Candle Nut Scrub & Aromatherapy Massage @ Urban Retreat Spa, The Curve

It's been a while... since I had a good pampering massage for myself. Trust me, with all the forever-mountain-high workload on me, it is really time to de-stress myself from all the tense. The both boyfie and I were invited to visit Urban Retreat Spa as well as enjoy their offers. It was certainly a joy for me while the boyfie worrying what is going to be happened on him on that time. Believe it or not, this is his virgin massage session. 
Urban Retreat Spa @ The Curve
Waiting Area
Upon arriving, we were greeted warmly by Ms Jay and I had to admit I was really excited for what are they going to offer me on that day. You would definitely love the warm and cozy ambiance of the place, needless to mention about the aromatherapy essence filled the entire space that gives you relaxing sensation. If you have not heard of Urban Retreat Spa, they provides a comforting, yet stimulating atmosphere in which customers are able to relax both their body and mind, reconnecting their daily lives to their true purpose through massage. Urban Retreat Spa also established itself as a dependable destination in which people can always come to rejuvenate their energies and escape from the stresses of work.

Foot Reflexology Area
Way to the rooms
The both of us were offered to enjoy their top famous types of massage session which were the Deep Tissue Massage and Coffee Oat Scrub for Eric and Aromatherapy Massage and Candle Nut Scrub for yours truly. The deep tissue massage is famous for the guys, with firmer strokes on deeper layers of muscle tissue, and deep finger pressure focus on specific areas, it helps to break down "knot" in the muscles. On the other hand, the aromatherapy massage most suitable for the ladies, with a blend of stretching and acupressure technique to ease muscle tightness and restore joint mobility, it helps to create proper balance and flexibility. Most importantly, it releases tension. 
3 types of different ingredients
Candle Nut
Black Sesame
Coffee Oat
Unlike the ordinary aromatherapy massage that I have had experienced before, they uses few different types of natural ingredients instead of just essential oils. For my session, the masseuse started with candle nut scrub on my back. Just so you know that candle nut refines, hydrates, polishes and softens the skin. It is also a perfect way to exfoliate detoxify the skin. After the scrub, we both then get to enjoy the massage session. I guessed my body just too exhausted and I must say that the experienced masseuse in handling me. Being a ticklish person I am, I did not feel any ticklish during the whole massage session but I fell asleep few minutes right after she started to do the massage. I felt sorry for she had to wake me up to ask me turned my body but I was totally pampered especially with the soothing level of massage on my body, it feels so great while listen to the soothing music played. While Eric actually teared during his session and request to reduce the pressure level of the massage. *LOL*
Warm Ginger Tea
The entire body of mine fully rejuvenated right after the aromatherapy massage session that I wish I could have more. I felt fully recharged and so fresh while Eric felt the entire pain on his body. I can't help but laugh at him at that time! But hey, that just for a while and after that he get so energetic and totally up for everything. It seems that he does love the session. Alright, perhaps you should really head to his blog to read how's his virgin experience on getting "pampered" ! :P We were served with warm ginger tea and it was so aromatic and refreshing to the body and soul.

Le boyfie
Yours Truly
Thank you Urban Retreat Spa for the awesome pampering treats to us! We were both enjoyed it much and definitely thankful for it does reduces all the tense on me. There's no reason for us to not coming back as well. And oh! Do you know there is Mid Day Deal and Buddies Deal at Urban Retreat Spa??? 

I especially love the Buddies Deal for it is available for all day long! This means you can enjoy the pampering massage session at anytime you want even after off work time. Isn't that great to release the tense you had in office? What makes it more worth it? It is for 2 pax! See, you can come with your partner, be it colleague or parents, friends, bff and etc. It is only RM249/90 min (NP:RM278) and RM279/120 min (NP:RM318). You have to check out and make sure you get updates from Urban Retreat Spa's facebook page for constant updates on promotion or even you yourself could win pampering treats from them!

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