Happy Prosperous Dragon Year 2012!

Let's welcome the year of Water Dragon!

Just so you know that I'm back at KK since the last Thursday! There's no way for me not to be back early to have hearty reunion dinner with the family members. Again, it's always good to be home for me - get to eat my favorite foods and well rested from the busy works.

Mom and Haylie the one welcomed me to back home since everyone still at school and work. I have spent the Friday out with mom and Haylie for last minute shopping. Lil sister Haylie so eager to get a haircut on that day too.

Haylie enjoying her herbal drink before heading to salon.
Haylie totally serious during the haircut.
Haylie with her new hairdo.
As much as I enjoying my stay here, I do wish everyone are the same too! I truly enjoy spending quality time and somehow it's good to stay offline once in a while! Am here wishing everyone of you a very happy and prosperous dragon year with lots of happiness and good health! For those who are not celebrating, do enjoy your long holidays break! Lastly, thank you so much for flooding me with Chinese New Year wishes in so many ways, I felt loved and blessed!