

This pig used to be the person who teased me a lot!
Correction: actually till now..
He said that he sayang me. XD
I don't believe and say he only bluff me one!
Then today he texted me telling me that "Sayang me is real one. Pearl also not that real. " LMAO!
Oh he forced to tweet that I don't sayang him but forgot to do it, so let me blog about it! : p
He forced me to say that I don't sayang him!

Alright, not going to tell more.
Conclusion is... I sayang all of them!
Foongpc is now my brother worr, he calling me as "jie jie"! : )
Merryn is so nice and can LOL with me always n comfort me when am sad, how can tak sayang her?!
Eric is so nice for giving me permission to cari gaduh with him and he so sayang me, of course have to sayang him lar! : )
Although I know both dudes same boat with Merryn, still sayang three of them! *hugs*

[ P/S : Foong, please don't think am obsessed with you just like here! : p You guys may click it and read how "evil" is this panda to me all this while! *LOL* ]


  1. eleh...i saw PIG!!!!!! after 12 summore =______=

    eh...where got i force u? jangan simply fitnah saja...i good guy...XD *evil grins*

    how come foong call u "jie jie"??? means he more budak than u? LMAO

  2. @Eric Lee wei that one used to be ma! hmph! whoaa denying la now? need me to take picture of ur text to me or not? elelele! foong? he perasan himself young ma thr, mwahaha!! try ask him! LOL

  3. Woi! I never TER-sleep in bed! And never TER-sleep with my laptop still on. Don't simply cakap ah, jie jie! Haha!

    Still LMAO at mandi 1 hour! and almost burning down the kitchen while cooking!! HAHAHA!!!

  4. Eric, I am sweet 16 going 17, so of course call Caroline jie jie lah. LOL!!

  5. Aiyo, why are you so obsessed with me? Hahaha!! Where got evil? I'm such a nice panda!! Merryn can be my witness! LOL!!

  6. Eh, why the rest of the conversation with Merryn censored oredy? I am the censorship board - Quick! Pass the whole conversation to me for approval! Muahaha!!

  7. @foongpc wei lil bro! i didnt say u TER-watsoever la! What i meant thr is u kena few times dy when chatting with me, i fell asleep la! yish this budak ah!

    eh dont laugh thr! u oso wat! 1 hour 15mins summore! :P duhh almost only ma, not for real also! XD

  8. @foongpc WTH?! Whr got jie jie obsessed with lil bro one? =.= ok la, not evil lar.. just NAUGHTY la! this one sure very ngam one! xD

    Eh dat one between adults only, budak kecil cannot read! LMAO!

  9. Panda, u go n call this budak 'jie jie' for wat? to be called 'jie jie' must got qualifications one u know. She where got qualify! she's more like... err.. wat ah? *Pig jie*? LMAO...

  10. Eric loves u .. eh.. sayang u coz u r as PIG as him.. period, nuff said!

  11. ok.. i wan to comment further but i need to go 1U now.. and just to let u know, I have loads of 1 cents for Ethan but Ethan said he'll give them to Panda so Panda can be ur new owner! :P

  12. I can easily sayang Eric more than YOU! woooot!

    u know he loves eating spaghetti with mussels in white sauce? so u better learn how to cook THAT! LOL.... Eric!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. @Merryn eh! so jahat! am qualified dy! n he cannot take back his words dy! so must call me jie jie! :p woi wat Pig Jie?! T.T

    mwahaha!!! i whr got as pig as him!

  14. @Merryn woi!!! this is UNFAIR!!!!! Y sayang him so easily?! Me how!? sobs!! Cheh he love to eat dat then his business! Nothing to do with me oso wat! hmph! XP

    Yerrr!!! Don't want!! How can lil bro own me one?! Ethan!!!!!!!!! T.T

  15. Gosh! They are so boring...that you chatted till you fell asleep! Muahahahahaha!!!! Namind! They so bad want to lelong you, I go and buy! STP tetap sayang u one! Wink! Wink! LOL!!

  16. @suituapui yay!!! STP wants me!!! hooray!! =D so happy dy!! :p

  17. @Caroline Ng May Ling hahahaa no needtake picture of it...not necessary =3

  18. @foongpc sweet 16 going 17? i thought carol tak sampai that? XD gawd...she's soooo gonna kill me!!! XD

  19. @Merryn I am proud to say that I'm HALAL since i got quite some malay frens that can mingle with me...I must not be a pig then...XD

  20. @Caroline Ng May Ling because I'm sooooooooo lovable!!! that's why she so easy sayang me!! jangan jealous... ngek ngek ngek ngek XD

  21. @Merryn LMAO HAHAHAHA XD mussels in white sauce again?? I prefer abalone le...LMAO

    caroline wun cook for me wan becoz when she do, pigs will fly...XD

  22. LOL! they are so funny, caroline. foong and merry, i mean. and they are talking behind your back while you were fast asleep. LOL. you're so cheap la. lelong is bid, right? and you're worth 1 cent only? Too bad, I wasn't online, would have lelong too. hahaha

  23. @Eric Lee WTH?! me tak sampai that?! am goin to be 21 okay!!! yea after i finish with this comments sure will kill u!!

  24. @Eric Lee wei only foods oso banyak macam la u ! hmph! my cook so special, of course not for u!!!

  25. Yeah! You guys are really, really active in twitter ville. :)

  26. @Eric Lee LOVABLE ur head!!! hmph!!! she syg me too!!! HMPH!!

  27. @_el@i_ YEA!! DEY ARE SO MEAN! sobs! T.T foong down bid me to half cent! sobs!

  28. @Tekkaus HAHA yea especially that panda! mwahaha!!

  29. Lol @ "T.T foong down bid me to half cent! sobs!" Got such thing one ar? lol... habis!

    ppl bid go up, urs go down..ROTFLMAO.

    yeah lah yeah lah.. me sayang u lah. after all u are only a year older than ethan! can be his playmate :P

  30. @Merryn not meh? he said half cent only ! sobs! walao weh! since when i only a year older than ethan? if like dat, then foong how old la?! LOL

  31. hahhaha so funny la u all! :D

  32. ohh so this is the "Something "SWEET" for 'em!" okok :D

  33. Foong is a decade younger than ME! eh... dat means sama macam YOU lah! but wait.. YOU are one animal circle younger than me! Complicated nyer... how do i fit Eric in here???

  34. i know foongpc and merryn ... yeah...very nice person indeed ... it is good to have this friends around u.

  35. @Monica haha actually wanna do some SWEET REVENGE one! hahaha

  36. @Merryn hmph hmph! like dat one meh?! eric older than me!! hahaha