Girls loves tons of stuff includes shoes and heels! So am I! As an ordinary girl, I do love shoes and heels too! It has been quite sometime I stumbled upon this website - - shoe heaven indeed! I love those wedges and heels on this site very much! For those who close to me enough, I do love wearing heels very much but somehow quite reluctant to wear it for I always afraid I will become taller than my boyfie? ( That's how silly I can be! )

Sweet Pink Shoe Box -
The boyfie been such a darling the next day I back from KK, went for dimsum in the morning and shopping for heels after that. I was quite disappointed to see there's not much choices at Charles & Keith outlet at Sunway Pyramid. I took my phone and called if I could actually visit 's shop, and yes! I was rather happy and excited to see what's in the store!
It's the 7th day of Chinese New Year and here am I to wish everyone Happy Birthday! I believe some of you have resume work on the 4th of CNY and some still enjoying their last day of holiday and sad to resume work tomorrow. As much as I wish to extend my days at KK, I do love seeing everyone back at KL here. Back to the early of the month, I was so happy get invited by Ken to go for the soft launch of Din Tai Fung at E@Curve. 

With open kitchen concept and simple yet classy decor, serve the world famous xiao long bao that would guarantee individual satisfaction! Being xiao long bao (steamed dumpling), yours truly definitely one of the most happy girls at that day! On that day itself, we get to try and enjoyed each of dishes in the menu that left me well stuffed with the good foods!
Let's welcome the year of Water Dragon!

Just so you know that I'm back at KK since the last Thursday! There's no way for me not to be back early to have hearty reunion dinner with the family members. Again, it's always good to be home for me - get to eat my favorite foods and well rested from the busy works.

If you're wondering who am I referring to at here, he is none other than my boyfie - Eric. His birthday falls on the last Wednesday ( 11th Jan ) and it feels so great that we could celebrate it together! Just like Lionel's, Mei Yee's, Foong's and my birthday, we're all get surprised birthday celebration. Obviously, there's one for Eric too! I had to admit that it was really hard to plan a surprise birthday for him, not just because we're always together most of the time, but also because I'm shucks in acting? *LOL* When I was whatsapp-ing with the both Foong and Mei Yee, it was seriously scared me that what if he saw the messages? This time, I invited Benjamin to tag along in the plan too, so can you imagine how to keep the secret when you are busy whatsapp-ing with few people at time? 

Happy Birthday to Eric. :)
I was consider myself a bit safe as the actual meet-up actually planned by Eric himself and I just took advantage on the meet-up and planned with others for his birthday. Everything was quite last minute but I am truly satisfied as he himself did not realized at all and most importantly, he was HAPPY on that day! I even had to purposely had to drag the time to leave the home as Hungry Hog is quite near to our place and the person who bringing the cake not reaching there yet. Needless to say that, Eric even say me for being late.
It is less than two weeks time and we are approaching the Year of the Dragon! I myself could not wait till the next Thursday to be back hometown again as it is a must to be there for family reunion dinner. Other than Christmas, Chinese New Year is another festive that I always love for it's not the matter of getting angpow (red packet money) but also where all the relatives from all over will gather around as family to celebrate the festival! The more the merrier and that's what I love the most. 

Sushi Tei ( Tropicana City Mall )
This year, I had a chance to lou sang with bunch of peeps at the Sushi Tei, Tropicana City Mall. We were there to sample their Premium Yee Sang  - Yee Sang that comes with the normal condiments, fresh premium Salmon and Maguro as well as the fresh prawns cubes - look at how premium is that! 
It's not that I am neglecting my blog because am busy but it is due to am down with flu, fever, coughing and yes still a lil unwell now. Somehow, it's totally bringing myself down as I was sick during the Christmas and New Year, to be sick during the Chinese New Year definitely the last thing I wish for. Though am still with a lil bit coughing, there's no way to miss out the gathering with Jolyn!

Caroline & Jolyn
I've get to know this sweet girl after she visited and dropped her comment in my blog and met her on few events, she's just too cute and sweet to be friend with! I've known her not for long, and thanks much to social network that we could still keep in touch even though she went to UK to further her studies. She will be here for two weeks time and how could you not make some time for her?
Aloha! How did the New Year treating you guys? As for me, I fell sick and now am down with flu and itchy throat caused a lil bit bad appetite which I hope I will get better soon. Ah well, perhaps this is just the right time for me to update my blog? Speaking of which I have not fully cover things I did, places I went, all the foods I had during my Penang trip with Project Penang. Shall we continue visit this Chowrasta Market virtually now?

Chowrasta Market, George Town
The Chowrasta Market ( Pasar Chowrasta ), being a community markets in inner George Town, provides fresh vegetables, fruits, poultry for the locals. Little did I know that the name Chowrasta comes from Urdu, which means "four cross roads". If you realized, it is bordered by Penang Road, Jalan Chowrasta, Jalan Kuala Kangsar and Lebuh Tamil. The Tamils from Kadayanallur in southern India has settled themselves around Chowrasta Market since the mid of 19th century which also the reason why it was known as " Kelinga Ban San ( South Indian Market ) ". It won't be surprised when you see most of the shops run by Tamils by then. 
Bid goodbye to 2011 and welcome the 2012! 

There's so many ups and downs throughout the year of 2011 but am so glad that there's more UPs than DOWNs! I've learned and growing up to be a better person with mature thinking. I am definitely proud of myself for reaching certain milestones in life on the past year. As for this year, I wish for more to come! 

I am free of the past. :)

Photo Courtesy: quotedphotography