Manly Beach | Sydney

4th day in Sydney. We woke up early on the Sunday morning to catch our train to the city. Sunday also means Family Fun Sunday in Sydney, which also means family can enjoy a great value day out anywhere in Sydney with unlimited travel on all trains, buses, ferries and light rail at only A$2.50 per person!

Once we arrived in the city, we then took bus to the Circular Quay to take the ferry to Manly Beach. We also manage to grab the breakfast set from Hungry Jack's before our ferry ride.

It only takes approximately 30-minute ferry ride to get to the Manly Beach from Circular Quay. Upon arriving, it feels like another town for me. 

There are shops, restaurants, night clubs, and dive bars in town. We didn't stop by any shops because they are just the same as in the city, and off we head to the beach area!

What surprised us the most was when we saw all the surfers enjoy surfing by the beach. It's WINTER time, how the heck they can bear with the cold, windy and super chilly weather?! You can also spot quite a number of people jogging and walking their dogs by the beach. 

Manly Beach is such a beautiful place. We spent a good half an hour just sitting and enjoy the sounds of the wave and the view before going back to the city. According to Mei Yee, the beach will be packed during the summer and can easily spot guys in their swimming trunks and the girls in their bikinis, enjoy sun bathing and tanning by the beach. Well, that's would be fun right! ꒰⁎ᵉ̷͈ ॣ꒵ ॢᵉ̷͈⁎꒱໊