Sweet Pinky Parcel from The Fashion Bloomers

Do you actually believe in dream come true? If you believe in it, it will always come true! You know the feeling of you know yourself want it yet you can't have it? To me, it always a torture. My heart wanted it, my brain stopped for a while, and the dilemma feeling in between, just something that I dislike for sure. I've been again tried to not look into it, the feeling of afraid that it is no longer there, I just can't take it. 

Parcel from TFB
Finally, out of my surprise, it has arrived the doorstep. The sweet pinkish parcel looked so familiar that I'm pretty sure I've seen it somewhere else. That was the lovely surprise parcel that I always wish it to arrive me...perhaps one day. The day has come and only God knows how happy I can be at that time. 
Specially for Caroline - TFB
The tag "Specially for Caroline" from TFB is really sweet. TFB stands for none other than The Fashion Bloomers. It is definitely not your ordinary pre-order from the catalogue type of facebook/blogshops that are abundant in the market. The Fashion Bloomers distinguishes itself from the crowd by offering good quality premium clothes that are personally hand-picked, locally designed and manufactured to perfection. By believing in the essence of uniqueness and individuality, they carry an exclusive collection line that is limited in quantity so that each and every customer could dress to impress and stand out in public confidently.

The top
Black & White Laced Back Ruched Top with satin belt
What's inside the pink parcel? It is the Black & White Laced Back Ruched Top! Believe me, I've been eyeing on it for quite sometime but been holding myself back and putting myself in dilemma whether to get it or not. It look so lovely to be put on and definitely chic! Yours truly simply love how soft the top can be and never thought with just a simple satin belt could made it looks more fashionable! The see trough laced back certainly give a lil sexy style for this top. Talking about quality, it is guaranteed premium quality that you can expect for. 

Short hair
I planned to wear it for the Cinco De Mayo party and never thought my hair will be "chopped" till this short. Frankly, I was extremely upset with this short hair as I've been wanting to keep long hair for quite sometime and somehow I afraid the look won't make me look better with this lovely top from The Fashion Bloomers. 

Front view
Back view
Satin belt to match with the top
Expect the Unexpected! It was surprisingly perfect match for the new hairstyle and new top! Who would have thought I could look chic by just put it on me? What do you think? I would say this is not just a simple casual top but fashionly chic style and could be just a one piece cloth too! Most importantly, I love the comfortness of wearing this top whenever I go, be it for event and also to the office.

Yours Truly & Quachee
Despite of been hearing people complimenting my new short hairtstyle, they also complimented the top that I was wearing at that time. In the office, the colleagues does complimented this outfit too! Well, if you want it, I afraid to tell you that it is SOLD OUT! As mentioned earlier, each apparel is limited pieces, it could be only 1-2 pieces each, or perhaps 1 piece for each design. This is definitely something I love, limited edition does always made you be the one of a kind, especially in the crowd.

I've got mine! And now, watcha waiting for? Quick and log onto www.thefashionbloomers.com.my and get your desired pair of top or dress or skirt or even short! Worry on pricing? Fret not, as you could get your desired piece of premium quality cloth from as low as RM50 to not more than RM160! How affordable it can be?

Facebook : The Fashion Bloomers