Chowrasta Market @ George Town, Penang

Aloha! How did the New Year treating you guys? As for me, I fell sick and now am down with flu and itchy throat caused a lil bit bad appetite which I hope I will get better soon. Ah well, perhaps this is just the right time for me to update my blog? Speaking of which I have not fully cover things I did, places I went, all the foods I had during my Penang trip with Project Penang. Shall we continue visit this Chowrasta Market virtually now?

Chowrasta Market, George Town
The Chowrasta Market ( Pasar Chowrasta ), being a community markets in inner George Town, provides fresh vegetables, fruits, poultry for the locals. Little did I know that the name Chowrasta comes from Urdu, which means "four cross roads". If you realized, it is bordered by Penang Road, Jalan Chowrasta, Jalan Kuala Kangsar and Lebuh Tamil. The Tamils from Kadayanallur in southern India has settled themselves around Chowrasta Market since the mid of 19th century which also the reason why it was known as " Kelinga Ban San ( South Indian Market ) ". It won't be surprised when you see most of the shops run by Tamils by then. 
Stalls along the way
I am not person who fancy to visit the market, especially wet market! Ask me, I barely remember when is the last time since I visit the market. When Khan Khai brought us walk into the Chowrasta Market, I was like.. Ohno! The attempt not to follow was totally failed after we walked into the first shop simply because I could not resist the food.

Poh Piah ( Spring Roll Skin )
Who would actually bother to enter the shop by looking at its exterior? People said, never ever judge a book by its cover. Upon entering the shop, the owner was gladly to show us all the ingredients were mixed, mix everything sounds easy but it was not an easy task I would said. 

Poh Piah Skin in the making
The owner just do not mind to show and share how it done perfectly! For an inexperienced people, it's pretty hard to make all in the same round size. And oh! You just gotta be quick and alert with it as they were all in very thin layer! Kudos to the uncle!  

Homemade Kong Th'ng Poh Piah ( RM1/pc )
I do admit am not really interested with the spring roll skins, and what next attracted me was the homemade Kong Th'ng ( Peanut Barley Candy ). In case you don't know, I love em'! What's interesting here - we're not eating it like that but coated it with the thin layer of spring roll skin. OMGee! It tasted simply yummeh and I don't mind snacking on it anytime! It is only cost you RM 1 for each, what a cheapo!

Spring Roll Skin
Put the Peanut Barley candy before roll it up
Peanut Barley Candy coated with Spring Roll Skin
Poh Piah Sauce ( RM 1.60/box )
There were few types of sauces available too - sweet sauce, black sauce and chili sauce. You could have it with only RM 1.60/box to go along with the spring rolls. I bought few to shared with my group mates and thanks to our group leader for bringing me back to here on the last day to bring back home some! 

Yours truly with the Peanut Barley Candies
If you happened to visit here, why not give it a try and trust me it will become an addiction. The crispy peanut barley candies coated with soft thin layer of spring roll skin, something not to be missed. Even the famous foodie Jason ( from Taste With Jason ) visited here before! Oh! Here's the phone if you would like do some order : 012 - 471 2166 or 012 - 421 6112. 
Framed pictures hang on the walls
While everyone still looking at other stuffs, I went into the next shop selling the nutmeg fruits. I do admit I have never eaten any nutmeg fruits except for dried one. The owner offered me to try all the types of pickled nutmeg fruits which truly enlightened me with the unique taste of it! I am totally have no idea how to describe the taste of it, but it's just either you love it or not, and it's only can be found at Penang!
Pickled Nutmeg fruits

There were so many stalls set up along the road junctions and you can easily find and buy the groceries from the market. Needless to say, the price could be much cheaper if you're a well bargainer! 

Buy and bargain ;)
Peiling, Bgeok and Yours Truly @ Chowrasta Market
It was still quite early and the moment we entered the Chowrasta Market, some of the shops inside it were still closed. I still remember I was a lil bit terrified when KK actually asked them to demo how they killed those chickens! Geez! I dare not open my eyes to witness the process at all!! 

There's a shop that I would say quite interesting for it selling both new and old books at special rate. It is located at the corner which consist of few lots to keep up all the books. If you were to find some old books, this might a great place for you! I spotted some old textbooks and reference books that were used during my secondary time!

Owner opening the shop
As mentioned earlier, the shop is not just selling old books but also the new books. Besides, the shop also buying both old and new textbooks, which I thought it would be easier for people who don't wish to keep their old textbooks as they could sell it to here instead of throwing it away just like what my mom did most of the time. 
Get some read?
Plenty of books!
KK with his book
KK managed to get an old book for his collection on that day. I somehow wish I could have more time to look into those books and perhaps get some novels back. The Chowrasta Market definitely a place worth to visit and also a place where you can venture more be it things and the culture. Strolling along the heritage shop houses definitely something different and do remember bring your camera along for there's so many things to capture along the way. 

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