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Girls loves tons of stuff includes shoes and heels! So am I! As an ordinary girl, I do love shoes and heels too! It has been quite sometime I stumbled upon this website - - shoe heaven indeed! I love those wedges and heels on this site very much! For those who close to me enough, I do love wearing heels very much but somehow quite reluctant to wear it for I always afraid I will become taller than my boyfie? ( That's how silly I can be! )

Sweet Pink Shoe Box -
The boyfie been such a darling the next day I back from KK, went for dimsum in the morning and shopping for heels after that. I was quite disappointed to see there's not much choices at Charles & Keith outlet at Sunway Pyramid. I took my phone and called if I could actually visit 's shop, and yes! I was rather happy and excited to see what's in the store!
Inner part
We were greeted by sweet lady named Irene upon entering the shop house and oh boy! How I wish all of the shoes belongs to me! Too many choices and I could take my own sweet time to try on whatever that attract me, needless to mention how kind and helpful Irene for assisting me getting the right heels for myself. With the help of Christy herself, it has been such a happy day for finally getting something that I really heart!

Front part of Foxy Black
Foxy, how I wish I could have the beige color instead of black, too bad there's no more bigger size that can fit my size. I never thought I would in love with the Foxy Black! Put it on and it's really surprisingly comfy to wear even though with the 5 inch high heel! What's more to love? I only have to pay RM 120 instead of RM 219 on that day!

Red Dress with Foxy Black
White Cheongsam with Foxy Black
Casual wear with Foxy Black
I simply love how easy I can match this pair of gorgeous shoe with my outfits and never been this happier to get this heels! This is indeed cure my disappointment of walking round the whole shopping mall just to get a shoe/heel that comfy to wear and I love. And now.. I can foresee myself to shop often at this shoe heaven site! *Whoopsie* Every penny spent at here truly worth it for the good quality material used and oh! little did I know that there's a team of highly skilled artisan to design all the shoes in !

Name : Foxy
Color : Black
Material : Suede, immitation leather & other man made materials
Dimensions :  5" heel, 1.25" platform
Sole : Threaded

Christy Ng Enterprise
Address : 1, Jalan SS25/5, Taman Bukit Emas, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel : +6 012 - 287 8909 ( Ms Irene Wong )
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