My Very Own Caricature On Samsung Galaxy Note

I jumped ship from Android to Blackberry, not to say that I do not like Android but to me, I need a phone that really going to helped me in work, especially when I work with emails. As much as I love how efficient is the BB9900, I have to admit that I do miss those days where am addicted with the games and apps on my Android phone. Yesterday, I went for the Samsung Galaxy Note studio by Samsung with Eric and it does sounds interesting much where the renowned artists going to draw caricature of yours by just using the Samsung Galaxy Note!

The Stage
T shirt with caricature displays
Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note Studio was held at One Utama from 9th to 12th February 2012. The three days event aimed to exposed to everyone as well as proud user of the Samsung Galaxy Note how they can actually go beyond creative with just a device on hand. How impressive it can be? At time, you need not to bring a bulky lappy with installed software just to start the drawing. 

Drawing caricature * 1
Drawing caricature * 2
The moment am getting my own caricature done, I do feel a lil bit worry if it turned out not as good as I expected. It doesn't take too long to get a caricature done. I was a lil bit down when the apps suddenly crashed half way and he had to redraw me. 

Drawing caricature * 3
Drawing caricature * 4
I love how detailed he can draw and how fast it was! It turned out so well and I felt so happy to see the caricature of myself! Although I wish he can fix the eyebrow, am just simply amazed by how it can be done by just with the Samsung Galaxy Note. 

A picture with the artist
Eric with his own drawing, cool!
90% done caricature
What do you think about the caricature of mine? Look like me? I was given a copy of it for my own and what's more? Those who had done with their own caricatures will get it printed on T-shirt, mugs and yes it's all FREE! Sounds cool aight.

Yours truly with Diana
Complete Caricature of Mua
It only took approximately 15 minutes to get the T-shirt done and truly happy to get something special like this! This definitely something different experience for me, and I do tempted to get the Samsung Galaxy Note for myself and wishing it can be such helpful device not only for entertainment but working purpose. Let's see if am going to get it any soon!