Sweet Gathering With Jolyn!

It's not that I am neglecting my blog because am busy but it is due to am down with flu, fever, coughing and yes still a lil unwell now. Somehow, it's totally bringing myself down as I was sick during the Christmas and New Year, to be sick during the Chinese New Year definitely the last thing I wish for. Though am still with a lil bit coughing, there's no way to miss out the gathering with Jolyn!

Caroline & Jolyn
I've get to know this sweet girl after she visited and dropped her comment in my blog and met her on few events, she's just too cute and sweet to be friend with! I've known her not for long, and thanks much to social network that we could still keep in touch even though she went to UK to further her studies. She will be here for two weeks time and how could you not make some time for her?
Assam Fish Pasta
Some of us were early and ordered some foods to stuffed our hungry stomach while waiting for the rest to arrive. Eric ordered the Assam Fish Pasta and that's definitely sounds weird to me! It's certainly unlike the ordinary pasta that you have had at other restaurants. I did not give it a try as I can't handle the spiciness but Eric told me that it was quite good and pretty unique in a way. If you're not a fan of Italian food, perhaps this would be something good for you, pasta but in a different way!

Assam Laksa
I opt for the Assam Laksa. I know you would think it's weird to have it at Coffee Chemistry Signature, but I just could not hold myself from missing the delicious Assam Laksa that I have had at Penang. I admit I never fancy any Assam Laksa at KL, not even one! This one is good but... I can't handle the spiciness as well. I love the sourness with a hint of sweetness of the prawn paste, the springy noodle and flavorful sardine broth totally tantalize my taste bud to slurp more and more! 

Caroline, Jolyn & Michelle
Elwyn, Caroline and Jolyn
Jayren & Caroline
Caroline, ChoulYew & Choul Yin
Caroline & Eric
As for today, I enjoyed the company more than the foods! Perhaps, it just too good to see everyone again after quite sometimes. Obviously, everyone enjoyed catching up with each other and had a great time playing the card games and just being around for each other.  

Dear Jolyn,

All the best in your study and hope to see you again soon!
Do take good care of yourself at UK!
*MWAHUGS* for you!