This post is actually a part 2 from Eric's post for how Nuffnang should celebrate his birthday! If you are interested, do visit his blog at for it!

Blogging, is always my favorite past time, and also a place where I actually can write anything especially to rant about something! It may sounds boring, till the day I get to know Nuffnang! Yes, I never thought that a hobby can get me to earn some extra income through blogging. What's more? I get to know lots and lots and lots of blogger friends! 

If the definition of perfect valentine is based on how many flowers I get from my boyfriend, then I definitely far from getting a perfect valentine. Nothing in this world is perfect, so to the both Eric and I but I do believe how the imperfects within us complete each other. I do not think my boyfriend is the romantic one, but he is definitely the one who love me more than anyone else ( except my family members of course! ). He has always be by my side especially my down moment or just feel like giving up on things like that. Those who knows me well, you would know it's definitely hard to be with me unless you can bear with my freaking childish-ness, you just gotta let me win because I have my freaking points to just beat you off. (Darn, finally I admit it!

Caroline & Eric
This is the very first time we could celebrate Valentine's Day together on the exact date instead of in advanced like last year. As much how we wish to celebrate in a special way, but heck! I do not cook and kitchen just do not like me! Hence, Eric booked a table at Jogoya for our dinner. As expected, we took nearly an hour just to reach the destination due to the massive road jammed from Midvalley towards KL, the feeling of so near yet so far is such a torture. 
I jumped ship from Android to Blackberry, not to say that I do not like Android but to me, I need a phone that really going to helped me in work, especially when I work with emails. As much as I love how efficient is the BB9900, I have to admit that I do miss those days where am addicted with the games and apps on my Android phone. Yesterday, I went for the Samsung Galaxy Note studio by Samsung with Eric and it does sounds interesting much where the renowned artists going to draw caricature of yours by just using the Samsung Galaxy Note!

The Stage
T shirt with caricature displays
Samsung Galaxy Note

There's no denial that almost everyone of us loves Taiwanese desserts and seeing all different kinds of Taiwanese desserts outlet growing like mushroom in our place a definite love for us! Being a big fan of Taiwanese dessert myself, it is so glad to know Blackball will be one of my favorite places to get my dessert fix at anytime I wish. There's a thought of why is it named Blackball and little did I know that it was driven by the idea of "Xian Cao" being "black" in color and taro "balls" and I believe everyone of have seen the first branch of Blackball at SS15, Subang Jaya.

Blackball @ Sri Petaling
I believe every girls out there do know how to pamper themselves in many ways - shopping, mani-pedi, massage, and even hair-do! So am I. I was lucky to won 6 vouchers of Vanity HAIRven that worth RM300 from My Destination Kuala Lumpur before the Chinese New Year and that's definitely makes me excited to get a new hair makeover for myself! 

Photo Credit : Pris Tan
It was absolutely happy to see the owner of the salon itself. Pris Tan, who own such sweet smile and definitely proved how talented herself by winning the first runner up in the prestige 15th Apcha Hair & Make-Up International Competition. There's no hesitation in proceeding with the new hair-do of myself.