Picture Perfect at Pyrmont Bridge | Sydney

Caroline & Grey
Whale-watching cruise wasn't really a pleasant experience for me on that morning. I can't wait for it to over so that we can finally have our lunch at Hurricane's Grill to feast upon the best juicy pork ribs in the city! We headed to the Harbourside shopping mall right after the whale-watching cruise and it's only approximately 10-15 minute walk away from the King Wharf. 

The sunny yet cooling weather in Sydney was perfect for a day out. Just so you know that Sydney is a walkable city, I enjoyed my walk in the city and had a great time exploring the city itself. We walked up to the Pyrmont Bridge to cross over to the mall on the other side and boy, it was such a picture perfect up there!

You can see people walking, jogging, cycling, or just sitting on the benches on the Pyrmont Bridge. Eric and Grey enjoyed snapping pictures from different angles whilst am just sitting on the bench and enjoyed the breathtaking view. 

*Pyrmont Bridge is one of the world's oldest surviving electrically operated swingspan bridges. 

We've spent a good half an hour to enjoy the view from the bridge and only headed to the mall for our lunch. ( ๑॔˃ ॢ‧̫˂)ॢ♡̷˚๐