Mother's Day Menu @ Romanza Le Restaurante, Terrace at Hock Choon

Last Friday, yours truly had a chance to visit Romanza Le Restaurante and get to sampled their Mother's Day Special Menu. It was my virgin visit to this exquisite fine dining place and definitely expect for something extraordinary. 
Romanza Le Restaurant
Romanza - Love, Passion, Excellence. It is located in the heart of KL situated within the Embassies enclave, where international sophistication and fine culinary Epistemology comes together. Just so you know that Romanza is Malaysia's first fine dining French Mediterranean fusion restaurant laced with Southern African flare and produce from the open wild grasslands and savanna's to the Cape Coastal wine lands. Romanza has captivated the best of all worlds to produce a true dining splendor.
We were warmly welcomed by Mr Hyno and I was quite impressed with the classic elegant interior setting while soothing music played along, it was just wonderful! We were all knew that we are just going to have such great time and can't wait to enjoy the foods here.

Gran L'Orange
Gran L'Orange cocktail, the welcome drink for the each of us to enjoy before we start with our dinner truly refreshing. I would say this certainly clear my throat and ready for the meal later on! 

What's more? Mr Hyno such a generous manager for giving us to try on their wines too! Well, the ladies on that night were all opt for the non-alcoholic red wine while the men go for alcoholic one. 

Pouring the red wine
Non-alcoholic Red Wine
A glass of red wine to enjoy along the meals is always nice, don't you think so? I even took my sweet time to enjoy every sips of the wine, simply love the sweetness of it. We also have the Captain to serve us on that night! He was really great in terms of serving us as well as introducing all the foods that we're going to have on that night. Marvelous job indeed! 

Amuse-bouche of the day
With a glass of red wine, don't you think it is perfect to be accompanied by a lil bit or something like finger food? We actually started our dinner with amuse bouche of the day - marinated tuna with tobiko topped with sproutings. With the fresh tuna slices and well marinated with other ingredients, truly delicate! Trust me, just after you had this, you would definitely looking for the next dish approaching you. 

Duo of Chicken
Duo Of Chicken
Each of us get to choose which starter that we would love to have and I opted for the chicken dish. The Duo of Chicken, master stock chicken roulade served on a bed of kimchee and topped with crisp leeks accompanied by a liver pate and served with strawberry salsa. The word "roulade" itself comes from French word  "rouler" meaning "to roll". As for this dish, the chicken meat rolled and covered with stock and perfectly cooked. I personally love the juiciness of it and the combination of all dish was just splendid. A hint of sweetness from strawberry salsa certainly gave it something different. 

Gorgonzola Coquettes
Gorgonzola Coquettes
My date of the night, Rachel actually chose the Gorgonzola Coquettes with pear puree, roasted pears, crisp salad leaves and roasted walnuts for her starter. As soon as I heard there's used of blue cheese in this dish, I then tried to avoid it for I don't think I can handle the strong smell and flavor of blue cheese. However, to my surprise, it turned out quite nice actually! It was just a mild taste of blue cheese in it and loving the crisp texture on the outside and soft texture in the inside of it. Dipping it with the pear puree and eating it together with the roasted pears was really nice! And oh! I'm quite enjoying eating the crisp salad too!
Passion Fruit Sorbet
After we're done with the starter dish, we were served with Passion Fruit Sorbet as palate cleanser. The passion fruit sorbet with lime yoghurt and apple chip definitely something great to have before the main entree for it just simply refreshing.

Lamb Shank
Lamb Shank
While we moving on to the mains, we were required to choose again for which to have for the mains. I was quite craving for lamb at that time and that explained why I actually chose the Lamb Shank for my main entree. The lamb shank, slow braised and served on spring onion pomme puree, carrot emulsion and seasonal vegetables topped with crushed minted peas finished off with a thyme juice. The moment it was served to me, I was pretty surprised with the huge portion of it! It's pretty notable dish for me as the combination for the dish was quite unique to me. I myself enjoyed eating it especially when it dipped with the spring onion puree and carrot emulsion. 
Jade Perch Pan Seared
While Rachel has selected the fish dish for the night, it tasted equally great as the lamb shank! The Jade Perch pan seared served with pomme puree, Thai red curry sauce, mango salsa, seasonal vegetables and crisp leeks. Just so you know the fresh Jade Perch was imported all the way from Australia. It was so fresh and great to go with the red Thai curry sauce andpomme puree. Needless to mention how the mango salsa has played its own role in the dish!

Black Current Marinated Duck Breast
Some of them ordered the duck dish for their mains. The Black Current Marinated Duck Breast with a pomme fondant accompanied by a confit duck leg croquette flavored with a Chinese master stock, marinated red cabbage, steamed vegetables and sauteed mushrooms finished with a red current juice. You could taste the juicy sliced duck meats and oh boy! It was just delicious! I bet the entire masterpiece required lots of effort to make it such wonderful dish.

Vanilla Parfait
Frankly, I was quite stuffed after the main course but as soon as the dessert presented on the table, it just hard to resist from! It was the Vanilla Parfait. The vanilla parfait featured with white chocolate honeycomb, choux pastry filled with vanilla cream, creme brulee and apple sorbet. It was such an amazingly wonderful dessert to complete our dinner for the night. This is probably one of the most special dessert I have ever had all this while! Next, I definitely wanted to try on their Chocolate Landscape dessert!


Well, after we're done with the dinner, we were all just chilling out at Romanza while having cuppa cappuccino and tea and chit chatting with each other. A plateful of homemade bread were served and what's so special with this bread is, it is great to eat by dipping it into the piri-piri sauce. It was quite spicy to me but  it was just great to go with it. You should give a try for it and you're going to love the soft fluffy bread to be in your mouth! If you not into spicy one, you could always ask for the creamy type sauce which is sweeter and not that spicy.
I have to say each and every dishes I have had on that night were all uniquely different! Last but not least, we were served with the Biltong ( "bil" means rump; "tong" means strip or tounge ). I was kind of afraid to try it as it doesn't look inviting at all to me and it must be very spicy with the chili flakes on it! However, seeing everyone enjoying it, I somehow tempted to try it too! Well it was actually something similar to jerky, biltong is a kind of cured meat that originated from South Africa and the meat used for this was beef. It is made from raw fillets of meat and spiced and dried. Biltong certainly great for you to munch while having some beer! :p

It was such a wonderful dining experience at Romanza and the Mother's Day special menu priced at RM130++ only! It was quite reasonable judging from each dishes served were just delicious and splendid, not to forget about the generous portion of each dishes too! Here, great news for My Stories's readers, you could win voucher for this dinner too! You could bring your mom for this wonderful dinner at Romanza Le Restaurante and of course there will be more surprises on that day too!

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As simple as that! There will be TWO vouchers to be given away! I would choose the BEST & most Creative comment to be the winner! This contest will end on this Friday ( 11th May ) and winners will be contacted through emails. **The voucher only valid on Mother's Day itself. 

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