Petite Millie, sounds familiar? Petite Millie is an extension of the flagship restaurant Millesime which situated at Menara Kencana Petroleum in the Solaris Dutamas area. The name bears the meaning of "Little Millesime", how cute it can be heh?
Petite Millie @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Upon entering, you would be welcomed with the cozy ambiance with modern European casual dining, reminiscent of but not confined by the French brasserie dining concept. It aims to be unpretentious, serve simple hearty food and beverages. What to expect? The cuisine served is French influenced, fine and exceptional quality yet in a simple, easy to understand presentation and palette. And oh! To start your meal with the milkshake is great! :p

Goodness Gracious Its Green ( RM 14 )
Vrooom...vrooom...vrooooooom! I know you knew it! Mark you calendar as the 9 and 10 June will be the dates of the Biggest Motorsport Event in Malaysia - SUPER GT 2012 Round 3 Malaysia! It is the fastest Grand Touring Race in the world and also the ONLY SUPER GT race outside of Japan! The event definitely not JUST about motorsport but also promises with all forms of FUN into ONE event.

Super GT

There will be an exhibition of some of the Finest and Rarest Automotive Collection, an Akihabara Town with authentic Japanese "look and feel" filled with gadgets and will also feature the finals of the Playstation Gran Turismo 5 SUPER GT Cup Tournament. No, not just that, there's more! There will be a Non-Stop Carnival with Musical Performances On and Off Stage, interviews with the handsome and talented drivers who are accompanied by their beautiful race queens. Psst, you're surely going to get amazed by GT300 and GT500 cars on that day!
It's been a while... since I had a good pampering massage for myself. Trust me, with all the forever-mountain-high workload on me, it is really time to de-stress myself from all the tense. The both boyfie and I were invited to visit Urban Retreat Spa as well as enjoy their offers. It was certainly a joy for me while the boyfie worrying what is going to be happened on him on that time. Believe it or not, this is his virgin massage session. 
Urban Retreat Spa @ The Curve
Waiting Area
Since ever I've committed myself into working world and when it reached to the certain point where I've been longing for at least a short vacation and I'm truly appreciate even though it is just for a 3 days 2 nights weekend getaway. For this, it's been a while where I wish to be far far away from the bustling city and get closer with the nature. 

It was such a long journey and perhaps this is the very first time for me to travel by car for more than 5 hours to the destination. To breathe the fresh air with the lush green view surrounding you, life just so blissful for that moment. Your mind just gonna be blown away with the beauty of the nature. 
Do you actually believe in dream come true? If you believe in it, it will always come true! You know the feeling of you know yourself want it yet you can't have it? To me, it always a torture. My heart wanted it, my brain stopped for a while, and the dilemma feeling in between, just something that I dislike for sure. I've been again tried to not look into it, the feeling of afraid that it is no longer there, I just can't take it. 

Parcel from TFB
Finally, out of my surprise, it has arrived the doorstep. The sweet pinkish parcel looked so familiar that I'm pretty sure I've seen it somewhere else. That was the lovely surprise parcel that I always wish it to arrive me...perhaps one day. The day has come and only God knows how happy I can be at that time. 
Last Friday, yours truly had a chance to visit Romanza Le Restaurante and get to sampled their Mother's Day Special Menu. It was my virgin visit to this exquisite fine dining place and definitely expect for something extraordinary. 
Romanza Le Restaurant
Romanza - Love, Passion, Excellence. It is located in the heart of KL situated within the Embassies enclave, where international sophistication and fine culinary Epistemology comes together. Just so you know that Romanza is Malaysia's first fine dining French Mediterranean fusion restaurant laced with Southern African flare and produce from the open wild grasslands and savanna's to the Cape Coastal wine lands. Romanza has captivated the best of all worlds to produce a true dining splendor.
I believe the brand Freshlook has been very synonym to most of you especially to those who are wearing contact lens! So, I was selected to be one of the 30 bloggers to join the Pretty Sexy Beautiful Eyes blogging contest which organized by MrLens and Plusizekitten

Each of us given two pairs of our desired color of contact lens courtesy of MrLens. If you are not aware, largest online distributor of contact lenses from Europe is in Malaysia now! MrLens is also the finalist in the prestigious Swiss Economic Award in 2008. Just so you know that MrLens also the largest online inventory of Contact Lenses at the lowest price in Malaysia with Free Delivery for purchases above RM50 for selected areas in Klang Valley. It only took 1-2 days for the sweet package to arrived the doorstep.
Vibrance Kegel Device, sounds familiar? I have blogged about it at here. I guess many of you would love to know what is it all about heh? For the ladies, you may think the Kegel exercise ( Pelvic Floor exercise ) is not necessary nor important, but let me share about what are the benefit of Kegel exercise.

Now, tell me what do you think? If you ask me, I would say it's not hard nor easy to perform the Kegel exercise as it is crucial for us to identify and knowing where is our pelvic floor muscles in order to perform the right Kegel exercise. Pelvic floor muscles are 2-3cm from the vagina opening and they are suspended like a hammock between the pubis bone in front and the base of your spinal column in back.
I wonder if anyone of you actually tried your best in winning someone's heart and I wonder how much effort you willing to put into. Never ask me this question as I am sucks in winning anyone's heart, but I have to admit there's always someone who won my heart! The boyfie he is!

You know you know! I can be really annoying person and I can just state out everything just to shut you off. Yes, that's me! I can be really annoying as in asking lots and lots of questions, you just gotta blame the strong curiosity in myself! When I ask the boyfie why he love me, the answer always be this -> Because you very noisy! Can you imagine this?! Ah well, that always end us in kid-fight!