Wacoal has officially opened its second free-standing boutique in Malaysia! The new boutique is located on the upper ground floor of Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya. 

Ice cream during the cold winter? Why not! I remember my darling Anna said that I must treat myself with the awesome Royal Copenhagen ice cream in Sydney. I couldn't resist it when I finally found two at Manly Beach(´▽`ʃƪ)
Tammy & Caroline
A night for the butterflies girls to get together - who would have thought it could happen to one of the weekday nights? Well, at least Tammy (founder of The Butterfly Project) made it happen for real. It was such a night to remember as she made all the girls dressed up in their little black dress and glam up for the night; catching up with each other over the 10-course fine dining meal; as well as a wonderful movie date night, which everything can be done in just ONE place - INDULGE, TGV in One Utama shopping mall. 
Hey guys! Still remember about my post on the new mobile gifting app - Giftblob? They have just launched another TWO new categories in the app - Dining and Shopping. This has certainly given you more reason to have Giftblob in your smartphone now!

Ohai! I love trying out different types of mascara and my recent favorite mascara is this one - Volum'Express Falsies BIG EYE Mascara by Maybelline! What makes me tempted to get this mascara? Well, it's just too much hype from fellow beauty youtubers and I know I need to get this for my own.

4th day in Sydney. We woke up early on the Sunday morning to catch our train to the city. Sunday also means Family Fun Sunday in Sydney, which also means family can enjoy a great value day out anywhere in Sydney with unlimited travel on all trains, buses, ferries and light rail at only A$2.50 per person!

As much as our skin needs extra care on a daily basis, our hair too! Even someone with healthiest hair would spend extra time to pamper their hair during shower time! I have recently got myself the travel set of shampoo and conditioner from Linden Leaves - Rosemary and Cypress Shampoo and the Balm Mint and Tangerine Conditioner - which turns out the best pampering combo for my hair.

Caroline & Grey
Whale-watching cruise wasn't really a pleasant experience for me on that morning. I can't wait for it to over so that we can finally have our lunch at Hurricane's Grill to feast upon the best juicy pork ribs in the city! We headed to the Harbourside shopping mall right after the whale-watching cruise and it's only approximately 10-15 minute walk away from the King Wharf. 

Sydney Fish Market is not too far away from the Harbourside mall. Knowing it closes at 4pm, we quickly make our way to Sydney Fish Market before it's too late to enjoy any fresh sashimi! 
Darling Harbour
As mentioned in my previous post on Sydney, Lionel helped us to book a whale-watching cruise with Merimbula Marina a week before our arrival. We paid only A$35 instead of A$80 per pax for this 4-hour whale-watching cruise! Thanks Lionel!

We left home around 7.15am and managed to hop onto 7.30am bus to the city which is at Wynyard Station. Then, we walked over to Darling Harbour which is only 15 minutes walking distance away from the station. 

Jamie's Italian @ Pitt Street
We spent almost half a day at Taronga Zoo and back to the city around 4pm plus. We then headed to Pitt Street to look for the Pandora concept store (because I only can get the charm for my Pandora Essence bracelet at the their concept store). When we told our friend that we're at Pitt Street, she recommended us to try out Jamie's Italian by the none other than the well known chef, Jamie Oliver. 

When someone tells me about eating with the locals, I was like... Do you think it is possible in Malaysia? I don't think so. I mean, you won't simply invite strangers come into your house and dine with you. Well, not after I stumbled upon this site called Withlocals! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi
Scholl has invented a new brilliant product that's going to save lots of our time to get smooth feet at home - Velvet Smooth Express Pedi (an electronic foot file)! Talking about the foot pampering session, I always do it once every two weeks to ensure my feet are free from the dead rough skin. I don't normally wear high heel shoe, hence less worry cracking heel skin. On the other hand, it is always a no-no for Eric; he doesn't like to do anything that's going to take up his time to wait and wait for it to be done. 

Hooters @ Parramatta
It was certainly more like a laid back Saturday in Sydney as we didn't go out visiting places but celebrates Jared's 1st Birthday at home. We spent some time resting at home during the afternoon after the celebration and Lionel drove us out to the Hooters for dinner in the evening time. 

Churros for Two @ San Churro
After the very much satisfying lunch at Hurricane's Grill, we walked over to another side of the mall to look for San Churro for our dessert moment. Thanks to our friend, Mei Yee, who informed us about the yummy churros at here, we decided to skip the dessert at Hurricane's Grill and save our tummy for the sinful desserts here instead.

Grey and Caroline
If you ask me, travelling around Sydney was not that difficult, especially from our friend's house at Seven Hills area. We woke up at 6am on our very first morning to catch the 7.15am bus, though we missed out the first bus as Eric forgotten the voucher for our first tour in Sydney - Whale Watching cruise. We were lucky enough to catch the 7.28am bus as it is just 2minutes away from our friend's house. Convenient!