Fun Time with Abby and Kevin!

It has been quite a long time I didn't hang out with some friends huh?
Hehe. Nahh am just being way too busy in life instead of enjoying it I guess. :S

Alright let me intro two of my friends, they were both new friends of mine. :))
So, this will be the second hang-out with Abby and first one with Kevin. :P

After first hang-out with Abby, we then added each other on facebook, I guess all of you did.
To be honest, we didn't even talked to each other on the first met, guess it due to clubbing which what I'm not really into it. 
Talking with her on facebook and getting to know, and she ask for movie out!
So, planned the time and date.
Yeah, and Kevin coming along with us. 

We then decided to go for Suria Sabah shopping mall for the 3D movie.
The time we arrived there was still very early and so we go for dinner first!

We standing in the middle of the mall and choosing what to eat and at final decision - Shabu Shabu! XD


That's three of us! :D

We chosen the set for three person!
Three choices of soups!
Picnikcollage-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Looks fresh! :P

Imma start cooking. mwahahaha!! 

Heeee.. so in the mood of cam-whoring? 


Oops! That's what we do while eating.
I mean after eat maybe? XD
Kevin is very fun guy I can say.
He pose accordingly as what Abby asked him to!
Cute aye?
Well am having fun with them!

DSC00550-2.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
Those moments was so happy. :))
Peace anyone? :P

Tummy full already, so its time to pay the bill!
The big brother Kevin paid for it. :D

After filled our hungry tum-tums, there's actually still have another 40minutes before our movie started.
Sooooo, we walked around and I spotted this place!!!
Heee.. :D

I wanna play with the little submarine! :P
Abby and Kevin looking at me and I guess you guys know how was they react?
Anyway, Kevin was being so nice and get some tokens for me to play!
I get inside and PLAY!
It's FUN you know with the music played.
Guess some of you watched this video in my facebook's profile.

Err.. I'm just enjoying myself to kill the whale that keep attacking my submarine!
And I WON okay! :P

After that we go for "shooting" game, gosh I was shocked by the sound effect actually!
Both Abby and Kevin laughing so hard when they saw me shoot only the leg part of the armies!
I don't kill people okay? It's scary!! 
DSC00564-2.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
So, Abby going to shoot Kevin!

So, no more Kevin.
I "killed" Abby.


I felt guilty and I've decided to kill myself too.

Nah... kidding peeps! :P

Time for movie!
We get popcorns and drinks for ourselves before enter the cinema hall. :)

Heeeee... :))
Still have time for cam-whoring! XD
We looked cool with the 3D glass right? *LOL*


After the movie, we actually went to meet some other friends and hang out at Upperstar till quite late.
That's the time I enjoyed my Chocolate Smoothieeeeeeeeeeee.
(Love it.)

Thanks for the fun, Abby!
Thanks for the treats, Kevin!
Thanks for the company! =D


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  1. hey caroline! it really feels great to hang up with friends. you're post makes me wish i'm closer with my friends so we could hang up more frequently

  2. @_el@i_ wow! FC!! hehe yea i love hang out with friends! its fun! :D

  3. wow, looks like a fun day out with your friends leh.. all look so happy in the photo..

  4. that shabu-shabu looks nice leh.. but how come got instant noodles so funny one?? haha~~

  5. hmph...chocolate smoothie summore!! XD

  6. yay! FC. thanks, caroline! the food looks yummy-licious it made me hungry.

  7. @[SK]hahaha!! yup yup! very very fun! :D

  8. @[SK]err me oso dunno! haha but its yummy! XD

  9. @_el@i_ hehe welcome! :D ok next time i bring u eat together ok? :P

  10. bad 0o..=D
    next time bring mi along ya..=D

  11. @Anonymous ehem2! who is this?? Wendy?? Mandy?? Leave ur name ba! XD

  12. A fun day's out with new frens.. Nice!:P

  13. It looks like you had a great time with your friend Caroline. That is always good to be able to chill with friends. You look great in the pics also. Take care my friend.

  14. @BillHaha! yes had a great time with them! :D Thnx Bill! u too okie? :D

  15. wah....nice to see all ur cam whore pics...kevin is funny and good in posing lah...must be u both influence him one ler!

  16. Wah, nice food and nice companion!

  17. Wah! The 2 of you = 1 Kevin. Ya...fat people always full of fun, nice to be me! Hehehehehe!!! Btw, how much per person - that Shabu2? Looks good...

  18. @vialentino HAHAH!! ehhh where got!! abby d one asking him to pose worrr. XD

  19. @Peteyea!! next time u come n join us k?? XD

  20. @suituapui sure sure!! next time sure will have fun with u!! :D err that one we took a set for 3 person one = RM88 . hehe but side dish n drinks different price la. :D

  21. everything looks really fresh.. :D

  22. You seem to enjoy your friends company. Go girl.

    I'm just not fond of Shabu Shabu. Maybe because I don't know how to cook. I just can't get the right taste. LOL!

  23. @Gee Hehehe yeap! ;) u shud try it one day! :D